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  1. Thanks Eightpot but I am thinking about additional steering lock/removable wheel in addition to the standard column lock.
  2. Good evening all. I am not close to my vehicle at the moment so don't have access to find the information I need. Can anyone tell me what spline/boss I might need for an early two door steering column. Thinking about a steering lock setup. Thanks Ash
  3. honitionhobbit "What's a Genuine Bosch Boost Pin Upgrade? Is it just a re-profiled boost pin?" You are correct in your thinking, It is a genuine bosch pin with a different profile not a cheap unit from one of the shows. I like the idea of some head work to allow better breathing and yes the intercooler could be more efficient but would this really effect low down torque before the turbo starts to work?
  4. Good evening all. So I am after some of you wisdom or real time experience with regard to upgrading the standard 200tdi discovery turbo charger. Honest experiences if you please in the performance area V cost etc. I am trying to decide whether or not to fit a VVT / VNT on to my current set up but have not found many testimonials to the positive but to be fair neither many to the negative. My current set up is :- Discovery 200tdi engine approx 150k miles Double width intercooler (2x standard intercoolers welded end to end and re-piped) Current turbo waste gate adjusted (18psi max, no movement in waste gate) Boost diaphragm pin replaced with genuine bosch upgrade Various tweaks to FIP (max fuel, non boost fuel, boost actuation rate) 285x75x16 BFG KM2 tyres 3.54 diffs 1.211 transfer box So what will I gain or loose? Not looking for any more top end as 80-85mph is enough before things start to complain, expecting a more positive harder pull away with additional torque and less turbo lag. Your thoughts please, regards Ash
  5. www.vehicle-wiring-products.eu/ Get most of my stuff from these guys. Regards Ash
  6. Your obviously still quite poorly posting twice.... Or it's your age "old mad" lol
  7. If you need any thing Doc I can collect, his new place is opposite Nippers dads.
  8. Where abouts are you MHawk? I have the ability to rebuild the Bosch pumps as long as you have all the parts. In theory you will not need a complete rebuild as a long as it is just a seal issue. Regards Ash
  9. Hi, To me there is no problem. Yon can clearly see the drive coupling behind the outer plate in the right hand picture although you will need to rotate the engine to line everything up there is a slot in the coupling so you can get the 9.5mm timing pin in. (About 11oclock) Just so you are aware that the 3 m8 bolts hold the outer plate In position at the same time as clamping the drive gear to the drive flange, the larger 22mm nut (maybe 24mm) in the middle secures the drive coupling to the drive shaft which you do not need to undo unless you a working on the front seal. HTH Ash
  10. Hi, The banjo bolt is of a restricted return type to keep a small amount of pressure inside the body of the FIP so therefore flow through that fitting will not be restricted sufficiently to cause yo an issue. Regards Ash
  11. Surely you have to have, MEGA- squirt....... in there some where.
  12. Roger that, it will be after work obviously but not sure what I'm doing next week.
  13. Hi all, Forum relay request please, Plymouth to Hampshire/Wiltshire/Dorset. Thinking about bidding on e-bay for 3 off 225/75/16 tyres, would need to be collected from Plymouth area soonish but no rush to get to final destination. I will obviously pay for the tyres and sort out addresses etc so anyone on their travels? Thanks all Ash
  14. Hey Mr Brown, what you up to next week, maybe in the mood for a cuppa?
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