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  1. 'she actually punched me!!' When she realised you were getting your thrills elsewhere! That's wives for you.
  2. I have had 2 cat C vehicles through my hands recently, both water damaged. Both fully stripped out and decontaminated cleaned and dried properly using drying ovens, contaminate swab tests for residual bugs etc, electrics checked/tested/replaced as necessary, both back on the road without any subsequent faults. No accident damage of any description yet a cat C designation from the insurance company. There is a lot of ignorance around water/flood damage, it's all a matter of degree, insurance companies are very black or white on the matter, whereas a self insuring leasing company will dispose of a flood damaged vehicle without giving it a cat. One had a replacement engine as it had hydraulic induction failure & cracked block. The other just flooded to above the sills, required a replacement seat belt module for the airbag system and a reset by main dealer. Both checked by VOSA as it was then. An inspection of about 40 minutes to check the vehicle is not made up from several motors. They are thorough and knowledgable. A £20k car for £10k, good outcome if you know what you are doing and keep your cars for a few years. John
  3. Are we done gentlemen? Think this topic has been 'flogged' enough. It's not about horses but some of the people that own them, like some land rovers, very eccentric and passionate, ramblers, now that's another matter, there all lovely people as we we'll know from the frequent encounters we have with them! At least we all love the countryside, are getting out and about in our own way, so let's always try to work together despite the occasional provocation and NIMBY'ism we encounter. John
  4. James May in Afganistan testing current military personnel carriers including the death of the snatch.
  5. Steve I have a set of Wrington Stainless Steel wheel nuts for 110 Alloys to sell, from my 110 that are hardly used. Like these - http://www.wrington.co.uk/landrover%20alloy%20wheel%20nuts.html The £300 for 20 set, Vogue ones fIt 110's. I swopped for steel wheels to go to Morocco, never changed them back., I think there are 20 if not a couple more. The ones I have do not have an enclosed end, so less likely to corrode. You can always use Duralac paste to avoid galvanic action between alloy and steel. Boat riggers use it all the time and it is very effective. Let me know if you might be interested. I am sure we can reach a deal! John
  6. Sort of an alternative scrapyard challenge style! He would look good with a bushy movember. John
  7. If you have a standing order to LR4x4.com Please read the info in this link http://forums.lr4x4....772#entry727634 & act on it to reset your standing order payments.
  8. I have a Brano 1.6 ton hand winch (very similar to Trifor) with cable unused, for sale £150 plus courier. PM if interested. John
  9. Good job Al's is a long way from Kent!
  10. I have one of these original kits, never fitted, supplied by Tony.(white 90) For sale if anyone is interested, Price is £60, what I paid, PM me please. John
  11. Why not give Si a call at XEng, he's very approachable and helpful. John
  12. Put a new access off Westbourne Drive at the bottom of your garden and build there. The threat of this alone might encourage your neighbour to let you move the wall! Or grow a laurel hedge along the Westbourne Drive boundary and do what you like inside of it, once your wall is screened by it. Laurel is evergreen and quick growing, from a 90cm plant you will have a 2m hedge in 3 years if properly planted and nourished. Or Go underground! John
  13. Slip End, same location as one of Luton Airport's long stay car park.
  14. Spray on flock, had some on the headlining of my boat, had a very even coarse velvet type finish. Removed when about 30 years old, it had gone a dirty brown. Took 4 days to remove with a steamer and scraper. Don't know if you can get it these days, but you can still buy flock wallpaper so the process must be available somewhere! Here you go - http://www.banburyflockingservices.com They do a nice shocking pink Nige!
  15. Nige I run a basement building company, amongst other things! We would fix a polyethylene membrane to the outside that has a lath attached to it (as mentioned above by others). The lath is essentially a mesh scaffold that you can render, allowing the render to stick/fix. We use this in basements where space is minimal or where a dry lining solution is not possible. We also insist on it where lightwells are in use below ground level. The membrane is fixed to the wall at 250mm centres using special plugs that are strong enough to carry the weight of the render, usually about 12mm thick made up of cement/lime/sand on a 1/1/6 proportion, applied in two coats. The membrane is like a heavy-duty bubble wrap, so there is an air gap between it and the wall to allow any trapped moisture to evaporate. A vent strip is fitted at the bottom and top of the membrane to allow for the convection effect, keeping the wall dry. The alternative is the internally applied waterproof slurry as recommended by others, but the wall will still be wet and susceptible to the elements and the further degradation so caused. Hope this helps. John
  16. Hi Chris I will know more in January. My contact is going to research the concept over the xmas break when he is in Albania. If it looks possible and affordable I may fly out to do a recce, fancy coming? John
  17. Looking into an offroad trip to Albania. My contacts there believe it is possible to organise a trip based on fly out, hired 4x4 (not necessarily Land Rover), english speaking guide in support vehicle, wild camping with equipment supplied, a number of 2-3 day trips with recovery days in hotels/hostels, followed by a final few beach days before return home. Safe for families lots of off road routes beautiful scenery good food easy going friendly welcoming people. If there is enough interest I will enquire further. I imagine it would cost about £1500/head, including flights, vehicle hire, guide, wild camping food. Hotels/hostels extra. Season April-October. Let me know if there is any interest! John
  18. Old Man Emu HD rear springs 500kg Worked for me on heavily laden 110, allowed removal of rear anti roll bar, though the XEng option would be an excellent complimentary choice. John
  19. Point of clarification! 'In the meantime I am also compling the donations from all members for the accounts for HMRC......' Don't worry, Nige is not giving the HMRC individual details of donations, we do however have to show what proportion of our income is derived from donation sources (almost all as it happens), thus demonstrating that LR4x4 is not a commercial enterprise. John
  20. You are not alone with this predicament - http://forums.lr4x4.com/index.php?showtopic=77249 John
  21. Welcome to the forum Jemmy, I am sure someone with the right experience will be along to offer advice shortly. I assume you are not in the UK from your comment about your English, don't worry it's better than some who live here and I am able to understand what you are saying. John
  22. Simon I am down at Thatcham next month doing a presentation to the engineering group, I will see if I can find someone to give me a clue regarding product evaluation costs, and will enquire amongst the insurers there how much value they put on Thatcham approvals. Do they really measure the benefits of lower claims where such items are fitted, or is it a great marketing tool to help increase their customer base. The cynic in me suspects the latter, in that anyone who has a Thatcham approved security system is likely to look after their car security more effectively, thus making a better risk and the type of customer to desire with the prospect of lower claims. John
  23. What's the fine for not carrying a French letter? John
  24. I am loath to recommend them but Nene Overland in Peterboro do quite a bit of european trade. Usually expensive and be sure they have the rights to sell you a vehicle as they have history of selling what was not theirs. There was a court case a year or so ago which confirms the above. Details - http://www.peterboroughtoday.co.uk/news/local/dealer_regrets_signature_fraud_1_2313154 John
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