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  1. can look at mine tommorow and see what name is on it - got funny feeling its pilkington from memory the wiring inc relay was easily £100 before screen. need to replace mine after a lot of yrs, two wired dead so a slow to clear strip typical right in front of driver. Paired heated mirrors off it and boy thats nice on 2003 td5 defender.
  2. i bought a wurth pressure sprayer bottle, think holds a litre for brake cleaner and its never leaked yet. not cheapest but seems really good.
  3. garage i use has led lights in his new 110 so must be ok, theres some nightmare testers out there. second find rules and have a frank discussion with tester. second vote with feet - mine failed on lights as i have headlights with internal sidelight type bulbs, one dead on test so fail - hey ho i missed it. get replaced and shade of light doesnt quite match other side as different makes of bulb, fail again...... will i ever go back there - god no. are the mandatory position lights no - should they have failed i think not on shade of light.... garage next door who arent testers but do my work have now changed test stations as too many issues so definetly complain.
  4. so to drag back up, this has been a little frustrating as selling old petrol unit privately has resulted in 3 folks expressing interest, one even messaging at time he was due to arrive to say had bought new elsewhere. so i am virtually a done deal on mac drop revolution 11/120 unit from same folks i bought original unit from. they have offered a good trade in so hard to refuse. Local company so perfect support etc. will post a bit of review once deal done and its here.
  5. good long breaker bar and maybe a length of pipe too stowed safely in car. if especially fussy take two sockets that fit, and a spare knuckle joint and tool to change it - best cure ever cause if you have spares will never break original!
  6. good point about clean cold water at end - guess a nice flush for system. shed is insulated and never below 5 degrees as theres a heater in there.
  7. i use TFR currently and definetly needs a wipe but doesnt do too well on hydraulic oil or grease hence heat. having a look at nilfisk, some nice units there.
  8. easy enough to use? how was reliability overall. i see lavor units but easily 1000 quid below other new units so wary.
  9. So on the edge of landrover related here but used on them so hope ok thinking of buying a electric powered with diesel burner heated pressure washer for use between landy, log splitter, tractor see karcher - mac international - lavor often on sites like evil bay new only for warranty. what have folks used/recommend?
  10. tiger seal for sure - got some on 90 bodywork around 9 yrs ago and its still there so safe to say sticks well.
  11. try calling local nfu office. usually very helpful folks
  12. davie


    about 360 with nfu for a lot of stuff business cover voluntary use for red cross voluntary use for ambulance service first responder had 5 points for careless driving - conviction expires in aug fully comp for me and partner on a 2003 td5 defender with modifications declared inc chipped, suspension work, roof lights, rear work lights, heated screen, heated seats etc theft cover for trailer recovery added having made a claim i can honestly say nfu are great to deal with and wont be shifting unless they go mad on renewal.
  13. davie

    roof width

    cheers folks - didnt end up buying but did do some looking around for led bar - not sure whether to stick with Cree or go other makes?
  14. davie

    roof width

    Hi so maybe a well asked and discussed topic but just heading to bed after 12 hr night shift so search option isnt something my brain can do sorry! for a light bar to fit 2003 td5 defender can anyone tell me which bar would fit - 50, 48 or other inch option. gutter mount option. local guy has an offer on and i fancy a cree one thanks folks davie
  15. second that, i have the boomslang one for about a year now and its spot on. Plug and play so no point in making own up.
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