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  1. Did you mean to say 170,000 miles? If so, i'd be looking for wear at the swivel pins as well as the aforementioned suggestions by honorable members
  2. to answer your seat question....No
  3. Hi F_F and a Happy New Year....Yes, the switch screws in. I have not seen one loosen up but it is a possibility, I know when you install a new switch, you have to "set it". If you have a faulty one, try screwing it in a tad further.
  4. Hi Todd....what manual or CD is that pic from? Is it a social comment to wish you Happy New Year
  5. Ian; How did you make the bypass? I'm sure this would be of interest to others, myself included. Thanks....
  6. Iain, I am not familiar with UK Discos but there is a procedure to re-synchronize the alarm using the key fob....make sure you have a good battery in the fob then get yourself a copy of the RAVE CD as it relates to your brothers Discovery, RAVE contains most all the information you need to know about that Discovery. Search the Forum for where to get a copy of RAVE I was led to believe that UK alarms can be disabled but this would require Land Rover Test Book or similar software also there is/or was a UK company who would reset your alarm, sorry I can't think of their name right now but if I do i'll post it.. Good Luck
  7. I've not done this job but have lots of experience working on Disco 1's CDL unit, I would allow a whole day to retrofit the unit once in hand....You may want to consider a MORSE type "push pull cable" to operate that little lever on the side of the T-case, I think it would be an easier install and you may not have to remove the center console... Everything helps !!
  8. I find it interesting that the Chinese are doing business with the Indians...Don't they have a number of Border disputes ongoing? I mean real saber rattling situations.... Oh, I get it the Defenders are to be used for troop transport....
  9. Welcome to the wide world of amateur radio..... I'm one ! call sign VE9YA I operate in both VHF and HF frequencys I'm sure you will enjoy VHF for excellent ground wave communications either thru duplex repeaters or station to station by simplex mode. In North America (and I think pretty much worldwide) Ham radio is strictly regulated and to a great extent self policed so you tend not to get that CB trash talk but many CB'ers graduate in to Ham, amazing how they straighten up and fly right Hope you will operate in both modes and we may hear you someday...... Interesting fact regarding your call sign, you are the only person in the whole world with that call 73 for now VE9YA
  10. Can't blame you Mickey.... I'm willing to bet there is quite a cottage industry opportunity out there freeing up Super Market Utility Vehicles
  11. I forgot that you would have to register at Discoweb....The pictures are pretty straight forward on the dis-assembly,you don't really need them, once you are in there it all becomes evident..... If you need anything further PM me....Glad to share what i've learned about this pesky job
  12. Here is another usefull link to Discoweb on this subjectMy link
  13. Hi Steve; I think you pretty well answered your own question on this one....Your ECU may be able to be re programed with Test Book or such but left on its own it will not operate the vehicle properly if you make changes.
  14. You are wonderful..... :) There now are you happy?


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