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  1. Thanks all! Bish, for a moment there, I let your engineering godliness cloud my judgement, but as your sig says, you're 'occasionally right'. I think you may have been thinking of area!
  2. Hello boys and girls! Long time no see! As some if you are aware, I have recently, and very loudly, returned to LR Ownership with a rather Orange RRS. I am looking at some point to replace the current road tyres on with All Terrains, probably General Grabbers. The current, and correct tyre size for this vehicle is 255/50 R19. When Land Rover first modified this RRS for the G4 Challenge, they fitted 255/55 R19 Good Year Mud Terrains because you couldn't get them in the smaller size. So do I fit the correct size 50 aspect tyres or the slightly larger (by 25mm or 3.39% on diameter) 55 aspect tyres, both of which I can get as ATRs? I know about the unreading speedo, mpg, and lower gearing, against improved ride height and possibly comfort, but is there anything else I need to worry about, such as ABS or traction control?
  3. SimonR + RocKeR (twin room - Now Booked!) And I will share nicely!
  4. Not much to break off this one either, and it's cheap, and lower power consumption than a card: http://www.memorybits.co.uk/shop/bluetooth...th-dongle-/8156
  5. Seems that one's been recovered from a Traveller's site. No specific details, but looky here.
  6. Just read this article about owning a Land Rover in the wake of the Tata sales. A fine description of what makes LR 'British'! Enjoy.
  7. Hmm.. You might wanna check the polling thing. It says 10 votes cast; 3 for option 1; 2 for 2; and 7 for 3.... I make that 12.
  8. Sorry BB mate, but that Rapid Share site is just plain nasty! I extract the DB myself thx.
  9. Rejo. How come you managed to bypass Paddock's on the customer service front? Surely they sold it to you, so shouldn't they be sorting it?
  10. Do to the unfortunate late pull-out of the Gurner, I now have a spare twin bed in a nice warm YH in November if any campers are interested, James? Not fussed about splitting the cost necessarily, and if no takers, then I get a nice quiet, warm room to myself. In fact I have a spare seat in the car for the laning as well if any late comers wish to join this gig?
  11. Very Kewl! Horsham4x4's Local Pub - The Malt Shovel. Had to get in there first!
  12. Gosh! Only 74 miles of green lanes left. Should be enough I suppose...
  13. Do we need individual car permits for this gig?
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