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  1. Must be an EDC model since it has fault codes.
  2. Is the core a standard replacement or a hybrid ?
  3. No moving parts so should be ok.
  4. Typical LR QC or lack there of.
  5. Are you talking about the square ones or round ones for the bolts ?, on know the rear square pads near the fuel tank were adjustable on an RRC but not on the D1 and mine dont reach the body anymore.
  6. What model turbo is it ?, most of the VNT's from VW or BMW need to have the actuator replaced with one that works on pressure and not vacuum.
  7. Get the head hardness/ crack tested and if it passes then skimmed and valve heights set.
  8. If i had the cash, did it in 93/94 in a DAF truck but would love to do it in a landy.
  9. 92 disco would have been an LT77 from the factory not R380.
  10. Same in AUS, i swapped mine to a uni shaft after the 3rd coupling shredded.
  11. I thought that you had a template for laser cutting but your design looks a lot simpler than i expected, looking good.
  12. How will you be cutting the steel, looks like some laser cutting is required.
  13. A double cardan is only required for over 3" lifts, overkill for 2".
  14. They come up on local gumtree regularly and go for not much coin, mostly ex ambo bodies off a ford F150/250 cab chassis so might fit a 130 ok.
  15. My 98 D1 has a fill hole so i just added 150ml of 90 diff oil to what was left of the one-shot grease, no leaks after 10years.