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    Fuse3 puzzle....

    Just found this on a Russian page. Shows Fuse3 for instruments..... Is our car am export model that didnt make it to the Docks? http://knigaproavto.ru/shemy/en/land-rover/discovery/55-land-rover-discovery-2-fuse-box-diagram-1998-2005.html
  2. paxmanmerv

    Fuse3 puzzle....

    Now this has really got me scratching my head. Other night, instrument & switch lights went out. No big deal, get home & change a fuse in the morning. Out with the book & Fuse 33 is instrument lights etc. Take it out & it ok....DAMN!... Change it anyway, just incase...no different. Dig a bit deeper & find fuse 3, normally left high beam, has popped. Still got left high beam working though.. Change fuse & instrument light up! Then pop...off they go. Look at the fuse legend on the drop down fuse board cover & fuse 3 has a picture of a book in yellow. Also, iys a 10A fuse.. Cant see instrument & switch lights needing all that current. Cant find any wiring diagrams that show anything else other than the left high beam coming off fuse 3. I can only guess that fuse 3 runs a couple of things. No ides what though. Am wondering if any of these other mystery items has a massive short that keeps popping fuses. Anyone out there come across this before? Or anyone have an alternative oddball wiring diagram i can have a look at? Its a 2002 (52 reg) TD5 ES.
  3. paxmanmerv

    TD5 cooling puzzle....

    Good afternoon all! No doubt this has been covered many times so i will appologise in advance for not finding it in earlier topics. OK, For years our TD5 Disco 2 has given sterling service, appart from the expected injector washers, injector harness etc. Now its developed a real odd thing. Starts as well as you would expect for a 170,000+ mile motor & pulls like a train. Recently been doing a daily trip of about 150 miles in comfort & safety. Keeping an eye on oil & water levels & we get through about 1/2 pint of water a month. Weepy pipes etc probably the cause so not to worried. BUT..... Last night on a trip out, the temp gauge dropped to cold on an uphill section. Pulled up pretty sharpish & lifted the lid. Water in the header tank on the high mark & pipes feeling hot as you would expect. Gave it an hour cooling of as we had a meal then poured in some water & cracked the bleeder. Few bubbles out but nothing major. Headed home with heater on full & all windows open, heater seemed to be reasonably hot but not excessive. This morning it still had plenty of water & started well. Turned it off & went through the TD5 bleeding proceedure, again not to many bubbles as in water came out in the first second. Took it for a run & temp gauge stayed in the blue but the heater was hot. Now the fun part. Got home, parked & turned off. Went back 1/2 hour later & turned the ign on whereupon, the temp gauge registered normal. Took the cap off the expansion tank & put an old fasioned capillary type temp gauge in & got 68deg C. Started up & in a couple of minutes the gauge was back in the blue but the old temp gauge was reading 7-0deg C...... Have got too many splinters under my fingernails from doing plenty of head scratching so any ideas, suggestions etc are more than welcome. Thanks in advance all!
  4. paxmanmerv

    Anyone fancy this?

    The Queen’s Land Rover up for sale by MoD, estimated to sell for up to £18,000 Despite being almost 35 years old, the car - dubbed The Queen’s Land Rover - has covered just 1,892 miles from new and appears to be in almost perfect condition. The vehicle, perfect for a Head of State, is being sold by the Ministry of Defence. The industrious off-roader is being auctioned on Saturday November 24 at the Historics at Brooklands near Weybridge, Surrey. It is being offered at the bargain estimate of between £15,000 and £18,000 but, because it is owned by the MoD, is subject to VAT if sold within the EU. A Land Rover used by Sir Winston Churchill recently sold for £129,000 - more than twice its initial estimate. And Frank King, from the Land Rover Series 3 Owners Club, believes £15,000 for the Queen’s old model would be a bargain. It is a very special model and I am sure it will attract a lot of interest. 'The fact is was used by the Queen makes it all the more interesting and a £15,000 estimate seems stupidly low. 'I think it will sell for a lot more with that provenance and hopefully it will go to a museum and someone will look after it.' The Series III was the most common Land Rover with 440,000 built at the company’s factory in Solihull between 1971 and 1985. Designed to be robust and easy to repair, it has been claimed that 70 per cent of all Land Rovers are still on the road - although very few will have a mileage as low as the Queen’s. Edward Bridger-Stille, director at Historics Auction, said: 'We are excited and honoured to be entrusted with the task of finding a new home for such a unique vehicle. 'We pride ourselves on bringing distinctive vehicles to auction, and despite prolific production of the Series III Land Rover, it’s highly unlikely one like this will ever come to auction again.'

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