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  1. Policw spec DC100 spotted in Spain!

    Did he mention that several of the senior management of the engineering team left that <major global communications equipment manufacturer who shall remain un-named> and joined said <Chinese manufacturer of strikingly similar communications equipment who shall also remain un-named> shortly before the release of the said equipment and that they were currently defending themselves in court. It caused quite a stir in our their IT department ......
  2. Water inside LED Indicators

    Use a neutral cure sealant , not some stuff from B&Q designed for windows. HTH
  3. New Member Logos !!!!!

    It seems that sell and support the forum doesn't count for anything, so maybe sell and use some of the money to subscribe is a better option.
  4. Landrovernet Down?

    to be honest about that site, whilst its supported by some good people, it has been a bit of a rudderless ship for a few years, its better here IMO.
  5. x defend pedal lock not fitting

    Mine presses the brake pedal maybe 1/2 to 3/4 inch when closed and its never caused me any problems. I have carpet tile glued to the bit you stand on which makes it 1/8 inch thicker but stops me breaking my neck when getting in and out. I have Exmoor trim carpet on the seat box pushing the pedal lock a bit further forward when closed. (edit) open, i.e. not locked.. so you can drive it ;-) HTH
  6. Nsf door and glowplugs

    I think the engine in your FL is a BMW M47 derivative and you should be able to extract fault codes from the vehicle that will give you a better idea where your problems may lie. Regardless of the engine parentage I don't predict glow plugs being the issue but rather than just paying to swap them I reckon its worth trying to diagnose the fault first. HTH
  7. Charging ancillaries

    Complicated to buy, wire, find space for, maintain all to charge a phone and an ipad? The load required is tiny in reality and Its possible, and I'm guessing here, the starting battery isn't actually getting fully charged due to the usage of the vehicle which for most of us here is 'occasional use' but thats conjecture. I reckon the bottom line is that if the OP had a good starting battery that was getting fully charged it would have ample capacity for his needs including charging the phones when needed ;-)
  8. Charging ancillaries

    I don't agree the best way is the complexity and cost of two batteries at all.. not to charge a phone up. For the required load I think I'd put a timer relay on an auxiliary circuit and have it go off after a couple of hours.
  9. Firestone Firehawk SAT Tyres

    A set of SAT's on a V8 S1 was the business! only beaten by dumpers ... unstoppable in mud ( rose tint on ) However you did take your life in your hands when it was raining, every time you had to negotiate a slight bend in the road. (edit) if the genuine Firestone SAT was available today I'd have a set on my FC rims for old times sake
  10. Bollinger Electric 4x4

    I've sat watching the Tesla taxis in Oslo recharge at lunch time, in the time taken for me to eat burger, chips and a cup of dubious tea the taxi's were off on their way. Maybe not a full charge (guess) but the drivers obviously thought it worth a circa 15 minutes stop.
  11. Nsf door and glowplugs

    My M47 was able to start all last winter with just two functioning plugs so at this time of year you shouldn't be seeing any trouble. Before getting dirty with the spanners get the codes read, the M47 will tell you if its got any issues with glow plugs. The controller will also warm the glow plugs for a while after starting but beware if one or more of the outputs on the controller fail it will report a faulty glow plug.
  12. Bollinger Electric 4x4

    I had a look at the motor in an E-UP! about 18 months ago, there were quite a few control and monitoring conductors but there were enough heavy current connections to convince me it was multi phase. It was also very small - in a few years these will start to be available and there are some exciting options on the horizon, if I decided to go that way I'd not use a transfer box as I'm convinced two of those motors would propel a 90 very well.
  13. The EBay Christ I fancy that 4x4 + its cheap thread

    Not strictly true, there were blocks of numbers used after cherished transfers, I had a 1959 series 11 which a PO had taken the index and it had ended up on an ACC *** A plate which was perfectly legitimate. Notwithstanding all the other issues of course.
  14. Bollinger Electric 4x4

    I really like this although I'm a little sceptical that they will meet the claimed specs in such a short time.. but who knows. I wouldn't be keen to do 127MPH in it either.. :-)
  15. STOLEN Camel trophy 110, M376 HVC

    I'd need to register to see that, I just wondered if it was seen near the port or just 'somewhere' in N Wales, will keep a look out but not much to go on really.