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  1. Sabre

    300 Tdi air filtration

    I agree. My father had a Peugeot 404 pick-up that had an oil bath air cleaner. That vehicle traveled dirt roads daily, and the engine lasted a very long time A Donaldson type filter cleans very effectively, but there is no space for one in the engine compartment. And no, I do not want to fit one outside the engine bay, on the fender, as some big trucks have them
  2. Sabre

    300 Tdi air filtration

    Thanks BM, yes the Disco sucks in the air inside the wing. Fortunately I have never had an issue with a wet filter. (But I have seen one on a Jeep Wrangler) I have traveled quite a few km's in Botswana and Namibia, virtually all of them dirt (unsurfaced) roads. Maybe I'll go the snorkel route.
  3. Sabre

    300 Tdi air filtration

    Both my son and I have 300 Tdi Discoveries. When the rocker shaft on his engine broke, we had the engine overhauled. At 310 000 km the cylinders still had honing marks in. The cylinders were given a light hone each, and standard pistons fitted My Disco has done 392 000 km. As mentioned in another thread the cylinders do not bore clean on 20 oversize. My vehicle has traveled way more dust dust roads than my son's. I would put the high wear rates in my cylinders down to the possibility of dust ingress Any suggestions on how I can improve air filtration ? There is no space for a Donaldson, and I am not sure about the effectiveness of a snorkel either. Ideas/suggestions appreciated
  4. Sabre

    300TDi overhaul

    So, the wear in the cylinders are rather bad, not boring clean at 20 thou. I do not want to go to 40 thou, so I am opting for a re-sleeve, and going back to standard size pistons The new sleeves I got are Britpart. My parts supplier assures me that Britpart and Bearmach sleeves are the same. Can anyone confirm ? Should I trust Britpart sleeves ?
  5. Sabre

    R380 oil

    Shortly after I bought my Disco 300 TDi, I had a discussion with a LR mechanic about maintenance issues. He then mentioned that I should only use MTF, as it is better than ATF, which was the previous oil spec for the R380. He proceeded to take out two plastic bags from a drawer and unpacked the contents. Both lots were R380 gearbox bits, both did about the same mileage. The ones from the ATF box had, visibly, more wear on them than the ones from the MTF box. I have been using MTF ever since I bought my Disco with 120 000km on the speedo, and now, at 392 000km, it shifts as smoothly as ever The problem that I have is that MTF is not that easy to obtain in South Africa as it is in Europe.
  6. Sabre

    300TDi overhaul

    So far the crank looks surprisingly good. I have not measured any journals, but a quick look showed no visible damage, in fact they look pretty new But the micrometer will do the talking this coming week-end
  7. Sabre

    300TDi overhaul

    I did not have a spare hammer handle, but found a suitable piece of Meranti wood. A fine specimen indeed, but 'twas all I could find. The dimensions of the wood was such that it managed to fit between the con-rod and the piston skirt, and right up against the gudgeon pin . As Charles Bronson exclaimed in "Villa Rides" after he shot 7 convicts with one bullet : "It works !"
  8. Sabre

    300TDi overhaul

    Nope, I tried before I posted the question. The castings where the main bearings are situated are too wide to allow the pistons to pass through
  9. Sabre

    300TDi overhaul

    Thanks B69. I take it that I need to hit against gudgeon pin then ?
  10. Sabre

    300TDi overhaul

    Next question : The cylinders show their age, and have distinct ridges. How do I now remove the pistons, the top compression ring seems to get stuck at the ridge ?
  11. Sabre

    300TDi overhaul

    Thanks Red, good info ! By how much can one drop the engine with the aircon and diesel pipes still connected ?
  12. Sabre

    300TDi overhaul

    If I ever meet the designer of the 300 TDi, I would like to ask him how on earth do you remove the top bellhousing bolt in a Discovery 1? Seeing that I will probably never get the opportunity, are there any special tools/tips from the informed on this format ? I got it out, but will suffer for days to come from back ache; what a schlep !
  13. Sabre

    300TDi overhaul

    Those items were probably designed by a committee.......
  14. Sabre

    Discovery 300Tdi misfire and smoke

    The little round disc is probably a valve cap Picture taken from Les Henson's thread on the removal of a 200TDi cylinder head
  15. I think you knew the answer when you posted the question Simple really, you draw the line where your bank manager draws it

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