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  1. Thanks for the feed back, appreciated
  2. Should I apply a thin smear of high melting point grease on the splines of the spigot shaft before installing the engine ? I have been advised not to, but I cannot imagine those splines taking the drive from the clutch plate bone dry
  3. If it's a Tdi, the metal pipes can chaff through in the brackets that hold the pipes in place. I fitted two pieces of rubber pipe around the metal pipes (1 inch each) and then fastened the pipes to the bracket with a few zip-ties
  4. If they're not in your way, keep them. Someone, somewhere will need, and appreciate, them when the need arises
  5. Western, I inspected each bolt with a magnifying glass, just now, and they still look brand new. I have no doubt that they can be re-used. But, thanks for the offer 👍
  6. Rollers are perfect, no marks, pit marks, nothing. I did buy new brass slides though.
  7. Thanks Snagger. As I said, they are available over here, but only in kit form. Our monetary unit currently exchanges at 22 : 1BP. And I would then need 8 kits 😪
  8. I see that both the LR workshop manual and Haynes manual advises that the Cam follower guide bolts need to be renewed. I cannot see the reason for this. The bolts get torqued to 17Nm only Any advice from members of this forum as to the risk of using the old bolts ? I can't buy them loose; they only come with a cam follower kit. Thanks in advance
  9. That's my thought as well. I took the pump off when the engine was at TDC, when I now installed it again, I turned the engine to TDC, and the slot in the FIP aligned. So I installed the timing belt in that position.
  10. Unfortunately the pump was out, pulley removed I had a look at the videos, and apparently it is only the 200Tdi that has a shaft locking bolt, not the 300Tdi Anyway, I have installed the pump, lined up the hole, and have fitted the timing belt. Should see in about 2 weeks if I'm let off the hook (pulley 😳) Thanks guys
  11. Thank you, will check 👍
  12. I have made a bracket that sits on top of the block, and fastens with 4 head bolts. the underside of the bracket has rubber strips I will look at covering the rest of the block to be safe, thanks for the heads-up
  13. Thanks will look, appreciated
  14. Thanks Dave, good tip ! I think I will install the engine first, then the head. The rear lifting bracket is fitted to the one head bolt
  15. Thank you, appreciated
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