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  1. Mine is a bearmach one, only just started the other day problem is use the 90 everyday can't take it off and send it back and wait for a new one
  2. Evening all, wondered if anyone else has had the same problem, brand new vacuum pump £95 only been on a month and I've noe got a rattle from inside it, bursts of three can here it on tick over
  3. What a star, god knows what I was typing in flee bay then everything came up 63mm! Thank you Ballcock
  4. thanks for the help gentlemen, must have some odd ball size
  5. Wondered if anyone could help I need some new centre caps, not too sure if the wheels are defender or discovery, but everywhere I've looked there all 63mm I took one off and measured it last night and the ones on there are 75mm?? having the wheels refurb tomorrow and don't want nice wheels with a carp centre cap
  6. Quick one, did you put in a reducer 12v to 5v? Just been too maplins and he told me a 1a reducer isn't enough to charge my phone or sat nav If so what one did you use
  7. It's a mud uk one red78, I don't think my battery would last long with a permanent live
  8. Answering my own question now aren't I, ignition feed would be best, but can I run straight off the battery with a inline fuse?
  9. Trying to sort the nightmare of wiring that the person before put in, just stuck with the USB socket, I've got a raptor dash and got the cig socket and want the USB socket in as well, but wondered does it have to be wired into the ignition feed as well?
  10. Many thanks gentlemen I'll have a look in too the led ones, not cheap I bet lol
  11. Shot myself in the foot Ralph, what they say about buying cheap buy twice is true with landrover parts! Got some new wiring for the side lights and some holders at a cost of £34 opened the box and it was all britpart! well the fittings are worse then carp should I say, have to look into the later sealed lights, you wouldn't have a part number laying around for them Ralph?
  12. Thanks Maverik, Think tape and grease is the way to go then
  13. Good morning all, Has anyone come up with a fix that stops water getting into the lenses? And has anyone come up with a way of waterproofing the wiring connectors as well? broke down the other night and with the hazards on and water in the lights it melted all my indicator wiring
  14. Thanks for the help gentlemen Yeah that's my girl in my profile picture
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