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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-somerset-46537911
  2. supaimpy

    110 lifting roof (has begun in earnest)

    liquid gases are classed as marine pollutants , try being a refrigeration engineer and getting van across to the I.O.W on the ferry , still one benefit usually got put on first , the idea being in the event of a fire they'd lower the ramp and push the van off! had to hide the oxy/ acet under the seat !
  3. supaimpy

    Kenlowe hotstart cable or equivalent

    here's what you want, see them fitted on emergency vehicles connected to landline chargers http://www.antares.co.uk/self-eject-ac-inlet.html
  4. supaimpy

    Chinese diesel Heater under seat on a 110.

    Hmmm not sure you've seen the new TP7.1 range of controllers then,🙁 In the UK probably 20000 heaters PA sold and most go to commercial users such as utilities or into minibuses,that market in general wants just an on off, occasionally they want frost stats or a timer, the major factor is simple to use, able to hit a button with a gloved hand , that's why the rheostat has survived so long. The major market is not after market its OEM where manufacturers will integrate controls into the OEM loom and controls However the research and testing needed to get approvals for genuine controllers means there has to be big demand, and its just not there. Pleasure/leisure users who want the refinements even the marine market is tiny by comparison.
  5. supaimpy

    Chinese diesel Heater under seat on a 110.

    yellow wire on/off . blue/white is diagnostic, the 801 can read fault codes if have the correct model, i've got a garage door type remote to run my heater , and it has a spare switch set as well. so remote door locking or even engine isolation could be used separate to any alarm for the rheostat , it uses fixed resistances to control the heater output yes you can buy remotes , even web apps all singing and dancing controllers, but just be careful some of the heaters are now only Can or Lin controlled.
  6. supaimpy

    Chinese diesel Heater under seat on a 110.

    The Chinese and the Russian Eberspacher and Webasto copies have been tested for output and materials, suffice to say they are not constructed from the same materials, the likes of Bosch have supplied parts to a quality not a price. The costs of testing and reliability to satisfy the likes of DAF, Scania, Volvo BMW even JLR , who actual purchase heaters and then assume full warranty on them because of the testing regimes that include EMC testing , TUV and where applicable CE testing of not just the heater but also the ancillaries such as fuel pick ups, the use of lead free solder goes someway to explain the cost differential , add in a 3 year warranty and a support network it doesn't come cheap. Eberspacher and Webasto prime markets for Heaters are OEM, the after market fitment is a very small part of the business, almost considered an added bonus off the back of OEM supply. There are plenty of 20 year EBERs and WEB Heaters still running , so overall lifetime costs are pretty low .
  7. supaimpy

    Fuel burning heater

    so whats the heater that's fitted? it'll be either Ebers or Web , one option is to add a timer to the heater , pre programme , great if you travel same time each day , or buy a cheap garage door type remote and use that to turn on the heater
  8. supaimpy

    Puma bulkhead on a td5

    converted to TDi, yes plenty to fill and redrill , I overlooked the top bracket and when it came time to fit wiper rack had to remodify the now galvanised bulkhead
  9. supaimpy

    Can’t reduce the idle speed on CAV pump.

    air leak on the manifold would be my suggestion if it were a petrol , does a diesel react in the same way ?
  10. supaimpy

    Snatch 2A, water in the windows

    The vehicles were built by NP Aerospace/Courtalds , I will look and see if I see have any contacts from when we did the AC system .
  11. supaimpy

    Snatch 2A, water in the windows

    its laminated/bonded and as far as I understand it they are not splitable
  12. supaimpy

    Running an Electric Cool Box in Camp

    we manage to keep euroengels running from batteries for 72 hours for the MOD with medical supplies , if running from battery keeping it closed as much as possible is vital, I will look at the battery size tomorrow
  13. supaimpy

    Historic MOT status

    The system is set for all 40 year old vehicles (non commercial) as MOT exempt , as you vehicle currently has an MOT it doesn't trigger the VHI question , if you were retaxing it after your MOT ran out you'd get the VHI question, so no need to re MOT it in July or do anything other than retax again next year and tick the box . They have made the system future proof knowing there will be upto 12 months where vehicles will legally not require an MOT but Tax renewal is not due. The form is only required at the PO because they act as an agent , whereas online you deal directly
  14. supaimpy

    ibex 300 build

    heater is probably to clear the front screen,
  15. supaimpy

    Clutch bled no gears

    any answer on this ?

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