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  1. My thoughts exactly. I can see you're a perfectionist but .....
  2. I couldn't agree more @Threesheds, I'm loving those rims
  3. Congratulations, I'm super envious Get ready for the wife to give you a hard time for not being able to wipe the "perma grin" off your face That's a beautiful part of the country you're in right there👍
  4. ThreeSheds Have search on here and see if you can come up with what you need. If nothing suitable is available here go to "www.disco3.co.uk" and join Do a search for “What to look for” or similar I’ve cut and pasted the first one that I came to, there are others. When I looked for my D3 I found several that I was able to put together to make something with even more detail. It included exactly how to test the various systems and the parameters that they should conform to. For example how many time the EAS will raise & lower before it slows up or pauses and how long it
  5. Hercu if you've got Robbie on the job you couldn't be in better hands Good luck
  6. I'm not familiar with the TD6 so forgive if this is a silly question but is there any chance that the Turbo hose is failing? I had a D1 300tdi and the inside of the turbo hose delaminated. Under heavy revs it closed up causing the same sort of symptoms Only found it by reving the engine from under the bonnet and fidling Just a thought, HTH
  7. I too had to smile when I looked up your lat & long, we really are at polar opposites. A different colour sand in your neck of the woods I believe. I bet that terrain keeps you on your toes. As you say, it has indeed been fun with a scattering of compulsory “half a crown and sixpence moments thrown” in. The down side is I'm going to have to relearn all the off road stuff when I get home 'cos like I said, "I don't do mud" Wheels wise, up to a certain model year you can change the rims out for smaller ones. As you know the definer for wheel size is the physical space the bra
  8. CD, I need to eat some humble pie. On first pass I misread your comment and made a mistake in my answer when I wrote "I think you'll find that's only the commercial variants" At the time I thought you meant they were missing the second row. As you correctly say some D3s don't have a third road. Sorry for any confusion
  9. BogMonster I have to say I haven’t driven the manual. My comments come from the perspective of moving from being a manual or nothing for off road person to driving an auto 110 and my D3. All I can say is that I’m a convert. Try making a gear change in sand with a manual, its doable but, well momentum is every thing Are you describing indecisiveness whilst off road? If so so that’s entirely possible, its generated by the selected programme and the surface conditions. Its cured by locking down the gearbox for the speed, revs and comfort that you’re happy with. If its happening on road tha
  10. Phoohey, I've just lost my post CD no problem at all, I take your comments as constructive and in no way offensive. I hope mine come across in the same manner And yes you are fully entitled to any opinion that you choose to hold. The point here is that you're offering a new comer to the vehicle what appears to be an experienced users advice that directly contradicts my every day experience as an owner driver. As such I feel its only fair to offer the OP what I consider to be the "real world" perspective, which is in direct opposition to a lot of what you've said. My experience
  11. No disrepect intended to this forum but have a look at http://disco3.co.uk join up and have a good read. All issues, fixes and mods are well documented. The diesel D3s got sorted and are awesome. following their advice you'll be able to make an informed decision and have the support to look after it with minimal tears "Yes - just recently I have been thinking that a D4 might be a better choice... (but still considering all options)" Definitely the way to go Ooooooh no., I promised my self I wouldn't do this again ..... "The D3 by comparison is a
  12. "I don’t see it as a marmite car at all" And yet we're at polar opposites in our opinions. Isn't that the definition of "marmite"? "None are D2’s. So I’m no manically defending a fanboy position." That made me smile. Any how why not, its your prerogative to do so and I respect that .... even if I don't agree with it :0) No, the problems I encountered were specifically D2 problems from personal experience From the D1 electronics list I did miss off the alarm system "A D2 uses the same V8 engine, same gearboxes, same transfer box and largely the same axles (just better)."
  13. Hercu, I hope when I said "Mind Change" it didn't come across as being rude in any way. If it did I apologise it wasn"t meant in that context I'm a 1959 model so I fully understand where you're coming from :0)
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