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  1. Hi John, you can get permission to cross the building boundary, but it is a schlep. I have just gone through the process in Mossel bay I am staying in Sasolburg (that is where my service pit is)
  2. "As for your pit..... bah, humbug! That is on the cards for me, but I believe the Monkeypality takes a dim view of such things. How is yours built? Bricks or a drop in prefab arrangement?" Dug trench in the ground and built with bricks. Did it many years ago
  3. I have a suspicion that the spider was only fitted to the diesel models ? The more knowledgeable folks here can confirm
  4. I don't think you will be able to lift it at the balance point, through the gear shift stick, although that is described as such in the Haynes manual I have removed a few D1 gearbox/trfr box assemblies from D1s, but I do it all from the bottom. I have a service pit with a trolley on rails that lifts, and moves the assembly into position
  5. Look at where the mounting points to cross member on the LT230 are. That is where the fore and aft balance is
  6. Thanks Western, appreciated
  7. I can get a set of original coil springs and shock absorbers from a 110 pick-up Could these be a straight swop for the coils and dampers on my Tdi D1 ?
  8. I had a look today, and it looks like you are correct, I have the box slanted towards the left, and that will reduce the capacity. I will do the final check/top-up with the box installed in the car
  9. As I said, even with the box tilted forward, I could not get 2 liters in. Very strange
  10. How much oil does the LT230 take ? I removed the box, had it overhauled, and wanted to fill it before refitting to the gearbox. Haynes specifies 2.3 liters up to suffix D, and 2.8 from suffix E. I tilted the box slightly forward, started filling, and had oil gushing out the filler hole before I could get 2 liters in. Should it be 1.3 and 1.8 liters respectively ? Also, where do I find the "suffix" on the box ? I found a number FTC 4178 on the casing, and FTC 3178 on the PTO cover Thanks in advance
  11. In 2010 we were returning from a trip to Mana pools in Zimbabwe, when I applied the brakes to stop for elephants that were crossing the road. And the pedal went straight to the floor ! Because the road was in bad state, my speed was very low, and I could stop within a few meters ("yards" for the non metric people 😉) After the elephants were out of sight, I got out of the D1 to search for the problem. The brake fluid supply to the caliper is a metal pipe, after the flexible pipe, that takes the fluid into the caliper. The metal pipe is supported in a bracket, fixed to the shock absorber. A sliding, spring type, device is used to keep the pipe affixed to the bracket. On my vehicle, this spring thingy got lost somewhere on one of the badly corrugated roads that we were travelling, and the metal brake pipe was free to move around in the bracket. This very quickly wore a groove in the pipe, and when I touched it, it broke off completely So, always check that those spring attachments are still in position, and securely fitted
  12. When my 300TDi D1 started whisteling suddenly one day, the problem was a leaking intercooler tube. Had a crack right at the bottom where the tubes go into the bottom chamber
  13. Thanks W and B69, appreciated
  14. Next question : Should the flywheel bolts get a locking compound before they are fitted ? The ones I took out definitely had locking compound applied. The Haynes manual also mentions that the bolts have a locking compound, and will be difficult to loosen But, neither the Haynes, nor the Rave manuals specified a locking compound when fitting the bolts
  15. Not sure if I should thank you for this; it looks like a site where I can spend more money than planned....... 😁 Thanks, I did not know about them. 👍
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