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  1. Weight of rolling chassis

    Happened to run over a weighbridge during a race earlier this year. My raceready 90" softtop with two persons , winches, groundanchor and so on went to 2280 and a mates 110 stw to 2380 😀 At another race one of the tasks was guessing the weight of your car...a couple of crews were surprised ... Something tells me that a chassis is arround 300 kg and I recall my 90 being very heavy when my dad and I had to move it so sounds about right. /mads
  2. Head gasket blown? - odd symptoms

    Hi. I would take the manifolds of and have a look for a "steam cleaned" port. I had the same symptoms for the same amount of years and put it down to a bad hose. One day it began to smoke white on initial run and I took the head of. Already at the manifolds I could se that one of the exhaustports didn't look like the other three (clean...). The port had a small crack so the water went into the exhaust and probably always had... a new head cured the drinking problem ? /mads
  3. Hi. I used a flex brakeline from the engine to a t-piece from the rearaxle bolted to the bulkhead. That way I thought I could secure the connections to it better than on the side of the engine. Have worked well for the last 10 years and the threads matched (not that I measured them though, but not leaking or running loose). /mads
  4. CV's One Shot - Grease or oil ??

    Hi les. I use oil only, simply because if (when) the axleseal gives away it doesn't mess the diffoil as much and when water gets in the swivel it is easier to drain out with the oil. /mads
  5. Help converting 10 spline to 24 spline

    Hi. When I converted to 24 splines in the front of my 90" I changed the stubaxle, hub and drivemember to 24 spline parts bolted to my old swivelhousing and axle. That works great. The only downside I can se in this setup, is you are getting the narrower wheelbearingmount. The brakedisc kept in the right place so the old calibers were reused aswell. I dont know about the rear as I run a drumaxle but with 24 spline and the original 24 spline halfshafts with seperate drivemembers but I am pretty sure the lengths will be wrong for a disc braked axle. /Mads
  6. Defender heater fan upgrade

    Hm, after rereading my own post , I see that it could have been more precise. You do need to remove the heaterbox bit you dont have to disconnect it. Try to have a look at the hole through the bulkhead when you try Simons advice of replacing the gasket ? /mads
  7. Defender heater fan upgrade

    Hi. The biggest difference I have made a couple of times, is to open up the hole through the bulkhead. At least on a LHD vehicle the hole through the bulkhead is only about 2/3 of the output hole in the heaterbox and the increase is in the "hot" side/heaterelement side. With a bit of gymnastics it can, at least in a td, be done without removing the heaterbox using a hacksaw. /Mads
  8. Ideas on stronger axles required

    For the rear I choose an ashcroft locker with std v8 halfshafts. So far no breakages and absolutely nothing to moan about -but I do run smallish 33x12,5 old type mudterrains and only a mildly tweaked 300 tdi. It has however proven itself to be a relatively failsafe setup for my use (challenges, trophys and the odd pomerania). In does mean keeping drums on the rear though! For the front I run some kind of upgraded shafts from our local supplier (cant remember the manufacturer) and a std 4 pin center from a v8 rear. A mix of original and upgraded parts where the code is reliability as where the points are in my opinion :-) /Mads
  9. Transfer box reconditioning - DIY?

    I went for a td5 "q" tbox from a d2 a couple of years ago, mainly to try the 1,2 gearing. Even in my tdi powered, mudterrain running soft top I could hear the noise difference... :-) /Mads
  10. Northern european road trip ideas.

    Dogs no problem /Mads
  11. Northern european road trip ideas.

    Hi. Looks like a great trip! For freecamp in DK try this page:http://freecamp.dlrk.dk/index.htm You are welcome to stay in our backyard/field if you wish. Located in the central part of Jutland, DK. /Mads
  12. On board air compresser inlet

    I went for this solution this spring from the "squirt now and then" method... :-) So far no ill effects and it ran alot during the pomerania trophy. Mads
  13. The saga of my valve stem seals

    Ohh your right!! -Got that part the wrong way around in my head! :-) I'll have a play some rainy day. Mads
  14. The saga of my valve stem seals

    Hi, Thanks for the replies. I just had a feeling that red90 had some good experiences with some other lift but no worries :-) i'll have a try with some different lift settings at some point. Mads
  15. The saga of my valve stem seals

    Congratulations! :-) I am still a bit curious about where the "peak power" point is (1,4 mm?), as red90 described it. Can you enlighten me? Mads