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  1. It won't just be the front wheels that slip on road- i can get 4 wheel wheelspin in my 90 and that's just with my little Rover 3.5! When this happens the whole vehicle tends to start to bounce up and down as wheels spin/grip/spin/grip - when this happens it can't be doing anything any good at all... I hate to think how much the halfshafts are twisting in this scenario. I think the result withe the 6.3 will be spin/grip/*pop* instead. I do like the noise of the 6.3 though - it sounds evil. If you do carry on with the conversion please post it up! Good luck
  2. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    You seem to be competent enough so far from what I have seen on this thread!
  3. Return of Defender?

    I did the Reborn tour when they were doing series ones, our guide had worked on the Defender line for a loooong time and he said the same. They were too labour intensive to build.
  4. Part suppliers

    Another vote for Britcar here.
  5. x defend pedal lock not fitting

    When it's closed does it actually push on the brake pedal or just touch it? Mine has a slight gap (~10mm) when closed between it and bulkhead, but I couldn't get it any closer as I am actually applying the brakes when I close it. Mine does fold back ok though.
  6. That sounds... a bit wrong if i'm honest!
  7. Ms1 to ms3 upgrade

    I have Ms2 - which as far as i know has the same map size as Ms3. I hacked a cheap bluetooth adaptor and use my phone with MSDroid for logging/viewing and the odd tweak. The laptop only ever comes out now when i need to do a bit of VEAL or something more involved. Could be a good halfway house? My Ms2 definitely *feels* better than my Ms1 - but this could just be that I have spent a lot more time tuning it, as the Ms2 is on my daily. As long as the 90 (which has the Ms1) starts reliably, drives pretty well and doesn't do terribly on fuel that's fine for a weekend car. However - if you want to go Ms3 then do it! Its a thread I would definitely read, and sometimes the most fun things are the stuff you do just for the hell of it.
  8. Ms1 to ms3 upgrade

    well, going from MS1 to MS3 gets you 2 extra whatsits obviously
  9. Range Rover Classic 3.9 Overfueling

    If the doodah says you have a knackered water temp sensor then that will definitely make it run rich, so I'd change that as a first step. *Edit- just re-read your post again. So you have changed the water temp sensor and it's still overfuelling?
  10. Petrol evaporation - solution?

    Bowie beat me! My 2.25 powered 90 was fitted with the equivalent of one of these from the factory: http://www.glencoeltd.co.uk/facet-fuel-pumps/facet-cylindrical-pump-12v-24v/ you only need the basic spec version. The pump has done zillions of miles with no issue, infact it lives on as a low pressure pump feeding the swirl pot on my daily. Here's a copy of the Facet on Paddocks. http://www.paddockspares.com/prc3901-fuel-pump-ecternal-electric.html
  11. Chaps, I was browsing retrorides and came across a mention of this: https://speeduino.com/wiki/index.php/Speeduino It uses (as you might guess) an Arduino as the base, and can be tuned with Tunerstudio. Thoughts?
  12. Cutting out 1500-2000rpm

    does it idle ok?
  13. dressing-up a 2.5 (17H) petrol to look like a 2.25?

    We did the opposite to what is proposed in this thread and fitted the later manifold and carb setup from a "2.3" to the 2.25 in a series. All bolted straight on. The exhaust had to be tickled with the grinder and glued back together with the welder though as it fouled the gearbox mount.