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  1. Dave I have exactly the same arrangement as you - I am with Bowie most likely the actual thermostat has moved while you bolted the cover up - I normally put just a very small dob of sealant and I mean small top and bottom of the thermostat to hold the thermostat in position and bolt the rest up carefully.
  2. The mid 80s 110s in Australia had the 3.5 V8 or unlike elsewhere in the world, the Isuzu 3.9 4 cylinder diesel - to deal with the torque pulses of the diesel the solid case LT85 was used for both engines after the LT95 was replaced - the LT85 behind the diesel was still marginal and did not last long if misused.
  3. If it is an 86 County then it originally had a LT85 but while unlikely I guess it could have been changed to something like a LT77 but is not likely with the 3.9 Diesel which never had the LT77.
  4. Why not try Aussie LR Forums - AULRO is about the largest LR forum in the world and is right on your back step.
  5. Always look for the easy things first - 80% of the time it will be easy. So I am with the others - check exhaust manifold first. If still there, I would be thinking sticky lifters - first put in sticky lifter additive into the oil. If still there, rocker covers off and check clearances And then on and one - do the easy stuff first - starting with the exhaust because like the others it sounds like exhaust pop to me. Garry
  6. Have you tried contacting Zeus? and extremely painful process even if you get through to them - not the most customer focused organisation.
  7. Zeus also make the kit for the 101 - interestingly the 101 6.5" 101 rims fit straight over and the basic kit looks basically the same as the series kit. On the 101 kit the disk is bolted to its hub (cannot see on the series disks) and cracks developed at these bolt points. Zeus has these bolts very tight and with sudden cooling when hot radiating cracks develop out from the bolts. Simple solution is to undo them and retorque at a lower torque with lots of threadlocker. The other issue with these kits is that they are not ventilated and possible issues with replacement - we have kit
  8. Of course it is suitable - improves gearbox life and improves gear change.
  9. Caltex MTF 94 (the 94 is the year it was introduced) was made long ago and in most jurisdictions many oils are made that are its equal - Castrol Syntrans is a suitable replacement.
  10. Replace the fibre oil pump drive with a metal one when the box is out.
  11. It is a shame that you could not keep the original 3.0 V8 in the Stag. Though these engines were problematic from new but over time most issues have been resolved. Garry
  12. No, have you - and I mean ones that of a Thor 4.6 complete with knock sensors and O2 sensors feeding into the ECU. These items allow engines to run at a higher state of tune by keeping advance as high as possible and running as lean as possible - optimises power and torque for running conditions and provides best fuel consumption. I appreciate you have a love for MS and in particularly MS1 but there are other ways to do things. ENDAT
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