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  1. C'mon guys, this has been covered loads of times: http://www.muckytruc...f/discoroof.asp Sorry this is so late but I don't get on here that often these days.
  2. I thought I'd post this link as there is some really useful downloads available, including workshop and service manuals and just about everything that may come in handy one day for all those Landrover related issues, Enjoy. Link is: http://pdftown.com/L...k-Category.html You can all thank me later!!!
  3. Try this, it might help: Mucky Truckin Link
  4. Saint, you have PM. I finally sorted this problem chaps, a new battery totally resolved the issue.
  5. Surely these would be more compatible than any Ford parts: Check these bad boys out:http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Rover-75-MG-ZT-Heated-Washer-Jet-Kit-Genuine-NEW-R9-/200433680214?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item2eaac73f56
  6. This link might be of use: My linkhttp://www.muckytruckin.co.uk/pages/technical/discoroof/discoroof.asp
  7. Have you read this thread: Alarm Spider Thread and have you checked to ensure you don't have an EDC model????
  8. Loss of cranking sounds suspiciously like alarm spider Mitch. The link you need is: This Linky
  9. Underdog

    Door Lock

    Richard is quite correct, the door latch mechanism spring has failed on the affected door. It's a pig of a job too, It's a bit like trying to decorate the hall, stairs and landing through the letterbox tbh. Also be aware that the springs are handed.
  10. Some info here Pete, might help. Bonnet Pin Install Linky
  11. Thanks for the responses guys. I'll need to find somebody with Testbook I think and see what this says. I've had the bonnet switch off today and cleaned it up but it was pretty good tbh. The alarm sounding during mislock has always been this way, I know not why, I have never heard the two chirps. I'm getting the three hazard flash on arming which I know is normal. Next on the agenda is to remove the vehicle battery for a while and hope the alarm "forgets" what's giving it these issues. I know, I know, clutching at straws but desperate times and all that!!!!!!!
  12. What's the relevance of the link scuba? Have you got something wrong there matey?????
  13. This is exactly what I'm thinking. I'm thinking along the lines of, alarm gets armed, some time later a door contact shorts to earth and the interior lights come on, the alarm sees the voltage change and off we go again waking the neighbours up!!! I have now been and checked all the push switches. The rear nearside door ( it's a five door BTW ) switch attachment screw did seem rather slack but I'm not sure that would cause a prob. Rear offside was covered in fluff but again same applies. I've also had the passenger footwell panel off and have made sure everything on the alarm module is fully
  14. Interesting you should say that Andy, I'd read elsewhere that 2 chirps is normal but mine has always sounded the alarm if something is not closed. It would also be interesting to learn if a 96 300TDi can be plugged into a computer to read off the last alarm trips? Does anybody know if this is possible? I'm really hoping I'm onto this as it is seriously doing my head in!!!
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