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  1. Doesn't look like a 101 canvas - looks too short, there should be straps all along the seem above the windows to allow the sides to be rolled up and the tie down ropes go on the inside of the top not the bottom. As far as the windows go, originally there were no side windows in the main sides of the canvas but there is a small window at the front on the passenger side to allow the driver to see over his shoulder when turning. While no windows in the side as original, they can be fitted. Here is a pic of my 101 with its original canvas - note the buckles along the top seam (the straps are on the inside), the lower tie downs on the inside of the canvas, not the outside like yours, also note the small window at the front (on a LHD vehicle the small window is on the opposite side). Also - you can see the sewing for your windows so it looks as it it is on your trailer inside out. Garry
  2. If the starter motor turns but no drive is getting to the flywheel then it may very well be the bendix - before failing completely they sometimes grip, sometimes not and then then engine will not turn over - but then cheap aftermarket starters are available on line for far less than the cost of buying a new bendix and getting it professionally fitted.
  3. There is a small clutch type mechanism in the starter that can slip - this sounds like what you have - it slips and next time it bites and the engine turns over. Mine failed a while back and I just replaced the part This is a pic of a 3.5 starter and the bit is RTC834. Later starter like yours also have this.
  4. As indicated - what engine, what gearbox what do the codes say - they will point to the issue.
  5. When the R380 first went into service in late 93/94 ATF was specified as no suitable MTF was available. Within a year MTF94 (94 being the year it was introduced) was specified as the replacement oil for the R380. ATF has good gear change qualities but less effective wear qualities. Use a modern equivalent to MTF 94, something like Castrol Syntrans. Garry
  6. I just had a look though the 101 parts manual, the vehicle handbook and the workshop manual and while they do give some general dimensions of the vehicle itself I could not find anything specific to the chassis along the lines you are seeking. I can only suggest contacting maybe the 101 Club or Able Engineering who may have something. Likewise you could put up what sections you are specifically looking for and 101 owners like myself could get out and do some measuring for you. Cheers Garry
  7. Yes they did but that would have been mainly because there is no space at the front with alternator, a/c compressor, power steering etc and they can be mounted centrally with spark lead length being the same for opposite cylinders. On my 4.6 I have mounted the coil pacs on top of what would have been the A/C mount at the front left of the engine - they work fine but it is a long distance to reach number 8 cylinder. garry
  8. Well its a D4 not a D2 - if you have an issue concerning the safety design of your car I suggest you take it up with LR - I have never heard of the emergency stop aspect of the EPB failing.
  9. What sort of catastrophic failure do you envisage - noting that each brake has essentially its own brake circuit. Head out onto a gravel road and get up to 60kph and pull on the EPB and see what happens - don't forget to hang on 🤣
  10. Google is your friend - try it sometime or get a reader that gives a description as well as the code. If you Google landrover fault code P140D you will get pages of hits. P140D should be the left hand side EGR.
  11. With these vehicles if you pull on the handbrake while the vehicle is moving - as on rollers or on the road braking effort is not provided by the handbrake shoes in the rear drums, the emergency brake on these vehicles operates the disk brakes on all four wheels. As I indicated above the handbrake shoes only hold the vehicle, not stop it. In theory the handbrake shoes should never wear out as they are not used on a turning brake drum, however they fill with dirt which does wear them. If there is a emergency handbrake issue when doing an MOT on a rolling road, or via a decelerometer test then the actual disk brakes need to be looked at. Garry
  12. Your VCU sounds quite normal - there has to be a substantial difference in speed between the front and rear wheels for the VCU to lock - when the VCU fails it locks - the opposite of what you have - maybe be a heavier approach on the throttle to spin the front wheels will get it to lock up quicker.
  13. Noting that the shoes in the rear drums on a D3/4 is not the emergency brake but simply designed to stop the car rolling away when stopped, even in the state you have shown they may have been good enough to hold the car when stopped in the past.
  14. Well in Aust we do not have an issue with electric brakes where they are normal for trailers/vans over 2 tonne which is the max weight for overrun brakes here. And yes in many of our jurisdictions there is an annual MOT for trailers over a certain weight though in some there is no requirement.
  15. garrycol

    Raise V8 CR

    Not for a Thor system it is not.
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