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  1. I have driven this NC 500 several times, once just myself and the wife I wanted to do the entire run and did it anti-clock wise from Inverness, I just wanted to have driven the entire NC500 route. The second time I lead a convoy with another 4 landys over a 6-day period, I agree the west coast drive is spectacular, in fact this time I missed out the east coast and drove from Inverness to Tongue up the centre of Scotland so to speak. If you are coming from the south then this route below is excellent from Perth to Inverness, this is my wording on the route which my friends had copies
  2. thanks for the comments no road use so no MOT So just so i am clear i dont need another master cylinder just use the pipework from orginal MC to the fiddle brakes and then two lines to the rear wheels from the fiddle brake assembley
  3. I drove a friend wagon last Saturday with these fiddle brakes fitted, now I am wondering why I never fitted these before in my wagon., getting his defender to turn at tight stages was magic. So, my plan is as follows: - Fit vertical twin handled Milner kit complete with cylinders. Reroute the rear brake line from the master cylinder to the twin cylinders on the Milner kit. New brake lines from the Miners kit to each rear wheel. Air lockers already fitted to axles, and upgraded brake callipers on rear wheels. Will this setup work? Plumbing all brake
  4. mmgeminiI Not sure on your apples and pears remark, as my original question was about a defender 300tdi water temperature gauge, one would know it would be a defender gauge and sensor unless stated if an aftermarket gauge and sensor where indeed fitted. Again, the gauge and sensor where compatible, and one would know 88 degrees for the thermostat would be centigrade I don’t normally ask to many questions on the forum, but when I do it’s because I firstly have exhausted all avenues to suss the problem or problems I encounter, thankfully not to many. Many thanks for taking the t
  5. Defender 300tdi water temperature gauge Gauge not moving (used to work) 1) Ignition on, sensor wire to earth gauge moves. 2) Removed old sensor connected wire and applied heat to the sensor, temp gauge moved. 3) Installed a brand-new sensor black core defender, same again gauge not moving. 4) Again, tested both old and new sensors. just connected to the wire and earthed applied heat gauge moved New thermostat 88 degree fitted. New sensor (black core defender). Radiator good, no blockage and engine runs at what appears normal temp
  6. It’s a long shot but have to ask, I have electric aftermarket electric windows fitted to my defender for well over three years, the passenger window stopped working and on inspection it’s the 12v electric motor, the only info I can see on the motor is a name “champion” and no other serial number that I can read. So, does anybody have details of this motor? Maybe somebody has a new set there about to fit and could send me the details. Many thanks in advance Ivan
  7. swivel seals leaking i have researched but i am not sure what is the correct part numbers to replace the swivel seals, swivel bearings, or any other parts required for the swivel housing on my 1989 V8 Defender with 10 spline shafts. i dont want to order and then when i go to do the job find out they dont fit. my swivel balls are good so was thinking just the seals etc etc chassis number 7FA368543 can any one enlighten me???
  8. Hello can anyone confirm the genuine part number for a water pump for a rrc 3.9efi with v belt is it STC 4378?.........................................cheers Ives
  9. Gents thank you for the info Ralph, yes i read all the info and i too haven't actually touched or seen this hose and i am a bit reluctant to buy in case its not up to the job Fridgefreezer, yes i am leaning towards this Wyrem hose, but not made up my mind yet..............................again thanks
  10. Ralph would this be acceptable to use? i had seen this before but was worried that it would not be strong enough to do what i needed? its certainly appears less expensive than other products i have looked at for example 63mm Wyrem Flexible hose...................cheers Ivan
  11. 300tdi engine with raised air intake Snorkel, the original hose which is about 2mtrs long has past it’s sell by date and needs to be replaced, it’s badly damaged. What’s the best 63mm flexible hose to use from the 300tdi turbo to the Snorkel? And who supplies this type of hose? Admin if this is not in the correct section please move as you wish
  12. Toby that would be very kind of you, i will off course pay for these just to have as spares, one can never have enough spares in stock lol lol you possibly still have my address if not i will email it to you, i too am away in Malaysia rotating out end of October, yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee yes the running rich i think started when i was driving round the NC 500 in July but as i was getting 16MPG i didn't give it much thought, i only noticed as the speedo was wobbling about now and again and when i got back home i took the short cable out and it was hanging by a thread (broken). Before i
  13. Hello Toby long time no speak, the old girl is running like a dream, just it appears to be running rich and i just smell the fumes out of the exhaust, maybe thats normal i am not sure? i had cleaned the air flow meter, again maybe time to look closer at the air flow meter. thanks for every ones input................................cheers Ivan
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