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  1. just use a 300tdi manifold insteadthen a std downpipe shortened will clear the engine mount
  2. https://www.eberspaecher.fr/fileadmin/data/corporatesite/pdf/en/ecat_0809_en.pdf so you can still fit an Eberspacher !
  3. Find an Eberspacher d4 or d5w and they are all s+ or LIN controlled uptil 2017 also available with built in water pump or remote
  4. rule of thumb is 0.1l per 1kw of heat per hour ,
  5. For the combustion air just use flexible plastic conduit , the exhaust from Eberspacher is expensive, but if you fit it correctly with no really tight bends its good stuff. Plenty of genuine dealers in the UK most of the larger ones are active on the internet , but not as cheap as Chinese prices
  6. June 2013 Manufacture will look next week to see its original fitment
  7. From the serial number I can see manufacture date and where originally installed if it's not a grey import so if you can read it just post it up
  8. wont run on veg oil , there are only a few of the newer units that will run on bio fuel as a mix, but D1LC at least 20 years old , if you want to run on anything other than Diesel then use kerosene/paraffin.
  9. Manuals for D2 d2 hg_252069050000_tech_en_14389.pdf 25_2484_95_21_44_4spr_1113.pdf
  10. Really simple , basic service is fuel filter in the pump and the gauze thats fitted next to the glow pin. Just make sure when you fit the replacement you line it up , you need to make sure you don't block the small hole. If you want to go further then you will need a set of gaskets , pull the unit apart and decoke it . Plenty of manuals available online or if you PM me I'll send you over the latest manuals and the part numbers you'll need .
  11. just to be sure unplug the clutch wire on the compressor
  12. with a Q reg you wont get MOT exemption because they class it as substantially modified, unless you can get it classed as historic for RFL, the other issue is although its 40 yrs old if the Q plate was issued in the last 30 years its unlikely it will be MOT exempt , as the date of registration will be the date the 'modification ' so cast from service and given a Q in 1996 will mean although you can prove manufacture date , if it retains its Q you need to wait til 2026.
  13. My hydronic is plumbed into the engine for pre heat also the oem heater, but I've also added a matrix in the front but controlled with a solenoid water valve , turn on the matrix blower and the water valve opens and extra heat into the cabin, also means you dont need to have ignition on and screen blower running . Use the relay switch feed (from the diesel heater) to control dash blower and screen is demisted prior to getting in the truck. To get hot water for a shower etc really you need a calorfier to keep up with the demand and also the capacity to keep the heater working and modulating . Its all nothing new, been fitting systems that do similar into live aboard narrow boats and campers etc for nearly 40 years
  14. So road tax and Mot don't match then as the road tax changes with financial year in April, so could be Tax payable but MOT exempt, bizarre that they dont match, as it has to be a VHI to be mot exempt. As the road tax system changes with the financial year, from 1 April 2020 cars first registered before 1 January 1980 will be exempt from VED, while after 1 April 2021, cars registered prior to 1 January 1981 will be exempt. Owners need to apply for exemption before they can wave goodbye to paying road tax
  15. The Tax and MOT exemption I think starts 1st April not 1st Jan of that year, so make that 1/4/2022 then no reason for it to be any different from a vehicle that's taxed , where you continue to drive until it needs retaxing, you then simply tick the box when you apply if you do it online, or complete the form at PO counter to say its now in Historic Tax class and unmodified so Tax exempt.
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