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  1. Just for information, I used what Leyland call 'trade HD' floor paint in my workshop, to be honest it hasn't stood the test of time well at all. When I do it again I'll use a two pack
  2. I can’t say if this is your problem without looking but .... to change the oil filter it’s a lot easier if you remove the air pipe that is in the way, when you re fit the old hose it’s a bit of a fiddle and after 10 years the pipes are often a bit crabby the oil in the pipes can leak out and that’s where they often drip. HTH Regards Paul
  3. seems to be a bit of conflicting information out on the 'tinterweb , workshop manual download suggests the drive bolt on the front shaft should be 45Nm + 80 degrees, is there any update or other information contradicting this info?
  4. aha! but this one has its own issues 🙂 the shaft will not come out of the hub, eventually gave in and took the whole lot off and put it in the press - it just bent the hub knuckle casting! so a new casting required, never seen one so stuck. No sign of heat damage but it will not shift. Anyway its all stripped and new bits will be here next week 🙂
  5. Standing in the auction crowd and this elderly FL2 comes through i stuck my my hand up and it’s mine, drove it home today - it definitely needs a driveshaft and probably a steering pump... apart from that that it goes well, well the 90 is so reliable now I needed a project 😀 shaft will be here tomorrow morning and assuming it no longer feels like driving a massage chair I’ll look at the pump.
  6. apologies if this has been seen before, sent to me just now it made me smile.
  7. Hindsight is a wonderful thing, if I'd known just how little I'd use my 90 for long journeys I'd have fitted a four cylinder petrol instead of the tdi, at the mileage I'm doing it would only be costing me a few quid a year more to run ...
  8. My 300tdi's with a mixture of with/without were all commercial SVO builds and IME that means made of whatever bits were lying around - so I agree not the best data to work with.
  9. Or... LR only fitted these to vehicles they were trying to make more refined :-) The timing of the 300TDi / R380 seems about right, we bought a few Discoveries at about that changeover and from new only some were fitted with the damper, we had two vehicles retrofitted with them and the drivers stated that they were better with them. (I've still got the number plates for one of them in the shed somewhere, it ended its life upside down after some spirited action)
  10. Its hard to say without insider information, I'm sure LR fitted them for a reason BUT as I said - on my 90 I can't feel the slightest difference. The addition happened when Discoveries etc were making that transition from semi agricultural work vehicles to fashion accessories where the users demanded a bit of refinement. Possibly softer spring rates / heavier engines / softer users / alloy wheels etc meant the damper was more significant ?
  11. politicians and policy deciders depend on popularity to remain in office, most have little 'real' knowledge of the policies they steer. This means they generally choose the popular direction. Standing tall and saying 'hang on, this doesn't seem correct' is unpopular, particularly with a society that has been told a lot of nonsense by the press and media. Someone earlier mentioned that solar / wind energy wasn't significant in the UK, if we cast our minds back just a few short months to a weather event which the press called 'the beast from the east' its worth remembering that at that time our power network generation was at 100% load, it wasn't nearly at full capacity it was at almost 50GW demand. That included almost 25% of it being generated from wind and solar. The bought in from abroad pipes were at maximum. If at that time there had been no wind there would have been people without lights. Adding the charging of electric cars to that without major improvements to the generation network... yep that's going to be fine.
  12. I fitted mine to the 90 and noticed no difference whatsoever. Why were they fitted, dunno but when I was driving a Discovery 1 as a company car it seemed to make a difference under braking at motorway speeds, if when braking the things hit bumps the front axle shuddered and bounced, those with the damper didn't do it.
  13. The fire issue was sufficiently real for all Tesla cars to be banned from underground car parks in Oslo, I'm not sure if it was the entirety of Norway or just some local fad and this was in 2013,. Not sure if it still the case but I know their fire fighters were told not to attempt to stop them burning but to concentrate on limiting collateral damage.
  14. I suppose there aren't many Marina's Allegro's Escorts Cortinas, Sentinel, Fowlers in general use for regular commuting today - but they are still about preserved and used for pleasure. I think there will still be room for old restored classics which will include our Land Rover products. The use of the Diesel Land Rover for commercial use will change and evolve with trends, business will invest in newer technology and pass its cost on to its customers, individuals will struggle through as we always have to. Reducing the number of diesels on the road is probably a good initiative based on what the experts tell us today. If I live long enough I'm sure that I will read that past experts were wrong and stupid and we should all be changing to a new technology to prevent thousands of premature deaths because of our past mistakes. It would be useful to start lobbying government to provision in legislation for the continued preservation and use of our motoring heritage, before its too late.
  15. The lights often use PWM to control the brightness / heat, this is effectively switching the light on and off many times a second. The transition between on and off is very short and the LED is a none linear device so there is the mechanism to create harmonics of that switching period well into the VHF radio spectrum. I have a worklight on the 90 that creates noise well into the UHF spectrum, I rarely use it but its overdue replacement.... Chinese E-bay specials :-(
  16. There is something else to check, from what you have said, you have tried a few antennas and the results are similar but it was working before. Is it possible that part of your re chassis work involved other changes? did you replace any lights with LED, have you fitted anything like a usb charger, some electrical accessories can create local noise which interferes with the radio reception. Things like power adapters for satnavs / phone chargers are all prime candidates.
  17. I'll be sending some feedback to my AM, it's a good outcome.
  18. :-) cool.. where is the news posted please?
  19. Or any other political dust that might be happening ........
  20. So coincidentally my AM replied yesterday confirming that both of my 'letters' had been received and passed on appropriately, to quote part of the reply ' I will ensure that my team pass on any relevant information to you following our enquiries to Welsh Government & my Westminster colleagues.' As its not devolved legislation I can't ask for more than that and it does confirm that the process of representation works. Now whether there is any influence on the outcome remains to be seen, where departments wave the 'environmental' flag it always feels a bit like peeing into a gale.
  21. I'd never bother with glands for that job as they are too restricting, if your fitting grommets a handy tip is stick them in a cup of warm water ( OK I often stick them in my tea mug.. but that's not recommended for many reasons) but the close to boiling water makes them capable of stretching enough to get lots of connectors through. HTH
  22. The volts drop is almost entirely in the cell, however the running current is not the peak starting current. Until the motor runs up to its normal speed the current is much greater and hence the i2r losses are greater. The back emf that limits the running current is zero when the motor is stalled or stopped awaiting start.The potential for damage to the motor is greater when the motor is beginning to turn or stalled. I don't think changing the cable from a 'normal' battery cable to the quoted 35mm cable would cause much difference in terms of long term damage but an already worn out starter turning a cold worn out engine will be allowed to work harder further accelerating wear. The potential damage to the motor is the energy x the time exposed to it, the big batteries and thick cables do mean when it goes wrong more damage can happen. I think I use 35mm flexible welding cable on the starting circuit on my 90 as its what I had.
  23. I use this stuff, been using it on cables , even under water for years and its never let me down. http://solutions.3m.co.uk/wps/portal/3M/en_GB/ElectricalMkts/ElectricalSupplies/products/electrical-tapes/mastic-tape/scotchfil-putty-insulation-tape/
  24. absolutely - the hard physical work is done, you can refine the job yourself. Its not rocket science.. To be honest the place doing it shouldn't be struggling, hope they never have to re shell something precise ....
  25. I think I'd be giving it a very close inspection when you get it back, have a good look to see the various mounts and brackets havent been forced into place - its all adjustable and really it all needs a bit of adjusting 'properly' so you don't get bits cracking where bolts have been forced into place.
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