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  1. Gents thank you for the info Ralph, yes i read all the info and i too haven't actually touched or seen this hose and i am a bit reluctant to buy in case its not up to the job Fridgefreezer, yes i am leaning towards this Wyrem hose, but not made up my mind yet..............................again thanks
  2. Ralph would this be acceptable to use? i had seen this before but was worried that it would not be strong enough to do what i needed? its certainly appears less expensive than other products i have looked at for example 63mm Wyrem Flexible hose...................cheers Ivan
  3. 300tdi engine with raised air intake Snorkel, the original hose which is about 2mtrs long has past it’s sell by date and needs to be replaced, it’s badly damaged. What’s the best 63mm flexible hose to use from the 300tdi turbo to the Snorkel? And who supplies this type of hose? Admin if this is not in the correct section please move as you wish
  4. Toby that would be very kind of you, i will off course pay for these just to have as spares, one can never have enough spares in stock lol lol you possibly still have my address if not i will email it to you, i too am away in Malaysia rotating out end of October, yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee yes the running rich i think started when i was driving round the NC 500 in July but as i was getting 16MPG i didn't give it much thought, i only noticed as the speedo was wobbling about now and again and when i got back home i took the short cable out and it was hanging by a thread (broken). Before i went to LRO at Peterborough i just fitted a cable from the transfer box directly to the speedo so i could keep within the speed limits and to be honest i never noticed any difference in how she drove there to LRO show and back. I was driving the V8 in the center ring with my club Northern Ireland Landrover Club team against England, Scotland and Wales, very nice weekend was had by all. Please tell your son that i finally fitted a stainless steel exhaust with only one box and the old girl really makes a very beautiful sound now, not in your face sound but really sweet.............................................cheers Ivan
  5. Hello Toby long time no speak, the old girl is running like a dream, just it appears to be running rich and i just smell the fumes out of the exhaust, maybe thats normal i am not sure? i had cleaned the air flow meter, again maybe time to look closer at the air flow meter. thanks for every ones input................................cheers Ivan
  6. Mo thanks had read about the signal straight from the TD5 transducer on another forum as well. will for sure have the thing wired and running correctly...............................................cheers Ivan
  7. My Defender V8 appears to be running rich, based on my very limited knowledge of V8s. The old girl gets well looked after however I can smell petrol fumes at the exhaust, it’s not the most definitive way of telling if she’s running rich. I am trying to find someone who lives near me that can actually works or can carry out diagnostics on the old girl but as yet I can’t find anyone with the experience required. So based on its running rich what should I be looking for or at???? Please try and keep it simple for me……………………..cheers Ivan
  8. My vehicle speed sensor originally from a RRC that’s fitted on my Defender 90 V8, the short speedo cable from the sensor to the transfer box has broken. Part number requested on here and I can get them if required. However to get by I ran a new speedo cable from the V8 dash to the transfer box and have driven several hundred miles without any issues which I have read on the interweb that can happen when the ECU doesn’t get a signal, stalling out etc. So my plan on my V8 is to replace the analogue speedo with a complete TD5 dash hence I didn’t purchase a new short cable from the VSS to the transfer box. ALL my gauges for fuel, temp etc etc are all VDO so these will go in the new TD5 dash, I have all the bits and pieces in stock plugs, connectors, transducer to do this and have done it before on my other landy. So my question is this: - having read articles about the 14CUX and speedo signals originally asked by Mo Murphy DO I NEED to wire a signal from the TD5 speedo through the VSS (original RRC type) to the 14 CUX???? Based on what I wrote above regarding the temporary speedo fix and the landy doesn’t stall?
  9. Going to peterbourgh show on the boat now from Belfast should find what I need hopefully at the show
  10. Ralph two-piece speedo cable on my defender 90 V8, is the part numbers I have found on line correct?? Both cables have a screw connection for connecting to the speed sensor 1 short one from the transfer box to the speed sensor transducer, I think the short cable is PRC7949 1 long one from speed transducer to the back of the speedo clock PRC5568 It appears to be an RRC set up however it’s on my defender V8 Cheers Ivan
  11. Hello Does anyone have the part numbers for the two-piece speedo cable? 1 short one from the transfer box to the speed sensor transducer, I think the short cable is PRC7949 1 long one from speed transducer to the back of the speedo clock?????? It appears to be an RRC set up however its on my defender 90 V8 Cheers Ivan
  12. Lads thanks for the help I can easily find the checker plate, BUT what i cannot find is the checker plate accessories that cover, the wiper motor, the door lock, the door stay, the THREE items at the bottom of the picture i attached
  13. want i am looking for is the full defender rear door with wiper chequer plate, complete with the chequer plate covers that fit the lock, the wiper motor, the stay bar all in chequer plate, i have goggled and searched but can find a supplier? would there be a landrover part number for this? or as its aftermarket maybe not? see attached picture for reference.................................please any help Admin if this is in the wrong section please feel free to move to the correct one
  14. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for wiring a FIA kill switch that will kill the engine and also the winches which I believe is a MSA rule for extreme challenge events? The FIA kill switch is easy to wire/connect it’s the supplies to the three winches. There must be an easy way to do this? As all extreme boys must have this, for the life of me I can’t see an easy way to do this without a load of bits contactors etc etc etc I have the three winches through isolators but want/think they should all be controlled via ONE kill switch or am I wrong? I am running two alternators. I am in the process of tiding up the wiring on the landy hence asking the question.
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