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  1. Smothered with waxoyl, and using zinced/stainless fittings will mean it lasts at the very minimum 25 years...
  2. I'd reckon you could lose a child in that... Tricky one.
  3. The whole thing tbh, especially the added lightness and simplicity.
  4. Careful Ross, you'll be saying they've been making the Defender since 1949 at this rate...
  5. I saw this, then, @Soren Frimodtcame to mind, I really have no idea at all why... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154135489488
  6. ....and another, though I think he is getting a bit carried away, plus attempting to not get banned from test driving any other LR vehicle 😛
  7. Hmm, diesel? I thought, except for the Dutch lightweights (which these are obviously not as they have standard lighting), they were all petrol?
  8. If you do ship it in a container, you may want to think about fitting solid dampers, so it doesn't smack the side of the container when the going gets rocky (!)
  9. Have you tried powering the coil directly with a 12V feed? Sparking once only can be the 12V wire going dead in the crank position on the ignition switch. Either switch is dead, you have a diesel switch, or a wiring fault. One option at least
  10. There's no Facebook format, only mobile and desktop (and even that is arguable).
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