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  1. Wow, that is very sad news 😒 He has contributed a wealth of information on these pages.
  2. I forgot about this threadπŸ˜ͺ A year after this was discussed here, I lost the oil pump on my Disco 300 Tdi. Worn away the location tabs on the rotor, and chowed the crankshaft. I have rebuilt the engine but has not started it yet (Yip happened two years ago, and many stoppages has delayed my rebuilt) I still think the 300 Tdi oil pump is not a clever design Incidently, I haven't seen posts from Boydie for quite some time now, anyone knows what happened to him ?
  3. Thanks John. I don't think I will need MTF again in my lifetime; with the Covid lockdown, and very limited access to neighbouring countries, my Disco travels very little.
  4. Seems like a global problem ? Same issue in South Africa. I have had my D1 now for 20 years, and every time that I need MTF, it is a battle. Strangest case was a garage/workshop that had a 210 liter container of MTF. Sealed. The arrangement with the Texaco company (Caltex in SA) was that the business does not pay for the oil untill the seal is broken. And the owner, understandably, was not prepared to break the seal for 3 liters of oil. I needed MTF recently, and it took me half a day phoning around, then waited a week for delivery
  5. Thanks for the feed back, appreciated
  6. Should I apply a thin smear of high melting point grease on the splines of the spigot shaft before installing the engine ? I have been advised not to, but I cannot imagine those splines taking the drive from the clutch plate bone dry
  7. If it's a Tdi, the metal pipes can chaff through in the brackets that hold the pipes in place. I fitted two pieces of rubber pipe around the metal pipes (1 inch each) and then fastened the pipes to the bracket with a few zip-ties
  8. If they're not in your way, keep them. Someone, somewhere will need, and appreciate, them when the need arises
  9. Western, I inspected each bolt with a magnifying glass, just now, and they still look brand new. I have no doubt that they can be re-used. But, thanks for the offer πŸ‘
  10. Rollers are perfect, no marks, pit marks, nothing. I did buy new brass slides though.
  11. Thanks Snagger. As I said, they are available over here, but only in kit form. Our monetary unit currently exchanges at 22 : 1BP. And I would then need 8 kits πŸ˜ͺ
  12. I see that both the LR workshop manual and Haynes manual advises that the Cam follower guide bolts need to be renewed. I cannot see the reason for this. The bolts get torqued to 17Nm only Any advice from members of this forum as to the risk of using the old bolts ? I can't buy them loose; they only come with a cam follower kit. Thanks in advance
  13. That's my thought as well. I took the pump off when the engine was at TDC, when I now installed it again, I turned the engine to TDC, and the slot in the FIP aligned. So I installed the timing belt in that position.
  14. Unfortunately the pump was out, pulley removed I had a look at the videos, and apparently it is only the 200Tdi that has a shaft locking bolt, not the 300Tdi Anyway, I have installed the pump, lined up the hole, and have fitted the timing belt. Should see in about 2 weeks if I'm let off the hook (pulley 😳) Thanks guys
  15. Thank you, will check πŸ‘
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