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  1. I converted my 2a lightweight to twin speed with park using a series headlight switch, if any use? Didn’t require any cutting into loom either.
  2. I had a LR genuine parts exchange 300tdi about ten years ago which had the worst paint job imaginable from the factory, it appeared to have had a bucket of grey hammerite dumped on it from above covering everything, head, inlet, block, timing case and sump, before the application of Genuine Parts decals and dataplate. It was all peeling off the alloy parts when it arrived, ten years on it has almost all fallen off!
  3. Rear main bearing t seals failing and poorly sealed sump can cause second leak. I’ve had to replace two rotten 300tdi sumps now!
  4. I have had a Denso 100amp 300tdi alternator for 3 years, The pulley was perfectly in line with the other pulleys on the engine straight out of the box - most others I have had over the years usually require shimming of the alternator to get it perfectly in line to reduce belt wear.
  5. My 2a stick rattled incessantly despite new oring (didn’t last long) I ended up buying a pattern s3 gearstick for little over £10 as it was fitted with nylon bush on ball instead of oring. I bent the stick to s2a shape and cut the thread in the top to fit 2a knob - works perfectly with absolutely no rattle.
  6. I once returned a Britool torque wrench and breaker bar to them for warranty in mid 2000s. The torque wrench was replaced but the breaker bar couldn’t be replaced because it wasn’t made by that Britool but the other Britool!! Still love the last of the English made satin spanner’s from late 90’s. All that is left of them now in Cannock is a giant spanner sculpture where the factory once stood
  7. I put a 2.8 daihatsu in a series many years go with Milner conversion kit. Basic agricultural diesel. Started well, lots of low down torque. Parts were extortionate. Noisy. Went back to petrol in the end. Wouldn’t have one these days.
  8. I have both, a very late 56plate 90csw and 2.4 tdci 90 hardtop. The tdci is far superior. They are both factory standard and unmodified and both 100k on them. Bad points of the tdci are the input splines which I have replaced with the Ashcroft kit, rear drive members but the td5 suffers the same, and when the clutch slave cylinder failed I had to remove the gearbox to replace it.
  9. For the axles disco and Defender axle breather banjos have the same thread as series axle breathers so you can retrofit a pair of breathers from a scrap disco/defender.
  10. It had me fooled for a while, couldn’t work out for the life of me why no fuel to injectors with stop solenoid plunger removed, yet masses of fuel pressure built up in injector pump where the lift pump had been compressing the air trapped in the pump. Literally cracked the return banjo bolt mentioned earlier which bled out the trapped air and it started instantly. I now clean the filter gauze / banjo bolt in acetone as part of service item. You can check bolt hole is clear by blowing down it.
  11. I have had a 300tdi that refused to start - it had been standing for some years. The fuel would be pressurised by lift pump if you cracked the inlet union on the pump, but couldn’t get any fuel to the injectors despite removing the stop solenoid plunger. Eventually traced it to the banjo bolt on back of pump where injector return and return line to tank is connected to the pump. I cracked this and the engine started instantly - there is a tiny hole in the banjo bolt and a filter gauze which vents any air trapped in pump back to tank; the hole had become blocked and the pump had an airlock, so try removing the banjo bolt and turning it over briefly.
  12. Yes stalk is a direct replacement.
  13. They are 3/8 Bsf right up to the end of production
  14. New seal is £9. Www.headseal.com Ive had two different pumps leak in the past couple of months.
  15. The sump can take the weight but you need to prop it at the front with some lengths of wood to stop it falling forwards. This is most important. I didn’t bother once, as I was just shifting it around during a tidy up - it fell forwards and impacted on the crank pulley which believe it or not, bent the crank! Luckily I had three other spare engines but I hadn’t realised any damage had occurred until I refitted the engine and wondered why the fan belt was making a rather peculiar noise caused by the deflection on the crank pulley.
  16. What’s with the RPG slat armour on the front door?!
  17. I honestly think the 200tdi is old hat now, the 300 is a nicer engine once fitted and spares are plentiful - new AMC head £295.... 200tdi head anyone?
  18. One of mine did this some years ago after being left. If I remember correctly I flicked the throttle lever on the pump a large number of times and it eventually it freed off whatever was stuck in the pump. I am expecting to have to do it again shortly as I am putting a 300tdi I haven’t run for ten year in my hicap!
  19. It’s a series one. Defender servos have a forked end for the clevis pin to pedal.
  20. The hole for the sender is in the servo but normally blanked with a small Allen key grubscrew.
  21. 1- It is a bead of rubber mastic. 2- correct!
  22. The arrow marked on the blue ring of the cancelling unit is supposed to point at the indicator unit - most people don’t realise this.
  23. oneandtwo

    Rear Panels

    This td5 had a crumpled rear quarter needed a new cross member and rear quarter panel.
  24. oneandtwo

    Rear Panels

    I’ve fitted lots of those panels. I always drill out the spot welds holding the new reinforcing angle/pillar to the new panel. These pillars are always wrong and too long. This then leaves you with a plain panel which can be bonded onto the body tub. Don’t worry about the curve profile - the corner capping hides that completely. It’s best to do it on the vehicle if at all possible to keep it all square - I had one go out of square once when I did both off the vehicle. I use sikaflex to bond the panel and then use a few countersunk pop rivets to hold the panel edge to the side panel (these are hidden by corner capping, use the two tub mounting position bolts to hold the panel while bonding and clamps down the door seal position.
  25. Did you change the railco bush in the top of the swivel ball? If the railco bush is worn, no amount of shimming will remove play.
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