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  1. Maybe nobody here has tried this way yet, and we are all waiting for your feed back about the success of said process 😉
  2. Sabre

    300 TDi engine number position

    Got it, thanks ds
  3. I have heard from a few people that the engine number on a 300 TDi is rather difficult to locate. With my engine stripped, cleaned and re-sprayed, I thought that this is now a good opportunity to see the number The only number I can find (cast into the block) is on the FIP side, near the rear, and about half-way between sump and head. And that number bears no resemblance to the engine number indicated in the car's documentation. So, where does one find the engine number on a 300TDi ?
  4. Sabre

    Britpart - The good and the bad

    The pump that I have is the STC3407G (PR2). I will fit that Thanks for the advice
  5. Sabre


    Thanks John, will do so
  6. Sabre

    Britpart - The good and the bad

    Advise please. I am busy overhauling the engine of my 300TDi Disco. After a strip down, and seeing the oil pump rotor destroyed, I bought an All Makes pump. It was only when I cleaned up the timing belt rear cover that I noticed fine cracks in the oil pump cavity. I then bought a new cover/housing The new Britpart cover comes complete with an oil pump installed. I did not know that the oil pump was standard with the cover The Britpart pump rotor looks different from the All Makes' pump rotor, so it is not from the same factory (assumption) Does anyone have experience of the Britpart oil pump, or should I rather install the All Makes pump, The reason why I'm hesitant, is the the BP pump might be better suited to the BP cover
  7. Sabre


    John, I bought two 2nd hand ones at the recent George Old Car show. Who is the distributor in SA ?
  8. Sabre


    Toby, I bought 2 Britool wrenches 2nd hand (different models), and want to know all the do's and dont's of the 2. Also if any maintenance is required, and who the representative in South Africa is Thanks
  9. Sabre


    Yes Toby, tried as much as I wanted, I could not find a direct contact for them. All suppliers' names popped up
  10. Sabre


    Fortunately, that's what I did, bought 2 old Britool torque wrenches
  11. Sabre


    Hi, I need the contact information for the Britool company. A Google search brings up a lot of Britool suppliers & experts, but not the real company Anyone that can assist ? Thanks
  12. Sabre

    300 TDI Timing Troubles

    You need to align a mark on the camshaft pulley with a pointer on the cam belt rear casing. Note the line on the cam pulley needs to be adjacent, and in line with the pointer. (Check it with a mirror if you still have the radiator and grill in place). The slot in the flywheel should then be positioned above the wading plug hole.
  13. Sabre

    300TDi overhaul

    Valuable info, 1&2, thank you. You lesson was not in vain, it will help me not to suffer the same fate 😥 Much appreciated
  14. Sabre

    300TDi overhaul

    With the engine on an engine stand, how does one fit the the rear oil seal, flywheel, clutch etc. ? I presume you need to put the engine on a workbench/floor ? Can the sump take the weight of the engine, without buckling ?
  15. Both my, and my son's, 300 TDi Discoveries take the normal 6203 bearings. It sounds like yours might have been modified for some reason

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