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  1. That's a neat setup Mark. Do you need a home for the old shielded distributer and leads?
  2. Petulant is good Dino. Everyone needs a focus and it's all a bit civil here. Am glad to hear that the wheels turned at least!
  3. Well MickinSYorks was watching his white trainers for the entire circuit of the course and I think we just headed up a hill thus obscuring the rest of you. Never known anyone so precious over their white trainers!! LOL
  4. These people weren't there either!
  5. Come on Dino. I know, it's so long since you last used it, you can't remember where you parked it! Anyway, here's my daily runner...
  6. I'm watching Will. It's slightly more entertaining watching LRE fall apart though. It'll only be only be shakey for a while and will be back again soon. It's a brilliant resource and I've had the technical archive on file in its entirety since it's inception and regulary update it. I've said it a thousand times before, Mags can't run uncensored forums. If they do, the Admins and Mods won't remain friends with the users. Good luck here tho folks.
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