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  1. Please help, I really don’t know what I am doing. I fitted a boost guage yesterday to see what boost I was getting but I really don’t know what I am looking at. Third gear, slight hill, reach 3000 rpm then guage reads1.5 bar.to 1.6 bar. then what? What is supposed to happen then? Does this mean anything.
  2. Yes it’s strange isn’t it, I don’t recall removing them during stripdown and it’s not obvious what function they serve. I’ll have to give turners a ring on monday
  3. I’m in the middle of rebuilding a disco 200Tdi ti fit into my 110. When ordering some parts from turners I came across camshaft retaining plate locking washers (part number 2995) as they were only a couple of quid, I bought some but I don’t recall seeing them on the strip down and although they are everywhere on the inter web, I can’t find where they go or what they do, does anyone know anything about these?
  4. I’m going to change my station wagon into a truck cab so we could have a deal. I live in South Wales but I’m sure we could sort something out
  5. How did you get permission to have the beach to yourselves
  6. well they are aftermarket ones but from bearmach, so I asumed good quality?
  7. are the core plugs on a 200Tdi disco the same as a 200Tdi defender?, I am trying to change some core plugs on a disco transplant (12L) but I only have a parts download for the defender version, the core plugs I want to change are on the back of the engine, I have, ERC 4996 engine x 2 fit beatifully 597586 and 524765, one fits in the block and one in the head, these appear to be too big, they look the same when I compare them with the old ones but they refuse to go in, I've cleaned all the rust from around the hole but still no luck Have I got the right ones?
  8. ok just took a couple of measurements first one is from the back edge of the spring mount (The bit that the turret bolts on to) to the front edge of the bulkhead out rigger (with the tape measure touching the edge of the main chassis rail. 385 mm. if you plonk the outrigger on this mark then the other measurement should tally from the back edge of the outrigger to the end of the thread on the radius arm 206 mm. hope this helps.
  9. just about to fit a disco 200Tdi into a 110 but when I removed the water pump there was a lot rust inside, so I thought I would replace the core plugs before installing the engine. now which core plugs to replace? I'm happy to relace them all but feel it would only be the water ones that could cause problems, so looking at the back of the engine, there is one small one at the top of the head (water) but there are two bigger ones lower down ( these are the ones that would be a bugger to change with the engine in place) Now I think that the only core plugs to cause problems would be the ones t
  10. I had a peep at the mainshaft splines and the transfer box input gear splines today on my 1990 110 and, yep they're worn, the mainshaft splines were also coated in a thick dryish reddish brown paste, so I guess that was made by the mainshaft grinding itself to destruction. Anyway once I had cleaned it off, the wear was'nt too bad, certainly not as bad as I've seen on other posts. Now the thing is, as mine is one of the UN-drilled input gears and as it looks to have more than half of it's metal left, I was thinking of taking the input gear to an engineering shop and asking them to drill a hole
  11. simple answer is to ring them up and ask them, if you don't like the reply, don't buy.
  12. Mav and wunntenn, your absolutly right, proper ones ordered.
  13. I am in the process of fitting a 200Tdi from a disco into my old 110. as part of my preperations I had the injectors from the 200Tdi, refurbished, when I collected them they had new copper washers on them, however they are just plain flat washers whereas the proper part (ERR4621) is a copper washer with a ridge on it, now before I go any further, do the washers HAVE to have these ridges to form a seal or will the plain, flat ones be ok?
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