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  1. Not sure if I should thank you for this; it looks like a site where I can spend more money than planned....... 😁 Thanks, I did not know about them. 👍
  2. On the same topic, is it possible to overhaul these pumps ?
  3. I have lost the dowel pin on the camshaft. It is an 8mm pin. Can I use the unthreaded part of an 8mm bolt, or maybe the top part of a HSS drill ?
  4. Thanks Daan. We installed a new booster with a new O-ring
  5. Nope, I checked it, and the pedal does not go down upon start-up
  6. The pedal feels quite normal; goes down a bit then solid. You then have to press it really hard to bring the vehicle to a standstill
  7. My son recently returned from a trip with his TDi D1, and had virtually no brakes when he arrived home. First thing we did was to bleed the brakes, but it made no difference. We then replaced the brake booster with a brand new one, bled the brakes, no improvement Because the vacuum pump was leaking oil again (after we fixed it a few years ago), we installed a brand new vacuum pump. Still no brakes. we bled the system again, and a few air bubbled did come out, but there was no improvement. We are now in a dead end Advice needed (and appreciated 👍)
  8. A spare pump is small enough to carry as a spare. I am not sure what the prices of LR spares are in your country, but in South Africa spares are rather expensive, so one cannot carry as many spares as one would like, but I do carry a power steering spare pump with (well, it is an old pump that I swopped for a new pump, as a matter of recourse) What I would recommend, is that you look at the routing of the pipes, and make sure that they do not chaff against anything. On my D1 I had a hole in a pipe where the pipe rested in a bracket. When I fitted new pipes, I put two small split rubber hoses on the pipes so that the metal portions could not chaff through on the bracket. I did not put the complete metal portion in a split rubber pipe, as I suspect that the pipe offers some cooling to the power station fluid
  9. You will still need a sturdy pipe (about 1 meter long) to slide over the handle when you turn the bolt 90 degrees after the initial 80Nm. On the same subject, do you use a half-inch drive when tightening the final 90 degrees ?
  10. Thanks, will check these possibilities
  11. The tensioner bearing was renewed just before his recent trip
  12. My son has a 300TDi Discovery. About 3 months ago he lost the power steering ability on his car intermittently. We started off by bleeding the system as per the Haynes manual but there was no improvement.We then fitted a new power steering pump, and as the steering box was leaking, we also exchanged that for a reconditioned box. The power steering then worked for about two months, but has now stopped functioning again. And as per the previous occasion, when we now bled the system again, the fluid coming from the bleed nipple flows very slowly Any advice ?
  13. Maybe nobody here has tried this way yet, and we are all waiting for your feed back about the success of said process 😉
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