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  1. Yeah, You really have to change up and down the gears to make sure the revs don't drop too much. I probably should have got an auto.
  2. Hi guys, I have a 2001 td5 manual, It maybe the way I drive but mine seems to kick in around 1500 to 2000 rpm, way before yours. Is that normal or is it me?
  3. Hi everyone, I took my discovery to another mechanic this morning, he didn't think it was the injectors, instead he thought it was the MAFF and told me that when it next happens to disconnect the MAFF and if it solves the problem, job done. I drove it around for most of the day trying to get it to do it again, nothing, it drove perfectly. Always the way isn't it. I will keep on driving it until it happens again. Thanks
  4. Thanks for your speedy replies, I think I will try to get a second opinion from another mechanic. The first mechanic said the car was ok to drive. I went to work to day and it was only after I stopped on the way home to pick my girls up from school that it happened again. This time again only 5 mins from home. I will try to get some diagnostics done, will it tell me exactly whats wrong if it is the injectors or harness? If it was oil in the ecu, would it not be happening all the time? Once again thanks for your help. Spiker
  5. Hi everyone, I need a little advice, as I Know little about diesel engines. Last Thursday and this Tuesday whilst driving my 2000 td5 I had a sudden loss of power. I limped home (luckily only 10 minutes) The next morning on each occaision the car seemed fine. It has never happened before in my six months of ownership. A mechanic has driven it and said its the injectors, and it is probably only firing on four cylinders, Is this a likely answer or could it be something else. If it is injectors is this likely to be an expensive fix. As I am not very mechanically minded so any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Spiker
  6. Hi guys, I have just got my discovery 2 back form the MOT. Its legal again for another year but I was told it was starting to show signs of rust on the chassis. As I live in sunny Clacton on sea with all the salty air blowing about I was wondering if anyone could suggest somewhere close to me (North Essex or close by) that was reputable, who could clean up the chassis and seal it. Any suggestions would be most appreciated. Thanks.
  7. The Britpart bike rack like the ones found on e bay don't seem to have any straps included. Seems a bit strange, maybe they are sold separately
  8. Thanks for your replies, I was tending towards the spare wheel type rather than the tow bar type, as this would allow me to open the tailgate without removing everything. Any ideas what would be the best method of making sure the bikes stay on the rack? would bungee cords be enough? Thanks
  9. Hi everyone, I have finally persuaded my wife to take up cycling. I have been off to Halfords and bought her a new bike. Both of our bikes fit into my discovery 2 but I have to take the front wheels off. Bit of a faff and no room for the kids bikes. Whilst in Halfords I saw a bike rack that fits on the tow bar for about £70. On E bay there seems to be a rack that fits onto the spare wheel carrier. It costs about the same. My question is which one should I go for? Or is there another option? Thanks a lot for any ideas you might have.
  10. Hi everyone, I got my D2 a little while ago and I am enjoying driving it. When I got in it today though I noticed the roof lining on the passenger side was wet. Its just the corner in front of the grab handle and up to the sun visor. It looks as though it must have happened in the past because that corner looks a little stained. My car doesn't have a sunroof and I cant see anything obvious. Is there any common problem I need to be looking for. Thanks.
  11. Hhmmm.....Pink furry dice. Seriously though, great TD5 intro, very informative but I am now slightly worried that as the mileage is now 103k that the engine could fall to bits at any second. I have had the fluids and filters done. Just looked again at the service history. For the first 3 years of its life it averaged 12k per year and was serviced by Hunters landrover in Norwich. For the next 8 years it was serviced by another landrover specialist in Norfolk and covered approx. 50k. The last 5 years it has been serviced at several garages and only done about 15k. That sounds like fairly low annual mileage, especially in recent years. ( thinking as I type, maybe low mileage means lots of short journeys rather than one or two long journeys). I am still in the excited stage at the moment, I look forward to driving it. I drove my old jeep for the first time since I bought the discovery. Didn't realise how heavy the steering was and how bad the brakes were. Bit of a difference going from a petrol automatic to a diesel manual. One thing I did miss though was the sound of the straight six. For the future I think, thanks to all your help and advice, I can answer my own first questions. Firstly I need to make sure that I have a mechanically and structurally sound vehicle. Secondly not to rashly buy everything and anything I can get my hands on. Thirdly, ask for advice (and receive great advice) for anything Discovery related. Most importantly though I have remembered how I felt when I was driving my 1993 range rover LSE 4 years ago in Botswana. Driving for the enjoyment of driving rather than just from getting from A to B. Something I have not had since returning to the UK.
  12. Good advice Snagger, I don't want to waste money that's why I am asking. If several people say don't bother doing that it doesn't make any difference, then I won't do it either. But if several people say it's a worthwhile upgrade, then you have to listen. I wasn't going to waste money on a new stereo, just thinking of taking the one out of my jeep.
  13. I will definitely look into treating the underside. I want to keep this one for a while. I was thinking of getting rid of the original radio cassette. While I am at it, is it worth upgrading the speakers to Harmon kardon ones? Do the wires run up the a pillars for the little tweeters? I know I am asking lots of questions, hope you guys don't mind too much. Thanks
  14. Thanks guys, I am glad you like my discovery. The underneath is very good, it has obviously been well looked after. I think you guys are right, I will take my time and enjoy driving it and make a few changes as I go. I hadn't really thought about updating the grill, what benefit would that give apart from making the car look newer? I have noticed already that I might need a reversing camera of some kind, the view out the back through the dog guard and spare tyre is a bit limited
  15. It stopped raining long enough to take a couple of photos, hopefully I can attach them properly.
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