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  1. I have with luck used a standard 300 tdi intercooler/radiator setup. The only thing that needs doing is to cut the, errm passenger side to you guys, top radiator Mount, and og is in to pieces of pipe, one 90 degree elbow and two straight later and you are off!! Very easy, and gives the added bonus og even more ultra low down torque. 😎 /Mads
  2. Not to make you uncomfortable, but if a shell had rotated, then the oillight might not "see" a problem as it doesn't loose preasure, it just builds it up on the rotated shells bagside? /Mads
  3. Could the non thermostat approach not work nicely combined with a water to oil heatexchanger? That way your gearboxoil would always be sort of the right temp? /mads
  4. Hi Arjan, I have tried the same thing, it doesn't exactlly give a Happy missis as it was on the way to a eventing competition with to horses in the trailer... It is possible to remove the flange. I made a puller from an old viscosefannut which I cut of and put a bolt in to use as extractor. Worked a treat, but the front cover needs to come off for the New flange to be pushed home. /mads
  5. If I remember correct, turning one of the ways preasurises the piston via the housing...so to speek, could very well be turning right. It would explain why it only dripples in one direction. /mads
  6. Hi ian. This is my take on it. I used the original part but flipped it and put a pair og small tubes (approx 20 mm) between the airconboltholes and the bracket. Connected the arm to the bolt connecting the speedercable to the pump and voila. 😀 I have used this setup a couple of times and runned it for 8 in this car. Please ignore the disconnected kickdowncable, it seized last week... /mads
  7. Maybe you are able to See which one that used to have bolts in from the steeringguard? (Depending if you allready cleaned them...) /mads
  8. I has allways believed it was for "natural asmathic"...? 😂 But they sure are long lived. /mads
  9. But white tiresides? -really? 🙄 Nice little truck though. /mads
  10. Back in 2009 I participated in the transgothica raid in poland which had approx 1000km of highspeed roadbook spiced with specialtracks along the way. Seeing day 4-6 everybody nomatter carmake, be it land rover, suzuki, jeep cj, jeep on volvo portals, toyota were cutting a slot in the underside of their frontaxletubes and welding it to regain some kind of castor correction. My point being, std axels used in anger even without to much airtime will bend even from the stress of hitting potholes alone 😀 /mads
  11. ...so you will be the one getting the clay down your neck then... 😅 /mads
  12. I run at3's on Our d3. They are nice to ride (softish) with an okay noiselevel and though still rather offroad biased compared to other available tires. /mads
  13. ...10kg for a winch seems a bit low? -have you remembered the winchtray and stuf like that? People always seem to be a bit low on the expected weight of their car... 😀 /mads
  14. Ny parents defender td5 from 2000 has the balanceblock in the lt230 so it did make it to some defenders 😀 /mads
  15. I Think you are right that the engine moves about quite a lot. The 2,5td mounts on mine are not exactly known for their flex but during challenge events the engine drivebelt can chew in a badly placed radiatorhose which is 1,5cm further forward. I think the problem is when enginebreaking going down step edges which might not be that big an issue for your type event though... 😀 /mads
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