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  1. Defender Puma 110. Brakes

    Have you checked your tyre pressures? Are they equal on both sides? Also, are the tyres equally worn? One more thing to think about is the road you do your testing on. Does it have excessive camber on it? If so, the car will naturally drift to the left when braking. Jon
  2. Rev Counter - Back light too bright

    Or if you are feeling lazy (like me) I covered the gauge in some self-adhesive window tint, did the job for me on a turbo gauge that was too bright.
  3. Land Rover defender mysterious bracket!

    My 2007 TDCI had one as well and it was stowed in the battery box.
  4. electrical issues

    I would check the steering wheel area first for poor connections or loose wires, if you drop the upper and lower steering wheel shroud off then you will be able to see the mount for the switch stalks. Is it possible a wire has been pinched somewhere in there as the indicator, head light and wiper switch are different switches? I would have thought that a bad earth would cause the particular switch operation to not operate at all, not operate you wipers randomly. Sounds like something is shorting somewhere, the first place to look is the wiring around the switches.
  5. Major electrical issue

    Hello Nigel, I would also look for the earth as a possible source of your problem. I had a similar (ish) problem where several components were not working properly and some intermittently and I chased around the loom for ages looking for chaffed wires, shorts, water damage etc. Eventually, i bought myself a Sealey PP100 power probe which hooks up to the battery + & - and allows you to power up or check the earth of any 12v component on the car. I then went and powered some of the major components like my headlights, using the power probe on them which bypasses the car loom and found that all the lights etc were working fine and worked my way back the loom checking all the fuses, joints etc and using the Landrover wiring diagram, went to the pages that show the location of all the earth points in the car and found a loose body earth which was the source of my problems. I made a new one out and remounted it and cleaned off the corrosion on the mount and everything was fixed. Hope that helps a bit.