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  1. My wife was driving her truck yesterday , after around seventy miles we stopped at some traffic lights ,she went to pull off but she could only get first gear ? the clutch is working fine , the gear stick is stuck in either neutral or first ? it will not move sideways at all ?
  2. this is why im asking for help it doesnt make sense . the only thing i can come up with is not enough pressure to operate both pistons ? is this possible .. im going to change the master cylinder again to see if that is the cause .
  3. like i said above the inner pads are worn ,the strange part is they are working ive tested them on a rolling road ? but only the inside . i dont be leave they are seized as when i hold the inner pistons in they move straight away when the pedal is pushed ?? as for the make they came from paddocks . could it have any thing to do with the master cylinder ?? a piston or seal losing or not producing enough pressure ??
  4. the pads are worn on the inside and untouched on the outside . i understand with the brake balance but its the fact that the outside pads do not touch the discs unless i hold the the inside pad in , which i cant understand surely that cant be right ?? give me a defender any day lol
  5. they do not touch the discs , to the point the discs are rusty on the outside but not inside ?? they only move a few mill unless you hold the inside ones in then the go all the way to the disc ?
  6. I have changed the rear calipers and master cylinder on my wifes discovery , but the outside pistons on both calipers are low on pressure the inside ones work fine but the out side ones barely move ?? but if you hold the inside ones in they work fine ? has anyone any idea how to solve this and also how do you refit the glass on the wing mirrors ive cracked two trying to get them on lol . .
  7. HI could anyone please tell me if i would have to change the props on a 110 if i was to put a discovery 200 tdi gear box into it ? i have put the engine in but it sits away from the rad so my thoughts are to put new engine mounts further forward and fit the disco box . Hopefully after fitting the 200tdi engine mount it stop the vibrations to lol
  8. she drives like a loon lol chears mate i will go down that route
  9. right then please help hahahaha i want to order today , what make standard shocks and where to purchase , i cant afford really expensive gas shocks are the likes of procomp , terrafima , monroe etc any good ?? im still leaning towards www.4x4autoparts-online.co.uk/standard-height-procomp-full-suspension-kit-p-3848.html?zenid=1fv2f0bvdh0lgn76pc26iitj76 any one used these ?? are they any good ?? or is there better for similar money ?? thanks again the reason behind all this is its my wifes truck and i dont want to hear about for the next year if i get it wrong lol
  10. cheers the only standard springs i can find are brit part , my past experience with britpart is not very good . are bearmach blues any good ?? what make shocks would you go for??
  11. hello to everyone i want to change the suspension on my wife's discovery could anyone please tell me their opinions on which kits are the best ?? are terrafirma any good ?? the truck is does goes of road but not much but does a bit of towing . cheers
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