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  1. Thanks David, it now appears the leak has stopped once the fan is installed and back in the vertical position. I will continue to monitor as suggested.
  2. Thanks, yes don't store on the thread side horizontally. I don't think its making much noise, so will run it longer to see how it gets on.
  3. Defender 90 300Tdi While performing some other work, I removed the fan and viscous coupling assembly. I put the assembly on a box with the bolt threads facing downwards. A few days later when I re-attached the fan and coupling, there was what looks like thin silicone grease / vaseline on the box, and appears to have "bled" from the viscous coupling. The thick fluid is clear and has no smell. Just wanting confirmation this is so, and probably assume I need a new viscous coupling?
  4. Just for reference Landrover Defender 300Tdi tensioner bearing is: 6203-2RSH C3 RUBBER SEALED BEARING
  5. Thanks for all the replies. I will go the hot water and elbow grease method first. I don't think the roof will need CIF / Tcut yet, but lets see.
  6. What is the best way to clean a white roof? Mine is not overly dirty / a bad one, but wanted to ask, in case there is a best way to clean it, being made of aluminium. I would have normally just jumped in with some T-Cut or similar, but guess there may be some better advice out there? Thanks in advance, Jon
  7. Landrover Defender 90 300Tdi 1996 There are two yellow relays behind the cover with the fuses. They are both Siemens YWB10027, what does the left and the right one power? TIA, Jon
  8. Hello All, My Defender 300TDi washer jet plastic top has come off. Not sure if it should come off or it has broken off! When I push it back on it does not secure itself and I cannot see how it should fit back on. Has it broken, or am I just being stupid on how it fits? If a new one is required, how is it fitted? Please help! Thanks in advance. Jon
  9. The breather hose (ERR3084) from the rocker cover to my 300Tdi Defender block is now leaking again. As per my previous posting I was hoping to find a suitable silicone replacement pipe, but to no avail. I wanted to canvas opinion on whether others also have this problem and if there is a demand for us to have some silicone ones made up? I guess the tooling costs would prohibit just a few being made and guess the minimum order would be 25 - 50. What is the concensus on getting some made? Jon Please note: I am not a commercial trader, just a Landrover enthusiast who is bored of replacing pa
  10. Watched a couple of "A 4x4 is Born" on TV+ last night, saw the one where Samco or another firm was making silicone hoses. When I bought my 300Tdi the trocker cover breather to block pipe was fratured (LHS looked from the front, it has a 90 degree bend close to the rocker outlet) and leaked oil. I changed it for a new one to prevent it leaking. Now 6000 miles and less than 18 months later the same has happened to the brand new replacement one. Anyone know where I can get a "proper" silicon hose that has an expected life longer than 6000 miles? Thanks Jon
  11. Hit mine with WD40 and it seemed to do the trick, lets see how long the remedy lasts. Jon
  12. Thanks for the info Ralf, have just moved the rubber matt cover from the LHS of the rad to the bottom half of the rad (4 out of 8 grill openings). As advised I had already sussed out that it is probably better to leave the RHS intercooler having a full air flow. I will also at some point be adding a VDO water temperature guage to the list of goodies needed for the 300Tdi. Thanks, Jon
  13. Fancy changing my LR original water temperature gauge for a nice VDO one. Which VDO sender is required / brass thread on a Defender 300Tdi: http://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/INSTRUMENTS-/-GAUGES-VDO-VDO-Senders/c1_2_4/index.html I see the 200Tdi one is a (5/8”-18 UNF) thread, is the 300Tdi the same thread? Want to use with this VDO water temperature: http://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/p6142/VDO-WATER-TEMPERATURE-GAUGE/product_info.html
  14. How much do you guys normally block off? I have blanked the left hand side (other side to the intercooler) almost to the middle of the rad.
  15. Whats the opinion on blanking off part of the outside of the radiator during this cold UK weather snap? I have just done less than half or so of the rad, by using an old rubber floor mat cable tied to the bull bar. The mat has never had it so good! I have always found no matter what the weather, the hottest UK summer (30DegC) or cold in winter (-15DegC) the original LR temperature gauge always gets to half way and stays there (note already lots of threads on here about how useful or not the LR temperature gauge is!). With the temporary external rad cover the 300Tdi gets up to temperature qu
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