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  1. LR jumped the arrogance shark

    Appearance is very subjective, if you've spent £kk on a Range Rover, and you want to change the styling to better suit your taste then that's up to you. McGovern wanting people to only do approved LR SVO specials is basically saying LR are the arbiter of taste and what is acceptable... Once you start that attitude, where does it stop? I mean, how dare I fit a Patriot roof rack to my Defender, I should have fitted the LR SVO one... Steel modulars, the horror... And as for my respray which wasn't from the approved LR colour palette... Someone needs to remind McGovern his job is to design cars that are attractive enough and have the features and options people want in order to buy them. What they do with them after that is none of his business...
  2. http://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/industry/land-rover-design-director-vows-put-third-party-tuners-out-business "It’s easy to take a product that’s already been created and put a little spoiler on it or whatever, but I’d like to see them design their own car. We see them taking our property and making a bit more profit." The "we know best" attitude from McGovern is getting ridiculous...
  3. I'm waiting for someone to do a 2.8TGV into a Series 109, so I can slavishly then copy it - haven't got the courage to jump in myself and do it yet. I do however have a soon to be scrapped BMW E39 with a 192 hp 2.5L M54 petrol sat in it, 160k miles on it - and would be absolutely bonkers, but seriously tempted
  4. Sorting out some rough edges on my SIII 109, managed to keep the battery in the original location on the 200Tdi conversion, but got a bit of a lashed up K&N style air filter set up going on which I don't like. Anyone done the external air filter routine before? Thinking of wanging it on top of the wing as it will make a future snorkel style arrangement simples as well. Good / bad idea?
  5. We used to have a howling moon rooftent. Bought second hand after it had already had 2 years of fairly heavy use and sold on 6 or 7 years later. Every year it would get its "service", all canvas sprayed with fabsil and seam sealer worked into all the seams. That survived some big old storms, force 6/7, trees coming down, torrential rain etc and we were completely dry with never a hit of a leak, so the fabsil and seam seal route gets my vote.
  6. ibex 300 build

    Ha ha! Brilliant!
  7. Hi all, Slowly getting to grips with the few niggles on my Tdi S3 109. My exhaust downpipe decided last week it no longer wished to be attached to the exhaust manifold and forcibly parted company with the bracket that was holding it on. Previous exhaust was a cut and shut job, and I have no welding facilities to make a repair. In need of a quick solution to get back on the road - I ordered the complete kit from Steve Parker. 3 fits and removals later and a total of 9 hours working in the cold and dark later I have conclusively proved that it doesn't fit - clashing with the chassis at several points. I can drive the 109, but it vibrates like crazy makes a hell of a racket and leaks at some points as the flanges aren't lining up properly (I think due to the downpipe being too short / having too tight a bend on it). Looking around the internet it appears I'm not the first to have this issue! So, while I'm raising the issue with them - I've decided to go the whole hog and get a custom stainless exhaust so I can forget about the whole thing for the next few years! However google is proving unhelpful - so does anyone know or can anyone recommend somewhere? Cheers
  8. The creation of a workshop.

    Best bet is some sort of vinyl reinforced patching compound, brands such as Quikcrete I think.
  9. Lovely - cheers. Think the rotation was what confused me, along with the diagram only showing one of the wheel cylinders...
  10. As above, my s3 parts catalogue doesn't show the TLS set up for some weird reason, can someone point me in the direction of the part numbers for the shoes for these (both sides) please?
  11. 4x4 Show survey

    A thousand times this. The overland scene is also going this way - now you are expected to have thousands of pounds worth of ARB / Hannibal accessories just to spend a week in Morocco... The looks and comments the missus and I get when we talk about our travel plans for our SIII 109 with a bodged up plywood sleeping platform in the back. "Where's your fridge/winch/lift/awning/lockers/storage system/solar panels/inverter?" I swear people spend more time fettling than actually going places, due to this perception being peddled by Foleys et al that your vehicle needs to be able to survive WW3 before you leave the country... Read "Appointment in Zambia" where a couple with no experience managed the trip in a Hillman Hunter...
  12. For The Love Of Cars...

    For them's with Sky, Car S.O.S. on Nat Geo did a Series 1 the other week. Its available on catch up, features some great cameos from well known faces as well. Bit more technical stuff in it as well, although "Turboman's" rebuild of an aftermarket turbo that had been fitted was terrifying!
  13. The EBay Christ I fancy that 4x4 + its cheap thread

    Ooooh, I've fancied an UMM for years ever since I spent some time surfing in portugal and saw people using them to hump all their outdoors gear and surf boards around!
  14. VNT: has anybody...

    I had some chats with Mr Turbocharger a while ago, we ended up concluding that some sort of basic electronic control wouldn't be that difficult ( I think ), the main issue would be the time to do all the calibration...
  15. VNT: has anybody...

    I believe Turbocharger of this parish has a lot of experience as well...

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