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  1. Thanks for the suggestions and I have ordered the chassis to have the extra outrigger for the 2nd fuel tank - 'just in case' I ever wanted one, but I hadn't thought of using it as storage space - like it! So an Autosparks replacement loom then; are you thinking by running it outside of the chassis it means in the future it's more accessible? Regarding the aux' (futureproofing!) loom - a whole additional loom. or just a few extra wires running front to back? And silly question time - but what is the main benefit of having the headlights on a relay feed? Wombat's got a 2.25, 5 bearing, petrol engine. Thanks all for your time and thoughts!
  2. Hi everyone, Chris Newbie here. 'Snagger' was kind enough to recommend this forum and so I thought I'd ask my 1st question! I unfortunately had a little accident in my S3 and the chassis has been deemed a Cat' C write off. I'm going to therefore give 'Wombat' a new chassis and I've started the 'strip-down'. What I wanted to get a feel of is what others think would be worthwhile additional jobs to do whilst the rebuild takes place? Not that there were any major issues that needed addressing prior to the accident, but I just thought there might be some 'no brainers' that are just worth doing whilst you have a golden chance. A couple of suggestions have been replacing the clutch plate & spigot bearing and decoking the engine. Any recommendations would be gratefully received! Merry Christmas...