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  1. just to be sure unplug the clutch wire on the compressor
  2. with a Q reg you wont get MOT exemption because they class it as substantially modified, unless you can get it classed as historic for RFL, the other issue is although its 40 yrs old if the Q plate was issued in the last 30 years its unlikely it will be MOT exempt , as the date of registration will be the date the 'modification ' so cast from service and given a Q in 1996 will mean although you can prove manufacture date , if it retains its Q you need to wait til 2026.
  3. My hydronic is plumbed into the engine for pre heat also the oem heater, but I've also added a matrix in the front but controlled with a solenoid water valve , turn on the matrix blower and the water valve opens and extra heat into the cabin, also means you dont need to have ignition on and screen blower running . Use the relay switch feed (from the diesel heater) to control dash blower and screen is demisted prior to getting in the truck. To get hot water for a shower etc really you need a calorfier to keep up with the demand and also the capacity to keep the heater working and modulating . Its all nothing new, been fitting systems that do similar into live aboard narrow boats and campers etc for nearly 40 years
  4. So road tax and Mot don't match then as the road tax changes with financial year in April, so could be Tax payable but MOT exempt, bizarre that they dont match, as it has to be a VHI to be mot exempt. As the road tax system changes with the financial year, from 1 April 2020 cars first registered before 1 January 1980 will be exempt from VED, while after 1 April 2021, cars registered prior to 1 January 1981 will be exempt. Owners need to apply for exemption before they can wave goodbye to paying road tax
  5. The Tax and MOT exemption I think starts 1st April not 1st Jan of that year, so make that 1/4/2022 then no reason for it to be any different from a vehicle that's taxed , where you continue to drive until it needs retaxing, you then simply tick the box when you apply if you do it online, or complete the form at PO counter to say its now in Historic Tax class and unmodified so Tax exempt.
  6. well the fan is balanced as well as the air gap being set and the magnets are not available seperately , you are really going to need a blower motor, as otherwise you'll struggle to get proper combustion even if by fluke you get the fan speed within tolerance.
  7. the rheostat has a vent function as well as heat settings make sure its switched to off and not just to vent, if you want it testing I'm sure I can arrange that , PM me when you have it out, I'll pick it up and run it on the bench at work , no charge unless it needs bits
  8. Dave , whereabouts in Bmth are you? , it should only run on for about 1 minute max, What controller are you using as some have a vent facility and then the blower motor runs alone, seems to be the most likely reason. I could put diagnostics on it to check the actual heater.
  9. not keen on that exhaust joint being inside the vehicle nor drawing combustion air internally either
  10. You will need the plate change and DVLA to agree its over 40 .Then you simply go to Post Office, apply for tax class change to VHI , you will pay tax at that point, but as soon as its confirmed as VHI you will get a refund. If it remains on a Q it will not be eligible for MOT exemption.is my understanding
  11. Just be careful some of the OEM heaters are built by the big manufacturers under license, and the ecu's have their own diagnostics, also be careful to ensure they are not just CAN or LIN signal controlled.The original supply contracts mean officially spares support is via the OEM not Eber or Web. If you can get a fabric number from any prospective Eberspacher purchase I can look it up and get a better idea of spares support and controllers.
  12. company called Motorclimate UK or Compressor Tech based in Warwick will do a rebuild, but really ac comp rebuilds are not a DIY job.
  13. Eberspacher , D4wsc with fan control , 35c and the controller will operate a relay , I have mine on my defender and have added a matrix in a box that will have my cubby box on top. You can operate with a simple on off switch , and add a remote very simply.
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-somerset-46537911
  15. liquid gases are classed as marine pollutants , try being a refrigeration engineer and getting van across to the I.O.W on the ferry , still one benefit usually got put on first , the idea being in the event of a fire they'd lower the ramp and push the van off! had to hide the oxy/ acet under the seat !
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