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  1. Spark plugs for 4.6 P38 on LPG

    Another vote for BPR6ES here!
  2. Coil pack boot clamps

    I have always just bought genuine fomoco coil packs secondhand with leads still attached. It's fairly straightforward to dissemble the ends from these leads and recrimp/fit them to new lengths of HT lead to suit.
  3. Grinding noise coming from transfer box.

    Congrats! Fingers crossed for the first proper outing in it!
  4. Newbie MS install

    Looks nice! I wish I had gone for the squeeze to disconnect injector plugs, they can be a major pain to get off. Keep up the good work
  5. Morris Minor Forums?

    +1 for this - Retro rides has a massive variety of cars on there, from all over the world. Even if there aren't any current Minor threads on there you are bound to have many previous owners popping up with advice.
  6. ^Also agree with this - both of my rv8 dailies ran SU's for many many reliable miles before i injected them. The only reason I converted was the hunt for a little more power and some extra efficiency. Oh, and I like to tinker with geeky things and fuel injection is definitely on the geekier side of car ownership. Unfortunately we all experience this when people say that Land-rovers (or anything else over 10 years old ) are "unreliable". Sure, some might be - but they will be the ones that aren't looked after properly. Carb or EFI, both will work reliably (as they did when manufactured) if they are fitted, setup and maintained properly.
  7. ^ I agree with this! The only efi related problems I've had (apart from pump failure) were due to me fiddling with things...
  8. Try asking on v8forum.co.uk, someone will bound to have had both on there...
  9. If you have to go carbs, then go SU's - they are cheap, dead dead simple and easy to tune (and work at angles).
  10. No power to ECU on ignition

    I'd do a google on MSextra.com for the basic serial connection tests to see if your MS is alive on some level and responsive at all. If not, then as above its time to crack out the muiltimeter and/or call HFH.
  11. Amazing thread revival! White letters out, that's what I had with my old BFGs
  12. 3.5 v8 8.13:1 compression test

    That looks like a P6 filter can sure enough - here's the one that used to be on my P6 for comparison (it's been EFI'd for a while): Never had any issues with running the same setup on my 90 either.
  13. 3.5 v8 8.13:1 compression test

    The P6 one is round in cross section, the Range rovers had one very similar but flatter and more oval shaped in cross section - the paper filter elements are the same as far as i know. Proper carbed Defender v8's have the carbs connected to a metal t-piece that then connects to a huge dustbin sized filter which only has a single outlet on the clean side.
  14. 3.5 v8 8.13:1 compression test

    I'd be wary of RPI, general consensus on the internet is that they will often flog you a Mallory distributor whether you need one or not. Try v8tuner or v8developments for parts and advice, they get much better reviews from people! Before spending loads of cash check through all the basics. High idle could be badly set carbs, or an air leak. Having no power could be lean mixture, which again *could* be related to an airleak. Doug's suggestion on seeing what the choke does is a good one. The misfire while it's warming up, is it a light miss or more like it's running a few cylinders down? Can you pinpoint if it's a specific cylinder/s?
  15. MS3X - Thor Fuel Pressure

    Older 90's BMW's have the reg built into the filter, so you have just a single line running forward to the engine bay. This would work. Try googling for e39 fuel filters... The plus with this setup is that it's cheap for OEM quality parts, and the fpr should be at the right pressure for the ev6 injectors.