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  1. I return to work in the morning, all be it in a slightly different temporary role as the person who normally does it is high risk so sheilding. spending 5 days a week on a large ride on lawn mower over a reasonable chunk of our area so working and travelling alone, using phone to check in for lone working management. bit odd as was well into project of fitting mini mud pod into defender ( slow as electrics isnt my thing) but thats now back to weekend work. in background on call for 4 night shifts a week in a patient transfer service for last week almost since gone live - havent been used yet but with a considerable spike in our region that may change. be really sad when alarm goes in morning - havent had one in weeks.
  2. so i built the circuit today on bench - aka coffee table using a battery charger in place of battery live/earth and after some rude words it worked almost fine - only difference i could see was i ran a wire from live battery to sidelight pin on switch so was just on, normally this would i assume work when i had a sidelight on. then i took it apart pin by pin and listed stuff so i could do in car later. excuse wording its what made sense to me mixed in with some info from carling wiring off mud site. So I have, Earth from light to bulkhead bolt, used as earth Live from light to 87 on relay Live Inc fuse from batt to 30 on relay Earth from batt to 85 on relay 86 on relay to switch terminal two, which is power out Pin 2 linked to 3 on switch (carling say to do) Live from battery to pin 1 on switch, which is power in Pin 7 on switch to earth at fuse box bolt Pin 8 on switch to side light live so god knows why in blue
  3. just found info on lights, each is 18 watt
  4. running a pair of about 40 watt (from memory) led lights, like wee light bars so not massive. no pre made loom just a pair of wires out of each as is normal, red/black so suitable for whatever application hopefully
  5. So i have a small project i am trying to do, but i dont really understand electrics so its making my head hurt. just bought a mini mud pod and some carling switches, mostly on/off i want to run a couple of work lights off this, one per switch for left and right. bought suitable sized wire - double checked with friend who understands these things got fuse holders and suitable fuses, have 2 4 pin relays, one per light - lights are led so low current draw i belive so i have guessed, 1 pin from relay to a suitable earth 1 pin from relay to a permenant live from aux battery, including fuse on this line for safety 1 pin from relay goes to live in terminal on carling switch 1 wire goes from live out on carling switch to led light 1 wire goes from earth on led light back to suitable earth on landy 1 wire goes from earth terminal on carling switch to suitable earth in dash, probably near fuse box mount points - 2003 td5 defender need to take a live feed from fuse for side lights, including a fuse i suspect as electrical coward up to terminal on carling switch for sidelight/illuminate so on relay i have 85,86,,87,30 85 - earth 30 live from aux batt in 87 to light 86 - god knows? So looking for clear, idiot proof guide if possible please, i dont understand the pretty symbols etc so its really a case of is what i listed above ok, and if not why in idiot proof terms - cant offend me on this honest! idea is to have side lights same as rear work lights ( which i didnt wire) that permenant live off aux batt and flick a switch and they come on. over to smarter people
  6. They have indeed given them out, and oh boy i wish i was allowed to take it off road and really test it. Done some road miles in one, literally a heres the keys jump in and go so haven't read the books, gone from a 2003 defender to it and there are sooooooooo many functions and options i wish i had time to test off in mud, but rules say no as somebody agreed to hand them back with all panels straight and not hammered..... dear landrover uk if you want to loan me one for a decent test i will definitely take it lol!!!!! see how it copes in a real mixed environment of work for say 6 months. so on road thoughts, cruise control is a lil fiddly to set up, but never used before so thats a learning curve. live camera rear view mirror, - love it reverse camera and fact it shows you people stood along side - love it cubby box fridge - love it phone to set up and talk, love it - other half says its ace and soooo quiet as i called her sat nav is hundred times better than red cross tom tom carp, and if i could find button to turn on voice be perfect auto box - never driven a single yard in an auto before so really a beginer here - its ace, very smooth stop/start tech at lights etc - yep i want it take off when right foot is applied hard, omg its a speeding ticket here we come but very smooth and rapid - could i afford the mpg, dont know as havent fuelled it yet an odd one but how quick can i wipe clean with wipes ( multi driver/covid stuff) actually its ok, doesnt half smear the sat nav screen though box on side - hate it folded down rear seats not totally flat - hate it dear god whats with tow eyes in rear bumper and expect to tow artics....too in face engine bay, oh carp theres not a spare inch watched a video above, that remind me i hate steering wheel, its too fiddly in design for those of us with big hands/fingers, fingers catch holes and you wander lanes as its twitchy at 70, needs to be cleaner all based on some road miles and not reading manual, just get in and go. if i can figure out how to attach pics from mobile i will
  7. have you verified power at the two or three terminals on screen to make sure its getting there? if so its work backwards through wiring to find break
  8. some of the social media stuff is beyond mad the sheer scary hype still and seeing people slowly go mad, jumping on every comment and desperate to shop neighbours or friends to police just to be seen to do something. Actually went out off where i live (locked estate) today for first time since lockdown began and drove car, only did 1 mile for an essential journey and didnt come in contact with a soul, felt odd doing it. been cracking on with jobs at home in garden since private and its taking longer second guessing every move to ensure i dont join rank of diy accident. be very interesting to see how badly the last great weekend out a lot of people took affects us by end of this week for sure, got feeling wont be great news.
