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  1. supaimpy

    Snatch 2A, water in the windows

    The vehicles were built by NP Aerospace/Courtalds , I will look and see if I see have any contacts from when we did the AC system .
  2. supaimpy

    Snatch 2A, water in the windows

    its laminated/bonded and as far as I understand it they are not splitable
  3. supaimpy

    Running an Electric Cool Box in Camp

    we manage to keep euroengels running from batteries for 72 hours for the MOD with medical supplies , if running from battery keeping it closed as much as possible is vital, I will look at the battery size tomorrow
  4. supaimpy

    Historic MOT status

    The system is set for all 40 year old vehicles (non commercial) as MOT exempt , as you vehicle currently has an MOT it doesn't trigger the VHI question , if you were retaxing it after your MOT ran out you'd get the VHI question, so no need to re MOT it in July or do anything other than retax again next year and tick the box . They have made the system future proof knowing there will be upto 12 months where vehicles will legally not require an MOT but Tax renewal is not due. The form is only required at the PO because they act as an agent , whereas online you deal directly
  5. supaimpy

    ibex 300 build

    heater is probably to clear the front screen,
  6. supaimpy

    Clutch bled no gears

    any answer on this ?
  7. supaimpy

    Clutch bled no gears

    the piston is stuck forward on slave
  8. supaimpy

    Clutch bled no gears

    Does the piston actually retract? had this when I finished my chassis swap , the clutch bled perfectly but first application piston moved and stayed there , slacken the two bolts, if the cylinder moves back as you release them then you have your answer , clutch is stuck in disengeaged position.
  9. supaimpy

    Newbury/Sudbury sortout

    yep , looking for few bits to finish my 110 CSW rebuild and always on lookout for LWT parts for my other longterm project
  10. supaimpy


    heater resistor on the blower housng is defunct, full speed is a direct feed
  11. supaimpy

    Fred Dibnah's collection up for sale

    Think his daughter has his Landie
  12. supaimpy


    Worked for Eberspacher for nearly 20 years and don't think a week goes past when I dont see a complete horror story on installations where people have ignored the instructions, so if anyone wants any advice on Eberspacher heaters or if you have a Snatch with an Eberspacher AC system feel free to PM. Just to be clear and no dig at anyone on this thread always tricky to write and not come across or be interpretted wrongly
  13. supaimpy

    Major IVA change

    Biggest hit I can see is make a chassis mod or other mods that take you below 8pts so that you need an IVA , then even if your engine is the original , you are very unlikely to meet the emissions as a new vehicle, so bobtail = chassis mods =IVA , std engine from say 1983 and unlikely to pass new vehicle standards , Kit Cars- not sure there is a national body , NRSA - will cover Hot rodders concerns and I guess realistically they are the closest group to any LR 4 x 4 modifier, Classic Car's will be the domain of FBHVC .
  14. supaimpy


    Combustion air and exhaust only need there own diameter as clearance to operate, its the air intake and the air outlet on an air heater that is the concern to prevent overheating .Although robust both the main manufacturers have to build safety systems in to match the main market for these products which is OEM fits, the after market use such as boats and ambulances etc is a drop in the ocean compared to OEM fits, people often complain they are too complicated and fitted with lockouts etc, but thats whats needed in the world of OEM.
  15. supaimpy


    The reason is to stop overheat issues, same reason theres a maximum duct lenght both inlet and outlet, if too much resistance theres not enough airflow , so the heater shuts down in protection mode, we commonly get reports of equipment placed infront of vent and heater not working! Not all heaters can have a 90deg hood fitted for that very reason , rule of thumb is clearance has to be the duct diameter on the intake

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