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  1. Bogging down

    The original filter box was dented and had gaps. I'm using Ram Air oiled foam filters. They come with a 'dry' lube which I now cleaned and applied filtrex oil so let's see if that helps. Otherwise is there a decent filter that fits direct to the carb? I was using AEM paper filters on my Vogue with no issues...expensive tho
  2. Bogging down

    Thanks paintman, I did follow a similar timing procedure with no luck. It turns out that the carb pistons were dirty and stuck. We have dust like talcum powder here which would get inside the cabin of even the 04 Vogue I had and it's obviously getting past the air filters. So within the same week we lost both spark and fuel but all is good now, thanks everyone for your help!
  3. Bogging down

    Sparky soldered something in the dizzy and we got our spark back! Now we have another issue - car ran for 1km and then cut out. Won't start again. Have spark. Neither Sparky nor me know how to set timing properly, we set the static timing based on TDC at cylinder 1 then advanced it a little until car would start and idle smoothly. Could the new non starting issue be caused by timing?
  4. Bogging down

    We've traced the issue to the distributor - all parts work fine when installed in another car except the distributor. Resistance at the pins where the amplifier plugs in is 2.9, I read somewhere it should be 1.6? I can't find a new distributor anywhere, I tried a used one which was worse. Can I buy the britpart electronic conversion kit and put the bits in the current distributor? I already had the cap and figured I may as well change the leads as they were so old they had turned black. Original color was red.
  5. RRC Rear Springs

    I have ironman springs/ bilstein dampers which is a really nice combination
  6. Bogging down

    Changed HT leads, IAM and dizzy cap and now I have no spark from the coil. Tried a new coil and still no spark. I have 12V when measuring from both coil terminals, is this normal? Any ideas on getting spark back?
  7. Bogging down

    I have a brand new alternator for a 3.9 efi model, will it work with this engine? Current alternator has a multiplug with 3 wires
  8. Bogging down

    Still misfiring when the muffler is loose. The IAM multiplug snapped when I pulled it off so I'll change that and HT leads tomorrow. The ignition light has always been dimly on, only visible at night. Is this normal?
  9. Bogging down

    The hangars were broken and I drive 20km of corrugations every time I leave the house, but it was a bit rotten at the junction of pipe and box. Will disconnect the joint before the box and see if there's a change
  10. Bogging down

    He just welded the existing pipe back on to the muffler, no new parts. I'll try have a look to see if the hole got blocked but it seems unlikely
  11. Bogging down

    It was ok, but it was also ok on the drive home after fixing it. Regarding ignition, he was saying that two plugs on each bank weren't sparking very well. What other ignition checks can I do? Carbs not rebuilt afaik. Does the carb version have an ignition amplifier?
  12. Bogging down

    1978 3.5 zenith carb V8 Range Rover Opposite to the previous problem I had, the car is now bogging at low revs, better at higher revs but feels like it's misfiring. Backfires on overrun sometimes. Can't find a vacuum leak. Looked at plugs, two looked good and two were fouled. Same on each bank. Mechanic thinks either HT leads and also wants to check tappet clearance, though I'm not sure how that's related. The only work I've had done recently is to weld the exhaust on after it fell off the centre resonator. The car is behaving similar to a car with blocked cats, but I doubt they blocked the hole when welding...? Any tips?
  13. Hesitation after WOT

    It seems ok since I changed the fuel filter...although the oil pressure sensor started leaking today. My mechanic says 'see you next week' everytime I go there >.>
  14. Hesitation after WOT

    It does have Strombergs, not SU. Ignition seemed ok, was hoping it wasn't the pump as previous car (3.9) had in tank pump but this has an external pump so if that dies shouldn't be too much of a pain to fix. I don't know how to rebuild carbs, and I sure don't trust anyone here (east africa) to do it except maybe a couple of old rally drivers who used to race them.
  15. Hesitation after WOT

    Thanks for the replies. The breather is ok, and I changed the fuel filter today. Let's hope that helps. Thanks again, I will report back.