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  1. Hi :-) I got a new noise to identify...... I got underneath as Alli rocked the truck back and forth and can see the front diff is kicking up and down which looks scary. Looks like the whole axle is rotating a good 6 inches. Being only an amateur I am not sure how dangerous this is. Is this movement all controlled by the hockey stick bushes on the axle end? If I replace them will I be back to normal? Thanks and cheers! Ed
  2. Thanks Ralph, could you identify the part numbers :-) and do I need both?
  3. Hi :-) I am just about to change my timing belt for the first time on my Defender 200tdi and am gathering the parts... I can not understand from the tech archive which seals are required as it suggests 2 different ones, as quoted - "timing cover dust seal, crankshaft front oil seal" I have guessed one is ERR4154 but this only accounts for 1 when 2 are shown in the photo. Can some one put me right.. Cheers, Ed
  4. I have this too, the only way to stop it is to dip the clutch and start again, I can't accelerate out of it. I tried to eliminate the slack out of the transmission which is the cause but have failed as it is the total slack adding up rather than a particular bit of slack. You would need a totally new drive train as it starts in the gearboxes and ends up with the flanges via props, diffs and shafts. Driving technique is my solution :-(
  5. Don't shoot me for this one :-)) Is it mad to have 2 new BFg on the front and 2 old general grabbers on the rear? ....... :-)
  6. Still got a headache from the choice of tyres.... To replace my General Grabber TR's it will be more expensive than BFG AT ko's...... Is there much difference in ko v's ko2? MAlvern tyres want £117 fot BFG ko's Bathwick Tryes want £130 for General Grabber TR Cross Conti are £95 but with BFG being £10 more they seem expensive, esp as you trashed a set in 12 months James :-( Someone tell me what to do grrrr
  7. Tyres are making my head hurt.... I thought my general grabbers tr were supposed to have 14mm tread, where as I just spoke to Continental who said the conticrosscontact AT only has 8mm tread. 8mm seems nothing in comparison to 14mm. Can anyone confirm these tread depths? Thank you :-)
  8. I failed the MOT on one tyre so am going to buy some more.... Currently on 235/85/16c general grabber TR which have done well...... at £89 delivered they seem quite chaep http://promotyres.co.uk/Tyre/4032344502090/General%20Tire%20Grabber%20AT%20235/85R16%20120%20Q/?gclid=CP2RrfKn4sUCFUH4wgodOzIAfw It lead me also to Continental Conti Cross Contact AT but there seem to be 2 variants, one with a c and one without, £88.50 or £111.09... http://www.tyreleader.co.uk/car-tyres/continental/conti-cross-contact-at/235-85-r16-120-116s-177841 and http://www.tyreleader.co.uk/car-tyres/continental/c
  9. Hi I like you was nervous when I first got my Land Rover but in time it will all become familiar. Good idea to use diff lock from time to time to check it engages and disengages easily, but low box should not be a problem. Don't worry about revs, if it stalls no problem and if you rev too much you will hear it more! Don't forget the hand brake as it is not like a normal car. It is a transmission brake and might do damage to something especially if you are in low. Check all your oil levels, axles, gearboxes, power steering, clutch, brakes and engine.... Grease the props... All the answers
  10. That ebay link leads to an ignition barrel....... I assume that is a mistake and not the same as the door locks. Am I right with part number MTC6503.
  11. Unfortunately I'm not in front of the vehicle to know. It is a 1981 model. If I remember correctly it looks like a keyhole with black plastic rim. A bit like my rear door key hole on my defender 1993. I'm heading for the later version of the above recommendation. Not sure what the burst bit signifies. Any photos available? So I can try and see. Thanks
  12. I am missing a front door key for my 101 ambulance, Which barrel do I need (is it a defender barrel?) and is it simple to change? Thanks
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