  9. Now thats interesting - didnt realise they did those since last time garage took my tank out to do fuel pump they cut the tank gaurd end to end and then welded back together. yet to understand why?
  10. i do have access to works parweld arc welder and have glued a few bits back together with it but some was 5mm to 5mm so full blast and fine and other was on a trailer so 2mm filling in a crack. its lack of knowledge as to why rod keeps sticking when trying to strike arc gets me frustrated. spoke to local blacksmith and he is going to supply some steel and rods for me to practise with so will at least be able to try and try some more , maybe when world more stable buy a wee mig but for now at least i can try. would still love to do a basic course so i can see why i am going wrong, once over frustration i may well improve a bit.
  11. Not wrong there, we are all used to jumping in our cars etc to go somewhere to get stuff done. now we risk fines or worse. The day will come we can crack on again and it will seem weird for a little while at least to just go places freely.
  12. Sadly i dont know an awful lot of welding - can glue odd bits together on thicker stuff with works invertor arc welder but its not something i would properly trust near a chassis yet. would love to attend a welding evening course to get some basics on mig and arc - emailed some today in aberdeen to see. for anyone who has one of the invertor migs, how do you get on with it and whats a reasonable non rental bottle situation as cant justify big bottle of gas for all i genuinely need. think going to speak to blacksmith and get mudflap brackets off too and plate bottom of x member all way to end from beside chassis rail as thats a good solid point it seems and just have a plate welded to new steel for mud flaps, do away with horrible debris hard to treat bit between two areas. Paime you are right already thinking save pennies and do chassis in year or two as mot man hints at it, mate and i did a series one yrs ago so am sure we could manage it again, all be it slower and with some reading of tech stuff here for hints. Interestingly enough in a month or two he will have a two poster ramp installed so that will definetly help.
  13. so more info after some research, garage doesnt recommend 3mm galv - too heavy but would tolerate galv due to welding and fume issues at a protest. bill looks like easily £1200 plus inc a cross member with extensions at around £250 - ouch! blacksmith i sent video and images to reckons chop out area to something nice hard against chassis rail and weld in new, be fine as its not on where tow bar pulls, ie not centre area. work for year or so until world is more stable and then get a high quality replacement, he did one recently on a 110 and although didnt say who made x member supplied it was terrible, nowhere near square and he really spent some time on it first cutting and re welding to make worth fitting - now he is a perfectionist for sure but he hated poor workmanship. Worries me as finding a high quality suitable manufactured one doesnt sound easy. so once this lockdown is over going to go see him, let him poke it and hit with hammer prior to any welding - so all suggestions of really excellent quality replacement are good just in case.
  14. original plan was to be painting it as just waxed chassis, so rear x member looks terrible as i had started to clean up for paint when rain came. would wonder now if patch for a year until world settles down a bit. chassis rail does seem solid and rest of chassis is fresh enough aint worried.
  15. so beaten with a hammer around it and seems fine, looks like one of chassis holes i made wider when hit and a wee rot pocket. beat at chassis rail either side with hammer and solid didnt go through. video has sound when i took but dont know if came through. VID-20200330-WA0003 (1).mp4
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