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  1. Just an update on my query - whilst following up on the suggestions and checking things I found in manuals etc, I also connected a wire from the battery +VE to the coil +VE and she started 1st time, but when I removed that wire she wouldn't. So having investigated the cable connecting to the coil +VE, it would seem that there was an intermittent contact issue (at the ignition barrel/switch end). So I cleaned up the spade and made sure the female connector was securely seated and now it seems to be starting every time. I'm now wondering if it's worth carrying a wire with a crocodile
  2. Thanks both for your replies - I'll check later and report back!
  3. Hi again, Wonder if anyone might be able to suggest any solutions to a starting problem I'm having with my S3 2.25 petrol, with a Weber 34 ICH carb'? She died on me at at junction last weekend and I couldn't get her going and I wondered if the fuel had got too low in the tank, so I put 20litres of fresh petrol in and she started eventually. Got her home and when investigating what the issue might be I found when priming the fuel pump manually there was no resistance and only bubbles made their way to the (rather empty) inline fuel filter. Also found the pump had a slight movement
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