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  1. garrycol

    LR4 halogen main/high beam - anyone fixed it?

    Do you have bi-xenon lights? If so, the halogen lights are just fillers as the main high beam is in the Bi-Xenon projector. If you do not have bi-xenon then yes the Halogen is the hi beam - you can adjust the lights but it also adjusts the low beam at the same time. I put HIDs into my hi beams and worked great except that light up took a while so I went back to super bright Halogens which are good. I have not tried LEDs as I did not think they had the range for hi beams but if you can adjust the bulbs separately to the housings that may help. Garry
  2. garrycol

    Kinetic rope

    Do not get one that has a higher load rating than you need - when used at lower load rating than designed they so not stretch much and provide high shock loads.
  3. Thanks for that - very helpful
  4. Thanks already looked at them - hellishly expensive here where the 14CUX is cheap and can be locally upgraded.
  5. Thanks - I will get a hotwire idle stepper from a wrecker and check it out. The Thor PWM is self contained and remote from the intake and simply unbolts so there should be space for the idle stepper but will find out when I get one.
  6. You just use a spacer on the crank - you use a cam with the dizzy drive and the oil pump is in the timing cover being driven by the cam. All standard stuff.
  7. Is the 4CUX idle valve a autonomous part like the Thor PWM or is it built into the manifold?
  8. Is too hard with no real support outside the UK/US - looking at other options. I would like to keep this discussion on the 4CUX running a idle air valve on a Thor manifold and not a discussion on the pros and cons of Megasquirt.
  9. Great - thanks for that information - confirms what I had in the back of my mind. Cheers Garry
  10. I am putting in a Thor 4.6 into my 101. ECUs are an issue so I am thinking of putting a distributor onto the front of the engine but would like to keep the Thor inlet system - the easiest ECU to use would be a 4CUIX as they are cheap and readily available and can be remapped to provide the extra fuel for the 4.6 over a 3.9. Now I am not all that familiar with the 4CUIX but one I believe sensor inputs are similar to the Thor Motronic system. One difference is the PWM valve on the Thor to provide air to the engine at idle - I believe the 4CUIX has some sort of stepper motor system to provide a similar function - so will the 4CUIX be able to control the Thor PWM or would I need to rig up a 4CUIX system on the Thor. Are there any other complications I may have missed? Also does the 4CUIX support knock sensors? Thanks Garry
  11. garrycol

    Anyone used a KV6 in a Landy?

    They are one of the worst engines around - atrocious reliability - as bad as the 1800 version. The KV6 was also used in the first Kia Carnival and they all went quickly to the big carpark in the sky as their engines cooked. I believe the Freelander L series diesel goes in a series pretty well. Garry
  12. garrycol

    Correct spark advance for RV8 3.5

    Yes - I guess I was just waiting for someone to tell me. I think I will just adjust the trigger wheel sensor and maybe the trigger wheel if necessary so that the timing reads 10BTDC via Edis rather than going through the whole process of finding TDC again. Cheers Garry
  13. garrycol

    Correct spark advance for RV8 3.5

    This is very important - I have a 4.6 which has no timing pointer or marks on the harmonic balancer - I set up a pointer and marks after determining TDC via measuring No1 piston position - I then had the engine running on Edis in default mode so supposedly 10 BTDC but when I put the timing light on it it was showing 15 BTDC - so I have doubt in my mind that the marks are correct - or does Edis actually deliver 10 BDTC - I dont know. I am going to try again to measure TDC in the engine and if necessary readjust the marks but the engine is now in the vehicle so will be hard to do because No 1 cylinder is up near body work. So with any MS system you need to have TDC measured correctly - with MS you still want about 3-10BTDC (I would go 10 on 95RON) at idle (800rpm) - adjust the trigger wheel pick up to get the idle timing you want, and then of course as you increase revs MS should then advance the timing (there are preferred timing vs revs graphs available on line) but generally you will advance up to somewhere around 30/35 BTDC depending on what you want. Of course MS should also change timing also based on load (MAP sensor) but that is hard to measure when setting up in the garage. I went with MS3 so can use my knock sensors to adjust timing if things get too advanced in some circumstances so in theory I can use MS3 to keep the engine as advanced as possible for any circumstance - I say in theory as I have not got my MS connected up yet and have been running on LPG with Edis in default mode and no electronic control of the gas. At 10 degrees (maybe 15) the engine starts fine and runs fine at all load conditions all at fixed timing - when I thought it would start to suffer with retarded ignition at higher revs - but didn't seem to happen. Garry
  14. garrycol

    Correct spark advance for RV8 3.5

    Static timing is 3 BDTC but it can handle up to 10 BDTC static timing if you are confident on fuel quality or use higher octane fuels.
  15. garrycol

    51 Plate 1.9 diesel fuel injector question

    I guess UK people will know what year a 51 plate is - I had to google it and came up with 2001/02 - now this is the transition period for the 2.0 L series Diesel (Di) to the 2.0 BMW TD4 (both were termed 2.0 not 1.9 but just a minor point). So both had ECUs with the L series just controlling the fueling of the fuel pump where the TD4 ECU controls everything. In either case I cannot answer you question but someone who can will need to know where it is an L series diesel or a TD4. Cheers Garry

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