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  1. wow megga old post i just replied to Ahh well, link updated https://secure.bellautoservices.co.uk/store/td5-vgt-hybrid-road-and-off-road-turbo/
  2. Hi crumbie9, Sorry I have not seen your email come or id have answered it. If the garage has for some reason wiped your remap of its no problem, Give me a call to arrange to bring it back in and ill re apply it. As said above phone is the easest to get me due to the ever growing emails i get and my spam box getting more sencitive by the day. Pete
  3. As a lot of you know i built the first 2.7L TDV6 defender as a challange car as a mini project 18 months or so agao, well im now nearly ready to start to build a new defender using the new TDV6 3.0L from the D4/RRS 2010. Im thinking possibily down the lines of a 110 or possibily a 130 and building a overland type car with duel fuel tanks, water tanks etc etc only because the challange car i built has got a limited aftersale market and untimatly this build will also eventually end up getting sold on. So ideal welcome Below is my donor TDV6 3.0L engine. Pete
  4. We have some in stock if you are interested before the VAT rise in January. Pete
  5. TD5 VNT Turbos are now in stock at IRB developements and with my self at Bell Auto Services, ready for shipping. Pete
  6. My self at Bell Auto Services and Ian at IRB Developements are now taking orders and payments for the next batch of VNT TD5 turbos due in stock next week, we have a limiter supply so if you intend to order please do so before stocks run out again. Pete
  7. Thanks , ill take a look Im trying to compare the rolling radius of a 225/55/19 To the simex 32/10.50/16 so i can make final drive calculations for my TDV6 defender conversion. Pete
  8. what is the rolling radius of the simex 32/10.50/16ET tyre is the 32" the hight? Ive never been over clever with tyre sizes and rolling radius's. Pete
  9. We hope to have them in stock very very soon, ill post as soon as. pete
  10. You should actualy fit it as near to the inlet manifold as possibile, just like the inlet/temp/pressure sensor is. I advise you drill and tap the inlet manifold in the thick part next to the egr housing. Pete
  11. Camping thursday is not a problem, we are setting off at dinner time tomorrow and will be there for about 3-4pm hopefully. The show is a good show, not a buisy as some but i still think a very good show. its also nice because the challange is on so its some rear action for the spectators. Pete
  12. Hi Has John told you he is now not going ?? Pete
  13. Yes with some welding to the cnetre pipe. Pete
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