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  1. Bowie69

    MOT testing hammer

    Yep, approved testing tool only...
  2. Bowie69

    Dynamic timing

  3. Bowie69

    Dynamic timing

    As above, make sure the pointer is in the right place first,or you are shooting in the dark. Easiest way to do this is with a piston stop, it has been covered on here, do a search. Then, most V8s will tolerate 9 deg btdc on modern fuel.
  4. Bowie69

    AC compressor

    Which compressor?
  5. Bowie69

    Flip up screen stereo/cd

    Looks cracking Ralph, very nice indeed
  6. Bowie69

    Dynamic timing

    How are you running the engine? First steps would be to confirm the pointer is in the right place, they often aren't.
  7. Bowie69

    V Coils

    Very nice work
  8. Bowie69

    HP22 auto gear box loom

    RAVE is all over the place, e.g. http://www.myrangerover.co.uk/rave-workshop-manual/ http://www.d-lander.com/manuals/ https://discoii.wordpress.com/resources/ Just the first few links.
  9. Bowie69

    Advice required on selling a Series

    Immoral, in what way? It is a 2a, yes With 2A chassis, engine, gearbox, axles...?
  10. Bowie69

    1992 90 FFR - 24v generator/alternator

    If it is just low current stuff, a cheap 24-12V dropper will sort you out.
  11. Bowie69

    What to best cut side panels with?

    You don't need to get the corners spot in, anything that can help with a hole saw will be good, but.... If you don't have one, just cut it at 45 degrees across the corner, you will find there isn't much material to remove afterwards. I think you may be over thinking this, and underestimating your skill and achievable accuracy of an angle grinder held in two hands, with your thumb guiding the blade on the guard. watch some the Binky stuff to get an idea
  12. Bowie69

    Stainless Steel vs Catalytic Corrosion

    90% of steel bolts are already BZP, or Bright Zinc Plated, and most LR original stuff is either that or a thinner yellow passivated zinc coating on things like stead belt bolts.
  13. Bowie69

    Flip up screen stereo/cd

    Making a tablet play through speakers is just a case of fitting a small (2x25W in a SWB defender) car audio amp behind the dashboard somewhere and plugging it into the headphone jack port on the tablet.
  14. Bowie69

    What to best cut side panels with?

    I'd go in with a 4.5" grinder and slitting disc, roughing out the rounded corners, and finish with a file/finger sander/flap disc. You have much more control with a grinder than you'd think. BOM suggested rubbing a bar of soap on a grinding disc to help lubricate when cutting ali, I've not tried it yet, but does sound like a good thing to do.

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