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  1. Where do all the bits go?

    Thank you both, that's exactly the sort of info I was after. Pretty sure I've used the parts manual from retroanaconda's site before (although clearly I forgot about it), but that online microcat type site is something new to me! Dave
  2. Where do all the bits go?

    So I'm about to embark on a long overdue reassembly of body parts on my 85 Ninety, and despite removing all the fixings etc. and bagging/labelling them all I'm a little bit unsure on how some bits go together (it has been about 5 years since I took it apart!). What is the most useful resource to help with this? I'm thinking something with exploded diagrams? Never left it long enough to forget how it goes together in the past, but two kids and three house moves have happened since I took it off the road for a 'quick' engine swap ? Thanks Dave
  3. Air suspension problem

    Bazza, You'll probably get a better answer on http://www.disco3.co.uk/forum/ but I did a similar thing last year on a Range Rover Sport which is pretty much the same. I managed to deform the shield into the pump which resulted in lots of vibrations when the pump was running. From memory the airlines looked quite exposed toward the back of the pump, so you may have been unlucky enough to squash or pierce the line. Dave
  4. Rusty galvanised bits?

    Thanks for all the replies... They came off a 1986 ninety that was being broken up so they've had their fair share of exposure to the elements! Think I'll go for the re-galvanising route - anyone know of a reputable place in the West Midlands? Dave
  5. Rusty galvanised bits?

    Pictures as requested. This is probably the worst bit out of all of them. Surprised I didn't have galv cappings already - is on a 1985 Ninety with original galvanised bumper and roof rails. Dave
  6. Rusty galvanised bits?

    Just unpacked my 'new to me' galvanised tub cappings and some sections appear to have a coating of surface rust. I must admit I've not really dabbled in galvanised stuff before, but I was under the impression that it was suppose to stop the steel corroding? If I take the surface rust off with wire wool etc. is it going to come back? I was planning on keeping it all bare, but now thinking I may have to paint them. They're still a whole lot better than the Swiss cheese ones I've taken off though... Dave
  7. FR Window regulator snapped

    I went through two cable kits before resorting to a full genuine assembly (at non genuine price from eBay). To be fair the kits seemed Ok at first, but didn't last longer than week or so each. In future I will just go for the replacement assembly - my time is worth more to me than the cost save. Dave
  8. Forward facing rear seats

    Yep that was the only issue I had with that kit, but spoke to Paul and he confirmed that they could do XS for an extra £300. I'd almost given up on getting XS seats for reasonable money, but had a lucky win on eBay. I'll probably have mine under seat covers for 6 months if the year, so was struggling to justify the extra cost. Dave
  9. Td5 silencer options for v8

    I'll be watching the replies on this one - I started off with the Td5 centre silencer on mine, but swapped it out for a straight replacement pretty quickly as it wasn't 'V8' enough. Having lived with it for a while now it's a bit too boomy for regular use and really does need something in between. Dave
  10. Forward facing rear seats

    Can't believe I'd forgotten about the defender2 threads on this - it was killer90's post that started me off with the tub mods! I too got the puma tub panels from Pete (measures2931 on eBay), but if I were to do it again I'd just get the full kit from Foley's: http://foleysv.com/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/WP_Product_Display/single_product.php?id=23 It's taken me ages to get all the bits together, and I'm pretty close to their kit cost now. Dave
  11. Can anyone help please

    Very easy to have it 180deg out (been there, done that!) double check the timing. Dave
  12. Forward facing rear seats

    Thanks Western, but I'm more concerned with being in the correct proximity to the seat belts which are fixed to the side window panels, hence the request for a measurement. Dave
  13. Forward facing rear seats

    I've finally managed to buy some genuine forward facing rear seats to fit into my Ninety to go with the tub modification panels I fitted last year, but I've just realised I have no idea where they actually go! Does anybody have any measurement data on where the holes for the brackets are located? Ideally a measurement of a factory fitted seat bracket location from a decent reference point would be enough to get going on, but if anybody has retrofitted themselves and happens to have all hole locations that would be great. Cheers, Dave
  14. Lost key with the fob for my freelander

    Give these guys a call http://www.remotekey.co.uk/ Helped me out a few years ago when our one and only fob broke leaving the car stuck on a petrol station forecourt. They can send you a self programmable replacement fob.
  15. TD5 speedo

    I'm pretty sure it is a VDO gauge from the VDO Vision range. I brought a temp gauge and it matches the original Td5 gauges perfectly (apart from the needle colour). Dave