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  1. garrycol

    Which LR's used the LT95

    Yes add the early 110s to your list - also Aussie Perentie 4x4 and 6x6. Basic system for CDL is the same on all - a vacuum arrangement with a vacuum switch. Control cables and gear levers are different (but work the same basic way) in all models.
  2. garrycol

    Best engine

    Half the engines were not fitted to the Defender - yes the previous Land Rover 110/90 etc but not the Defender. I guess the author is assuming the previous 110/90 was a Defender which it was not. The Isuzu engines were never fitted to Defender only the Landrover 110 (and Perentie Variations) and the Series 3 Stage 1 109.
  3. garrycol

    Freelander 1998 head gasket failure...help!

    Sorry but any over heated 1.8 will most likely have slipped liners as well as all the other issues mentioned above. Did you do the thermostat/cooling mod to stop the thermal shock that kills these engines - it most likely overheated due to the thermostat being closed and the engine getting hot and then letting a rush of cold coolant into the hot engine and causing thermal shock. I bet this was the reason you had the engine replaced originally. Unfortunately the replacement engines also failed a short time later as the engine themselves were Ok but not the cooling system. You have a good good run out of this second engine. Local used car yards used to take out the thermostat while the cars were on their used car lot in case they failed. No thermostat then no thermal shock - only worked in summer though. There was a mod that virtually eliminated the thermal shock problem with the 1.8. Garry
  4. garrycol

    101 winch PTO repair and overhaul manual.

    I am glad you have this sorted (well sort of). garry
  5. garrycol

    101 winch PTO repair and overhaul manual.

    To me I would have thought it would have been in the transfer case section but it is hidden at the back. You should download the PDF versions of the documents as they are helpful. Now I am not surprised you are having difficulty finding parts for this even at 101 suppliers are it is only the 101 that has this type of PTO - others are chain driven. I had my PTO out a few years back and it is all quite intuitive. I would just take the worn bearings to a industrial supply place and get them matched. Really the PTO sits there doing nothing for 99.99% of its life so when you put it back together, intuition on how it looks and feels (noting sizes of bits you have replaced) should be fine. My universal between the PTO and the winch is a little worn but given I have only used it 5 times in the last 10 years it is just not worth the hassle of changing it. As far as end float goes - in the absence of specs I would just ensure and slack is taken out when cold (but not tight) so that it might tighten just a little when warm. I assume the bearing that has collapsed is on the constant mesh side so it turning without load when the tfr case is turning - I am surprised it has collapsed as it is under no load 99.99% of the time and only under load when winching. I would be checking why it has failed - eg corrosion, something else has failed in the transfer case and it has had swarf in it. Anyway - good luck with it - the 101 is the best 😎 Garry
  6. garrycol

    101 winch PTO repair and overhaul manual.

    The Overhaul and repair manual does have the PTO information in it in the optional Equipment Section 90.20.05 The 101 was never sold as a commercial vehicle so its part numbers do not exist in the standard LR parts system. You need to contact 101/military parts suppliers such as 101 Parts https://www.101parts.co.uk/, the 101Club, Planchards etc. Garry
  7. garrycol

    1992 90 FFR - 24v generator/alternator

    I doubt that charger will be suitable for Lithium batteries.
  8. garrycol

    1992 90 FFR - 24v generator/alternator

    Lithium camping batteries need a particular charging regime so need a dc/dc charger that has a lithium setting on them - these are available but I have only seen them in a 12v - 12v configuration - you will need to see if any are available. Also, I assume you know that lithium batteries in about the 100Ah size are still hellish expensive so you really need to be sure that you need their smaller size and smaller weight.
  9. garrycol

    LR4 halogen main/high beam - anyone fixed it?

    Do you have bi-xenon lights? If so, the halogen lights are just fillers as the main high beam is in the Bi-Xenon projector. If you do not have bi-xenon then yes the Halogen is the hi beam - you can adjust the lights but it also adjusts the low beam at the same time. I put HIDs into my hi beams and worked great except that light up took a while so I went back to super bright Halogens which are good. I have not tried LEDs as I did not think they had the range for hi beams but if you can adjust the bulbs separately to the housings that may help. Garry
  10. garrycol

    Kinetic rope

    Do not get one that has a higher load rating than you need - when used at lower load rating than designed they so not stretch much and provide high shock loads.
  11. Thanks for that - very helpful
  12. Thanks already looked at them - hellishly expensive here where the 14CUX is cheap and can be locally upgraded.
  13. Thanks - I will get a hotwire idle stepper from a wrecker and check it out. The Thor PWM is self contained and remote from the intake and simply unbolts so there should be space for the idle stepper but will find out when I get one.
  14. You just use a spacer on the crank - you use a cam with the dizzy drive and the oil pump is in the timing cover being driven by the cam. All standard stuff.
  15. Is the 4CUX idle valve a autonomous part like the Thor PWM or is it built into the manifold?

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