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  1. I understand it is a fairly simple task to install cruise control via the ECU so long as the ECU has an NNN prefix, however my 110 being of 1999 vintage has an MSB ECU, does the same apply or do I need a later ECU? Try as I might I can't find a definitive answer on the net. Will upgrade the ECU if that is needed, just got to wait for fleebay to offer one for a good price first. Regards Simon
  2. Anybody know if this is possible? The reason I ask is I have been reading as much as I can about it, and much of the comment is just plain missleading, ie someone claimed you would need to swap complete axles, obviously they have no clue of the difference between an ABS and a standard axle. Why do I want ABS? The simple answer is that a full locker does not appeal for technical reasons, it seems ABS and ashcroft ATB diffs is simply a far more elegant solution for pretty much all eccept maybe the winch challenge boys. Also after doing a little looking on fleabay defender ABS parts are pretty scarce and expensive, however disco 2 ABS parts are plentyful and cheap, so is there anyone with an informed opinion about fitting a defender TD5 with either disco or defender parts to make a fully working system?
  3. presuming it's a diesel I would make sure the tank is full to the brim, this was standard practice in the army, the reason is that diesel can support micribial growth, so emptying the tank could mean that when you eventually recomission the vehicle you coule end up with random blocked fuel filter trouble as the bacterial growth will eventually be removed by your fuel filter blocking it in the process, Brimming the tank excludes oxygen and so prevents bacterial growth.
  4. Whilst I loved my 300tdi 110, car like noise levels and the smoothness offered by a td5 simply puts the defender in another class. As far as I know the difference between a 10p and 15p engines are a different EGR setup, but as generally they get removed, this in no issue, also this coincided with the later flash programmable ECU which had the fuel map reworked to improve anti stall and jerky starts from standstill. The electronic side of the TD5 system does add a level of complexity, however it is actually a simple system to understand. As for a code reader, any reasonable independant parts supplier with workshop will most likely to check for faults on the ECU side FOC, given that they can then sell you a replacement part if you should need one, obviously best to call in when you would expect them to be quiet and have a word. I would not use anything but fully synthetic oil on any modern turbo diesel engine, this is because manufacturing tolerances are so much closer than they used to be, this goes hand in hand with the life expectancy of a moder turbo diesel being in the reigeon of 200 to 300k miles and you simply would not expect such a return without adaquate servicing including appropriate oil quality
  5. The rear winsow in a truck cab is basically fuzzy felt, i replaced mine not so long ago, you don't even need to remove anything to change them, just make sure you remove all traces of old felt before trying to incert the replacement. Driving around with rattling windows was doing my head in
  6. As dave suggested, pull the wire off the sender and with ignition on the guage should read cold, if guage reads warm suspect a short to earth on the sender wire, Next short the wire to earth, the guage should read hot with ignition on, if not either wire has corrosion or dodgy crimp connection or guage is poorly, If neither of these show abnormal opperation and you have confirmed that the guage earth is good, then it may be the voltage reg within the guage is shot, and the guage needs replacing. Hope this helps
  7. Just an idea, but as to the roof combined with your frugal nature Why not just build it as a king cab and either use the standard 90 roof as is or shorten it down to your desired length, obviously thats cheaper and way less work than lengthenind a 90 roof
  8. This may be a side step, but I had a brand new 90 and the standard ride was terrible, being used to 110's. I simply fitted 265 75 16 tyres and the extra rubber softened the suspension off to the extent that it instantly became pleasant to drive
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