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  1. smokeyone

    300tdi to lt77 bolt pattern

    Good idea - also I have just solved the loading mystery - not sure why it is happening but I right clicked - refresh - and the page loads but it never happened before. Any takers on just seven studs holding the bellhousing to the 300tdi !
  2. smokeyone

    The new Defender is now pointless

    I am not anti electric vehicle but if there's millions of electric cars on the road - where is all this electricity coming from - I though we were at about 95% capacity now from the power stations .....
  3. smokeyone

    300tdi to lt77 bolt pattern

    Thanks but in which case I have the loading message and the endless thingy going round and round ....
  4. smokeyone

    300tdi to lt77 bolt pattern

    Thank you very much for the link - great write up - a pity the images are not available any longer and the subsequent pages do not seem to load but that could just be my computer - but many thanks anyway .....
  5. smokeyone

    300tdi to lt77 bolt pattern

    It may not be the correct forum to post but i am guessing various members have had the same query - I am trying to mate a Ashcroft short bellhousing to a 300tdi - the bellhousing is really designed for a 200tdi - I can get seven studs to match on the 300tdi backplate - between 9 o'clock & 4 o'clock plus probably a small stud at six o'clock - is this enough... Plan B would be to purchase a 200tdi/2.5na backplate, cut out the centre and bolt it to the 300tdi but then you loose the engine mount stiffening brackets which bolt to the standard 300tdi backplate. There is loads on the forum/web about these conversions but you can receive conflicting reports ...
  6. smokeyone

    300tdi engine mounts

    Thank you all for the advice - I'll look into the Steve Parker kit - so if the images have disappeared then that explains why after much searching/googling I could find no trace - I am sure there was a nice write up as well - I should have copied the articled when I found it ....
  7. smokeyone

    300tdi engine mounts

    Thank you very much for the links - they could have been the articles but I thought (could be wrong) that the mounts designed were a bolt on job - it even had a drawing with measurements but as I say I could be wrong - Happy New Year
  8. smokeyone

    300tdi engine mounts

    Hello Some time ago I found on the web (I thought it was this forum but maybe not) a write up on putting a 300tdi in a series complete with photographs and drawings of how to make the engine mounts - including a cut out missing the oil filter - really detailed information using 5mm steel - Does the article ring a bell with anybody and yes I have used the search function ... Many thanks
  9. smokeyone

    series 5 speed conversion

    Thanks for the information - I will now leave well enough alone and get on with the rebuild.
  10. smokeyone

    series 5 speed conversion

    Thanks very much for the confirmation - I was just a bit concerned that the whole weight of the transfer case/gearbox was supported by just the transfer case original mounts plus (maybe over cautious) the ashcroft adapter plate is only held by six bolts each side - it just seemed as though there would be less stress if the gearbox was supported - other posts/other forums infer about using a welded in defender crossmember for support instead - Cheers
  11. smokeyone

    series 5 speed conversion

    HelloI have mated a series transfer case to the r380 gearbox with an ashcroft kit and tdi engine.It's in the chassis using the original transfer case mounting brackets and new engine mountswith the r380 gearbox hanging inbetween.My thought is should I have welded a defender gearbox crossmember in instead to support the gearbox rather than use the transfer case mounts.Thanks
  12. smokeyone

    series 3 transfer case

    Hello I have been through the manuals and parts catalogues trying to find an exploded diagram of a series 3 transfer case. I have found the diagram of the outside parts but could not find anything of where the various gears, bearings etc go - it's been over a year since I took it all apart and would rather not leave out an important washer etc - Hope someone can help. Many thanks
  13. smokeyone

    rangerover 2.5 diesel engine problems

    Thanks for the offer of help - had to order a key so may have to wait a few days -
  14. smokeyone

    rangerover 2.5 diesel engine problems

    Thanks again for all the advice, crank seems undamaged, going out today to see if I can buy a new woodruff key but earlier in the thread mention was made that there are two keys ..............
  15. smokeyone

    rangerover 2.5 diesel engine problems

    Just a short update but have now got the pulley off - the holding nut I undid with my fingers, bad sign - just a tiny piece of woodruff key left, say 3mm by 3mm, wonder where the rest is -

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