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  1. just fitted a month or two ago a roller door, needs 300mm above and we left 320 which was tight but worked. As somebody said you can get a box and stick door outside if needed to increase height. am sure a talented person could stick box above roof level to use all height and make waterproof with some joinery work to help hide.
  2. i had been told its not a good plan as each battery has its own health as such. what i did on my 90 was stick an anderson socket on main batt so its easy to connect to from outside seatbox. having said that i stuck my 90 on charge at rear anderson socket off aux batt - split charge - main batt for 12 hrs a week and no ill effect. if i was being smart/less lazy i would disconnect aux batt from main after fitting anderson socket to main in an easy to reach spot, and do one charge on aux, one charge on main per week.
  3. i must stick up for ASHTRANS, had a gearbox done by them and its perfect. Had a transmission box from them and i killed it good and proper, did take me over 100k miles to manage that and it was a lot of abusive driving on my part so they do really good products. didnt use them for replacement trans box but that was totally me being impatient and got elsewhere as i really needed car faster but when i break next box i will be trying them first as trust quality totally. the advice and support given whenever messaged or called has been great.
  4. so i just looked at an email dentist sent me for an appointment in a weeks time, omg may as well say please provide life history and every single medical issue since born. so i stopped and didnt complete it, they were asking covid specific questions last time i visited and i was totally ok with that, all be it akward as its seriously badly designed as i have to tick yes to in contact with a covid positive person every time due to voluntary work - what it doesnt ask is was i wearing required ppe so i have to choose, lie and get dental treatment or be honest
  5. Wont pretend to understand all of that but its one of the best internet posts on this i have seen to date and clarifies a lot of stuff.
  6. i would be very surprised if not repairable - cant remember which model we have but it got rebuilt by us easily and cheaply. Dremel are almost built to be repaired. we got an exploded parts diagram off internet and just googled bits, was painless
  7. so some random thoughts having driven the new defender all on road for couple thousand miles and i guess couple hundred in a 19 plate evoque the evoque is god awful, sits too low on motorway and is seriously too complex on the touch screen - who needs so many options on a seat alone i wonder... have to say liked the heads up display of speed, only cause the dash is too small and obscured by steering wheel. adaptive cruise control is weird but actually really nice to use. revs too long in each gear. boot space sucks too small no fridge cubby box, and split l
  8. I return to work in the morning, all be it in a slightly different temporary role as the person who normally does it is high risk so sheilding. spending 5 days a week on a large ride on lawn mower over a reasonable chunk of our area so working and travelling alone, using phone to check in for lone working management. bit odd as was well into project of fitting mini mud pod into defender ( slow as electrics isnt my thing) but thats now back to weekend work. in background on call for 4 night shifts a week in a patient transfer service for last week almost since gone live - havent b
  9. so i built the circuit today on bench - aka coffee table using a battery charger in place of battery live/earth and after some rude words it worked almost fine - only difference i could see was i ran a wire from live battery to sidelight pin on switch so was just on, normally this would i assume work when i had a sidelight on. then i took it apart pin by pin and listed stuff so i could do in car later. excuse wording its what made sense to me mixed in with some info from carling wiring off mud site. So I have, Earth from light to bulkhead bolt, used as earth Live from light to
  10. just found info on lights, each is 18 watt
  11. running a pair of about 40 watt (from memory) led lights, like wee light bars so not massive. no pre made loom just a pair of wires out of each as is normal, red/black so suitable for whatever application hopefully
  12. So i have a small project i am trying to do, but i dont really understand electrics so its making my head hurt. just bought a mini mud pod and some carling switches, mostly on/off i want to run a couple of work lights off this, one per switch for left and right. bought suitable sized wire - double checked with friend who understands these things got fuse holders and suitable fuses, have 2 4 pin relays, one per light - lights are led so low current draw i belive so i have guessed, 1 pin from relay to a suitable earth 1 pin from relay to a permenant liv
  13. They have indeed given them out, and oh boy i wish i was allowed to take it off road and really test it. Done some road miles in one, literally a heres the keys jump in and go so haven't read the books, gone from a 2003 defender to it and there are sooooooooo many functions and options i wish i had time to test off in mud, but rules say no as somebody agreed to hand them back with all panels straight and not hammered..... dear landrover uk if you want to loan me one for a decent test i will definitely take it lol!!!!! see how it copes in a real mixed environment of work for say 6 month
  14. have you verified power at the two or three terminals on screen to make sure its getting there? if so its work backwards through wiring to find break
  15. some of the social media stuff is beyond mad the sheer scary hype still and seeing people slowly go mad, jumping on every comment and desperate to shop neighbours or friends to police just to be seen to do something. Actually went out off where i live (locked estate) today for first time since lockdown began and drove car, only did 1 mile for an essential journey and didnt come in contact with a soul, felt odd doing it. been cracking on with jobs at home in garden since private and its taking longer second guessing every move to ensure i dont join rank of diy accident. be ver
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