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  1. My AVMs broke so I reverted to normal drive flanges. 100% reliable on and off road now. Cheap and quick to do and....I honestly didnt detect an increase in fuel consumption.Also,now I know the upper trunnions are getting some lubrication.
  2. This is what I did Gareth. Probably too far to post to you but I can email the drawings if you know a machist. Tom
  3. I can't upload to the gallery but you can see the pictures towards the bottom of this page: http://forum.landrovernet.com/showthread.php/228184-Fitting-better-brakes-to-my-S3-SWB/page8?highlight=interesting+conversion
  4. I wasn't happy with my SIII SWB drum setup so had a go at my own. The axles were desperately in need of an overhaul anyway so I set to designing a solution. I made new hubs and modified 300mm Mondeo vented discs to suit (Defenders use 300mm discs). Standard wheel bearings are used. Peugeot 406 Lucas 57mm calipers mounted on 8mm thick laser cut steel plates. The main issue was I had to swap over the swivel housings so the filler plug faces forwards. The un-drilled blank oil filler was then ground back flush to allow room for the caliper. I am running on 16" Wolf wheels so there is plenty of clearance for the caliper. I've yet to try out normal 16" wheels with this setup. I have the same hubs at the rear with Mondeo discs and 406 rear calipers. All four discs needed to have the cetre hole opened out and new mounting holes added. Works beautifully. Set me back about 600 quid for the purchasing of parts and machining. Hours and hours of my own time measuring, modelling in 3D CAD and scouring scrap yards..... priceless! Oh, and those manky Britpart shocks are long gone too.... Good fun though and very satisfying to get it right first time. They are still bedding in and yet they can lock up with enough of a shove, so I reckon a remote servo is on my Christmas list. If anyone has any ideas of where to mount one on a SIII, please let me know. I am trying to upload a few pictures, but I'mbaffled and a little drunk.
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