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  1. ...and you don't need Compasses to arrive at that conclusion!
  2. Les, I haven't touched your link and have no reason to do so. I clicked it about a week ago as a quick way to get into your forum and it worked fine. I don't see that any of the moderators here would have any reason to alter it either. I welcome your occasional posts on LRA and don't want to put you off. My complete signature was corrupted a while back (before Christmas) and I put it down to a UBBthreads problem. Funnily enough, there is a security upgrade for the software - which I must get around to installing.
  3. I'm happy to put it back, but of those who expressed an opinion, the majority wanted it locked or moved. When everyone has expressed their opinion, we'll have a re-count
  4. You're welcome to make whatever assumptions you like, but you have got it wrong. My opinion was that the thread, which was mainly contributed to by LR4x4 regulars, should be allowed to run it's course. However, the majority of the moderators at the Land Rover Addict Froums wanted the thread moved. I complied with their wishes. Good to see that you visit now and again
  5. I think it's hilarious - as usual for LRE, it's back-firing on them; they've just opened up a new round of Billing/LRE bashing
  6. Sort of Trev - but not really. I'll explain! The engine was new when it was fitted to an elderly Range Rover. The guy drove it for just over a year and then parked it up as he went overseas for about 3 years. When he returned, the Range Rover had decayed badly and wasn't worth MOT-ing. A friend of mine bought it in Spring 2005 and got it running. He dismantled the Range Rover and stored the engine and all the bits in his workshops. He was going to put it into a 90 and then thought better of it. He has now bought a 110 converted to Double cab pickup and intended putting it into that. However the 300 Tdi that is in place is going very well and he correctly decided not to tamper with it. I have two possible homes for the engine (which is costing "humble" money). 1) A very good early 110 Hi-cap pickup that has a dead Rover P6 V8 in it. The Land Rover is crying out for a Tdi but the GMC V8 can be had for a fraction of the cost of a Tdi. I don't own the Hi-cap, but can have it very cheaply, if I want it. 2) I have a 110 2.5 diesel with a brand new heavy duty chassis. This Land Rover is for sale, but I could keep it and sell the 2.5 for probably more than the GMC V8 is costing. Either way, the Land Rover that I choose (if I go ahead with the project) will be a load-lugger to replace my current pickup - and won't do a high mileage (2500 - 3000 miles per year) It won't be subject to the heavy stresses of off-roading, mud-plugging etc. How do these factors affect the advice?
  7. Thanks Guys Bush65 - according to what I found here, the 6.2 isn't as old as you reckon: The Diesel Page The one I've been offered was put into an old Range Rover when the engine was new and covered less than 20,000 miles.
  8. Anyone got experience of the GMC V8 diesel in a Land Rover? I've was offered one of these engines last night complete with adapter kit, engine mounts, clutch etc etc. At the right money. How would it be in a 90?
  9. I've just copied that and sent it to Frances - my email-joke friend. I'll give full credit to Les, of course
  10. Interesting discussion this has turned out to be! I’m not going to get into the whole debate about the sponsorship of the Land Rover Addict Forum here. Suffice to say that over at LRAF, we’re not in the fortunate situation that you have here, namely massive financial support from a huge membership. We have a relatively small and happy active membership, albeit growing all the time (and I’m not very good at asking for money). The one comment I will make is that the members of LRAF have embraced the idea of LRM sponsoring the forum with open arms. The magazine seems to be very highly regarded indeed. However, I would like to clarify a couple of points. Perhaps it is my fault, but I feel Les has misunderstood or misinterpreted my original request. I did not ask to use the full content of two or three interesting threads for possible publication in LRM. I asked for a couple of interesting threads to be pointed out to me so that the essence of the discussions could be mentioned in a possible regular article. I also made it clear that the forum, from which each piece of material was drawn, would be credited as the source. My request was driven by a desire to forge better relations with you, our forum neighbours, and to be able to produce a balanced piece for the magazine – I don’t wish to be writing exclusively about the Land Rover Addict Forum, rather the activities of numerous Land Rover forums that are out there. I was offering Les a chance to have his forum highlighted on a regular basis. The result of your poll will be interesting for sure and I really don’t mind if my request is rejected - there is plenty of material on the Internet to draw upon. Finally, I should say that the proposed regular feature might not even get off the ground, so we could be wasting our words on zilch
  11. I was going to reply here Trev, but thought better of it You've got a PM
  12. You can say it here and on LRAF too - there's no restrictions or any LRE influence there anymore I subscribe to LROi and to LRM - plenty!!
  13. Apologies for the link (it takes so long to post photos): Land Rover on it's side and the Recovery Les - if you're not happy with this direct link, I'll understand and you can take it off
  14. Come to think of it, I haven't missed my free LRE. Now LRM - there's a pretty good read
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