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  1. I've found that the best way to control the b##tards is to build yourself a little pond with freshwater fish that like to feed on insects that hit the surface. ie mosquitoes trying to lay eggs. The ones we have in our pond eat the eggs too, so mrs mosquito will either fly off happy that shes laid her eggs, or get eaten in the process. The fish are only tiny little b#ggers too. about an inch long on average. This is the little fella. You can pick them up in most creeks around Brisbane
  2. Don't pay too much attention to fear-mongering articles like this one. we have heaps of these little blighters down in Australia. They only really appear after or during a bit of a wet spell (i know, 99% of the time in UK ), and they are less efficient at carrying diseases than these sorts of articles would have you first think. They're just a pain in the arse because their bites itch for a little while.
  3. read your product review motorhead. Do they make gravity fed ones? reckon it would make a difference?
  4. so even with a 50L tank, you still have to wait every few minutes? btw, if it makes a difference, which I think it does, this particular one is belt driven.
  5. you could just put your clump of relays (if they aren't scattered throughout the vehicle) in it's own little sealed box
  6. have you got a regulator? maybe the psi was too high? or the paint not thin enough? edit: sorry, I misread. blasters, got it.
  7. G'day all, I'm thinking I'll soon be in the market for some sort of air compressor with assorted tools, bits and pieces. I would mainly want to use it for spraying paint on body panels or similar jobs, and probably also for air wrenches etc. I'm wondering what sort of CFM should I be looking for, and how large a tank capacity? I want to be able to say, spray a panel or two before I have to stop. I was just looking at a 2.5hp compressor that pumps out about 9CFM. Would this do the job? What sort of quality control checks should I look for in buying one? I was thinking of using it for sand blasting as well, but I'm not so sure about it after being warned about silica inhalation. I'm thinking of hiring a wet sandblaster for that job.
  8. post all replies in here please
  9. well, as fate would have it, I am using the morning to degrease a diff, and do a few loads of washing. Go figure. I conned the missus into hanging it out though, because I smell like kero, and have the odd deposit of grease on me. Something tells me I won't be able to hang the diff on the line. Pity.
  10. bl**dy good offroading though
  11. *sits down* *cracks a cold one* ... *waits* B)
  12. you forgot to add a post about suspension lift
  13. I'm here now too...albeit, a tad confused
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