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  1. It's not that important, just setting it to 30 and I am sure it will be fine.
  2. Controller with is set to 0 at the moment, so not doing anything. The help icons do give you some guidance, I forget exactly what the steps are.
  3. To be honest, I wouldn't mess up a nice 109, especially a sentimental one, for the sake of what will likely be a difficult project with a terrible outcome. Restore the 109, and use it as a second car
  4. Probably the right thing to do, it could be a no-cost job, and you would know the seats and guides are OK.
  5. But we have a huge car industry over here, exporting all over the world. If it was impossible to make it for a low enough figure, then all the other car plants would have shipped out. As it happens, even after Brexit, they are staying.
  6. And then there is .... https://www.motorbiscuit.com/worlds-most-badass-rv-the-mercedes-benz-zetros-2733-a-6x6/ Bit big maybe?
  7. Right-click are pretty reasonable stuff, used them on a few cars and still working.
  8. Used one of these for years, works OK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Clarke-CHT462-Valve-Spring-Compressor/dp/B004W62AJ2?ref_=Oct_s9_apbd_omg_hd_bw_b5bbSQx&pf_rd_r=PGCZ15FG2BCP158F16R0&pf_rd_p=d94f35ca-6cf8-519c-8016-21b42de74a08&pf_rd_s=merchandised-search-10&pf_rd_t=BROWSE&pf_rd_i=5136316031 Sometimes the spring's length means you have to wind it in a little after clamping, but mostly fine.
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