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  1. I should have asked (but didn't) I could not find what you are calling the 'logic relay'. None of the diagrams I have call anything by that name.
  2. Ok, so problem solved. Car is 1993 Vogue SE V8 To recap, I installed MS2 and found that my Air con no longer worked. Research showed that the 14cux computer is in the wiring loop and provides a -VE trigger signal to the AC clutch relay when the motor is running AND a fan speed has been selected. After some debate I worked out that all I needed was to provide the AC clutch relay with the negative -VE switching signal when the fan speed switch is activated. Now the fan switch in the dash operates a +VE switching relay (a relay operated by applying 12v) and as I mentioned the AC Clutch is op
  3. Exactly! This is why I went to MS, to get rid of the nasty Lucas ECU! I just noticed a typo in my original posting, it says that I have NOT got MS running well, SHOULD have read: I HAVE got MS 2 running well AncientGeek, in your part of the Southern Hemisphere you understand my need for A/C! Thank you for your experience at making it work. I will hopefully have time this weekend to search the rangie for the relays you mention and do the rewiring.
  4. Owing to having responsibilities that take precedence over me being cool in the car, I've not done anything on this yet. I did draw a diagram on the back of an envelope somewhere (and now lost it) to try and make sense of the curcuit and the ECM's role in it all but time and work deadlines mean I'll probably not get back to it till the holidays! I appreciate the ideas coming out in discussion though!!!
  5. Hi David, Thinking about it I guess the only logical reason for connection to the computer would as you say, be to increase the idle RPMs under load. Makes sense. I'm sure that can be sorted with the MS. Robertspark, thanks for your detailed response I like option 3 and would certainly appreciate a diagram! Although the more difficult of the options it rings true as the 'best bet' for what I'd like to do. I'm off to order one of those relays from fleabay now....might take another month to get here from Hong Kong On a side note I suppose I ought to get the pressure in the system checked as
  6. I don't know a great deal about it but the 14cux was in the loop before I had megasquirt. Now I have ms and no 14cux I have no A/C. Are you suggesting I retro fit a button in the cab? To what do I hook it up? Can you give me a few more pointers on where and what to do? Thanks.
  7. Hi all, I have not got my 1993 3.9 Rangie running nicely on MS2. What I would like to do now is to work out what needs doing for the megasquirt to be able to signal the A/C compressor to kick in and provide the cool air in the cabin that is so relished and needed in the Aussie summer! I understand that there's not much call for it in England but surely someone has managed to get it to work with an MS? Any experiences or tips gratefully received. Richard.
  8. While your fuel pump may only be a few years old, how old is your fuel filter? I have not yet fitted my megasquirt system to my Rangie but I do have the wideband sensor installed. I noted that my afr's were fluctuating wildly after start up and then going full lean, then all over the shop again at random intervals. Tried lots of different things including new injectors to no avail. So I said to myself, back to basics boy! Changed the fuel filter (and the air filter) and what do you know? Nice steady AFR's and better driving too. Might not be the case with yours but it's cheap and easy to do
  9. Yikes! I like to let the computer do the math thank you very much!
  10. Hello all, My name is Richard and I am from Australia and am new to this forum. I have a 93 Classic Range Rover. Just thought I would share a picture of something I made up on the CNC router we have at my work. I traced the logo in Autocad and then cut it out. I plan on making a smaller one to fit to my Toylander (when I get it finished!) Regards, Richard.
  11. Hello all from Australia (and a newbie to this forum) I am building up my own Megasquirt set up to go on my 93 Rangie with the 3.9V8. I have a cnc plasma cutter at work and want to make my own trigger wheel for the front pulley. Can anyone tell me what the PCD is for the 6 through bolts on said pulley? (will save me taking mine off and disabling the car before I am ready to do the fit up). Thanks in advance, Richard. 93 Vogue SE Toylander S2 (in the making) (Moderator, can you please delete duplicate posting in the CAD section? Thank you)
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