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  1. slihp

    Cab overhal

    good idea, i will be doing both seatbox end repair panels at the same time so that should give me enough (painted) ally to run a patch top to bottom.
  2. slihp

    Cab overhal

    So have started my investigation on how bad corrosion is in the cab. Both seat box sides need replaced and a tiny bit of the drivers foot well. But found this behind the bracket that's on top of the seat belt roller. I'm thinking just cut it out and rivet a patch on then seal again.
  3. So have a nice new cross member fitted, its looking great but only has the standard black finish. The insides have been waxoiled as per but what should I do with all the outward facing sections regarding rust prevention? should these also get a coat of waxoil?
  4. HI some scumbag has scratched my truck so going to fix it myself. I know they are aluminium body so do i have to use a special primer before putting down the base coat (same for the plastic spats)? bear in mind it is already painted etc so not going onto bare alu...
  5. Ah right so you still support the axle from underneath, thats what was confusing me.
  6. "Place bottle jack between axle/trailing arm and chassis to force the axle droop on one side" So you are using the bottle jack to push the axle away from the chasi? If you have the axle on a jack and you lower the jack wont garvity do this on its own?
  7. can i do this one side at a time?
  8. I got new springs and shocks fitted but my mechanic forgot to take out the cones and clean as i asked. Whats the best way to get the springs down far enough so i can take out the cones to clean? Thanks and HNY
  9. front passenger shock with a couple of shot glasses of oil on the ground. They are done but wondering how urgent to replace? Had a drive and seems to feel fine. I have a 2" lift will these be a straight swap and should i get anything else? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/232724401745?ssPageName=STRK:MESINDXX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1436.l2649 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TERRAFIRMA-FRONT-REAR-SHOCK-ABSORBER-SET-2-FOR-LAND-ROVER-DEFENDER-TF117-TF116/263044185620?epid=0&hash=item3d3ea7be14:g:170AAOSwFqNZRpmC
  10. Dose the fan separate into components. I did notice you can buy a roller bearing for them but they are still pricy so might be better getting new.
  11. yes the play is all in the fan nothing else
  12. Noticed a knocking coming from the front. There is play in the fan and its hitting the cowling on top. The fan is on tight but there is some movement when its still so assuming its the bearings in the fan. Is this a new fan job or can you get new bearings?
  13. slihp

    Diff slap

    Fingers crossed a quick inspection should reveal.
  14. slihp

    Diff slap

    Am I right in thinking it can be either play in the diff as you say or play at either end of the halfshafts which would be an easier fix?
  15. slihp

    Diff slap

    Seems my front diff is exhibiting a bit of this now. First I've heard of diff slap so wanting to know more. What's the implications, fix and cost or any info on it would be welcome.
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