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  1. You say with is a 1999 vehicle with a 3.5 - would seem unlikely as the 3.5 stopped being made in the early 90s to be replaced with the 3.9. Are you sure it is not a 3.9? The main change would be a better oil pump driven by the camshaft (different profile to a 3.5) and may save ordering the incorrect cam shaft.
  2. I am 6' and a bit of a porker - when turning I can use my belly to hold the steering wheel in place - lol.
  3. Some more 101 ideas - noting that whatever base vehicle is used modifications will be required. I earlier posted this pic Well here are two Youtube vids on its build and modifications. Part 1 - the vehicle Part 2 - the vehicle and camper
  4. I have driven a 101 from Canberra to Melbourne and back in one day (24 hours) - total distance was 1400km(870m - just a bit further than London to Glasgow and back) - you will not normally cruise at 60mph. I was on gas so not expensive but would have been if on petrol. Was a comfortable drive and averaged about the same speed as your HGV (our Semis) I have driven the equivalent distance of London to Berlin in one day with no major issues so on the aspects of comfort etc do not discount the 101 as it is not as bad as most think - fuel consumption is high but does depend how you drive it
  5. Any sals diff ratios will go in - just need the matched crown and pinion - many go for the 4.2:1? ratio. The .9:1 hi range ratios are freely available and easily installed. Because the "new" diesel fitted to series 3 vehicles in the UK from the late 70s was garbage, Leyland Australia fitted the Isuzu 4BD 4.0 diesel to the Stage 1s and then the 110 as an option to the V8 until the Defender came on the scene here in the early 90s. Was initially fitted to the LT95 in the Stage 1 and 110, then from the mid 80s was fitted to the LT85. In the Perentie in both 4x4 and 6x6 it was fitted to th
  6. This 101 has had its chassis extended - 125" I think - has a Leyland 4.4 litre V8 out of a car. If the extension done where the load area is there is minimal body modifications required. Various engines work OK - the 4.6 RV8 is good so is the 4.o Isuzu turbo diesel and the 6 cylinder version. The red camper I posted up before had a Mazda 3.2 diesel - on road performance is about the same as a 3.5 RV8 but only uses about half the fuel.
  7. Yes we all have our views and they are all valid, it is up to the OP to select what he thinks is appropriate. By the way the 3.5 in the 101 (unlike the Stage 1) is not detuned, it is the same basic spec as the equivalent RRC of the time. I did not make any assumptions on your knowledge of the 101 - just expressing my own experiences having driven them over massive distances (compared to UK) a quite a number of times and using one as a camper. A Series (even a 3) is completely different to a 101 on the road. A 101 is far more quiet, the ride is far smoother and softer, and the cabin is
  8. You won't want the V8 so that goes in the bin - WHY works well and cheap top run on LPG. The gearbox/transfer probably goes with it - Why works well once you are familiar with it - high speed gears out out of a RRC works well It doesn't have PAS so you need to engineer a conversion - yes I agree but a RRC four bolt PAS box virtually bolts in. It has drums all round and the axles, hubs, drums and even wheels are unique to the 101 / FC so a ton of work / money to sort that out - The drums stop well but 4 disk brake kits are available. Why do you need to change wheels - all
  9. I have driven them over that distance in one go and in one day and they are far from a pain. If properly insulated they are quiet, the ride on the highway is fine.
  10. Some nice 101 campers. These are professionally fitted out and are all based on the GS. The Ambulance is too top heavy, too ungainly and too ugly. A radio body is too rare to modify. The red version is along the lines being suggested with an extended rear end.
  11. That last link has the arrangement. On the drivers side of the inlet crossover pipe - there are three ports one for the brakes, one for crankcase ventilation and a small vacuum port. The crankcase port connects to the top of the rocker cover and sucks the fumes out of the engine. In the pipe at the rocker cover end is this small restrictor - it slows the flow and catches the mist allowing the oil to drop back into the rocker cover. On the passenger side, a pipe goes from the rocker cover to the throttle body, and connects just before the butterfly on the airfilter side. Basically the
  12. Just go to an industrial supply shop and get a fitting to match what you currently have - just unscrew the ARB fitting (they do not have their own - is just a different style) and screw in the one to match your other fittings.
  13. Will the Thor pump (includes fuel gauge sender, and pressure regulator) fit in your TD5 tank? Also remember the V8 system does not have a fuel return from the fuel rail so this will have to be blocked off for the TD5 tank.
  14. Didn't the US spec Disco 2 4.6 have the R380 as an option?
  15. If you do change to studs (my recommendation also) just make sure you will still be able to remove the heads from the engine with the engine in the vehicle - in some circumstances the heads may not fit over the studs and clear the body. Garry
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