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    Landy's, beer....................................that's it really !
  1. That's a silly idea, easier to use the dremel on the crank !!
  2. Get some liquid nitrogen and cool the key to buggery it may shrink enough to drop in ?
  3. You could just leave it in the garage and buy a Prius !
  4. Les Henson states that he used a 90 mastercylinder, what is the advantage of this? Is it a straight swap for the original ?
  5. I'm well into a (unplanned) refurb of my beloved series 3, part of the refurb being a repaint of the chassis. It seemed prudent to flush the main members of the chassis prior to the application of wax oil (or something similar). So I set up my trusty jet washer and stuck the nozzle where ever it would fit I collected the flushings (which was predominantly sand) in a bucket and, being the proud owner of some digital scales, weighed the contents. It came to 2.8kgs ! This does not include the stuff that missed the bucket and got washed away or the stuff that may still be in there. Realistical
  6. Why not just stick each one on a vehicle and use it for a little while ? Keep the original battery in the boot in case it fails. DON'T use a coat hanger, very silly idea.
  7. Hi Folks I'm well into the refurb on my series 3, would appreciate some advice re the steering. From a fixed point on the outer edge of the steering wheel you can turn the wheel 20 - 25mm before anything starts to move on the other side of the steering box. Is this normal ? fixable ? acceptable ? Regards Kev
  8. Probably, but it will still work out cheaper, I'm hoping not to have to pay VAT on the purchase in the UK
  9. I intend to use my own freight forwarders who will collect the order from Paddocks and send by sea, down side is that it takes 6 weeks, not a problem on a 1-2 year rebuild. If I have any spare volume I will bring in some popular spares to sell on, this would offset the shipping.
  10. My worst Landy day was the day I picked up my 'excellent condition, no rust' series 3 from the car moving company in Auckland. Paid top dollar and bought it on trust (silly silly me). A close inspection and some haggling with the seller later and I'm in the middle of a chassis up rebuild ! I've been in NZ for 6 years and the first time I get stiched up is by a fellow pom, shame on you Mr C from Wellington. Looking on the bright side, I'm learning alot about series 3's, I've plenty to do in my spare time, and I'm keeping out of the pub !
  11. Hi all I'm at the start of a substatial refurb of a series 3 88''. I'm in New Zealand which is a lovely country but unfortunately a ridulously expensive one. My plan is to source the majority of my parts from a single supplier (probably Paddock) and get them sent by sea down under. I've been quoted 250 quid for up to a cubic metre of space in a container which should be ample. Has any one done this already? What are the pitfalls ? I believe that I wont have to pay the VAT as the parts are being exported, any advice on that any one ? Many thanks
  12. Thanks Thats the answer I've been lookin for ! Any chance of a photo ? kshurey@talk21.com
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