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  1. Just an update on my query - whilst following up on the suggestions and checking things I found in manuals etc, I also connected a wire from the battery +VE to the coil +VE and she started 1st time, but when I removed that wire she wouldn't. So having investigated the cable connecting to the coil +VE, it would seem that there was an intermittent contact issue (at the ignition barrel/switch end). So I cleaned up the spade and made sure the female connector was securely seated and now it seems to be starting every time. I'm now wondering if it's worth carrying a wire with a crocodile clip on one end and a female spade connector at the other, so that it were to happen again, at least you could get yourself home before having to take the dash to bits.... Thanks again for your help - much appreciated!
  2. Thanks both for your replies - I'll check later and report back!
  3. Hi again, Wonder if anyone might be able to suggest any solutions to a starting problem I'm having with my S3 2.25 petrol, with a Weber 34 ICH carb'? She died on me at at junction last weekend and I couldn't get her going and I wondered if the fuel had got too low in the tank, so I put 20litres of fresh petrol in and she started eventually. Got her home and when investigating what the issue might be I found when priming the fuel pump manually there was no resistance and only bubbles made their way to the (rather empty) inline fuel filter. Also found the pump had a slight movement where it's fixed to the side of the engine. So I replaced the fuel pump, along with a new gasket and nuts where it fixes to the engine and replaced the inline fuel filter too (also checked the lines and fixings). When I manually primed the pump the inline fuel filter filled, which was an improvement and there was more resistance this time too. She fired up after a few key turns and the fuel bowl on the pump filled up. She ran perfectly for 15 minutes at both idle and high revs. I turned her off and then she wouldn't re-start. What I've noticed is that when you hold the ignition key in the starting position 4 she fires & runs, but as soon as you release the key and it goes into the usual running position of 3, she dies. Can anyone suggest why this might happen, and what the 'fix' might be? Many thanks in advance, Chris
  4. Many thanks both - I think I may just risk my 'pile of bits' being uninsured for the time being!
  5. Hi again, Wonder if anyone can help with advice regarding insurance during a rebuild please? I'm still in the early stages of my S3 rebuild project and my previous insurance policy just expired (with Adrian Flux). I tried to extend the policy with them but they declined stating that it needs to be a rolling chassis with an engine in it before they would quote. Lancaster said it would need to be 50% completed, and Carole Nash said it would need to 'resemble a vehicle'. My house insurance also declined saying they don't cover anything vehicle related. Has anyone had any luck in the past, in terms of insuring all their Landy bits & parts, whilst they were all in boxes and not yet bolted onto the chassis (leaning against the wall!)? Many thanks, Chris
  6. Thanks for the suggestions and I have ordered the chassis to have the extra outrigger for the 2nd fuel tank - 'just in case' I ever wanted one, but I hadn't thought of using it as storage space - like it! So an Autosparks replacement loom then; are you thinking by running it outside of the chassis it means in the future it's more accessible? Regarding the aux' (futureproofing!) loom - a whole additional loom. or just a few extra wires running front to back? And silly question time - but what is the main benefit of having the headlights on a relay feed? Wombat's got a 2.25, 5 bearing, petrol engine. Thanks all for your time and thoughts!
  7. Hi everyone, Chris Newbie here. 'Snagger' was kind enough to recommend this forum and so I thought I'd ask my 1st question! I unfortunately had a little accident in my S3 and the chassis has been deemed a Cat' C write off. I'm going to therefore give 'Wombat' a new chassis and I've started the 'strip-down'. What I wanted to get a feel of is what others think would be worthwhile additional jobs to do whilst the rebuild takes place? Not that there were any major issues that needed addressing prior to the accident, but I just thought there might be some 'no brainers' that are just worth doing whilst you have a golden chance. A couple of suggestions have been replacing the clutch plate & spigot bearing and decoking the engine. Any recommendations would be gratefully received! Merry Christmas...
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