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  1. Possible immobiliser issue

    Yeah, unfortunately, I was in a petrol station, in the dark and seeing what could be done via a mobile phone
  2. Possible immobiliser issue

    Hi, I'm sure this has been done to death but I need some help in finding a fault potentially with the immobiliser. I went out in my Disco 300tdi ES, MY1996 (N reg) yesterday and got to a petrol station without issue. Stopped off and done what I needed to do in the Tescos and came back out. The 2 button fob unlocked the car as normal and I put the key in the ignition, the lights came on as usual but when I turned the key to start her up I got nothing except a click of a relay somewhere. The only indication I have of an issue is that when I lock the disco the alarm light rapidly flashes for around 10 seconds then goes back to normal speed flashes. I've taken the battery out, charged it up and gone back to fit it in with no joy, same issue, and tried both sets of keys. I've also tried the EKA code although bearing in mind how old it is I'm not sure it registered the turns very much. I've called out a recovery service to pick the car up but where can I start looking for the issue? The annoying thing is that the disco was fine up until yesterday
  3. Possible immobiliser issue

    So it's an auto and now back after a short trip on a low loader I had thought that the rapid flashing was an indicator that there may be a problem as it's not normal and I had read a post on a different forum about this showing a potential problem with the fob battery I don't think it has a spider after some searching around on a previous issue where a fuse kept blowing so I'll have a look at the starter motor
  4. Carb solenoid wiring

    Hi, I was looking in my engine compartment the other day and noticed the wiring coming from the carb solenoids had been melted onto another wire it crossed. Can anyone tell me in simple terms what the solenoids do and whether I need to replace the wire with any specific type or anything else? Is it worth replacing the solenoids as well or do they not wear out? If it is does anyone know the part numbers? Thanks Steve
  5. Blown engine management fuse

    I have an infrequent problem with a fuse that blows that leaves the engine effectively dead. I've had the disco 1, 300tdi auto, for around 4 years and not had any issues. The first time it happened it took some searching to find out what may be involved but that was after a lift home on the back of a flatbed. The second time was today and easily remedied for now. The symptoms of the issue once the fuse has blown is that the starter turns over but the engine doesn't kick in and the glow plug light doesn't come on when starting. Once the fuse is replaced we;re back to normal working order. In both occasions when this has occurred i have been accelerating up hill when all power is lost and the fuse has blown. Has anyone been in this situation before or would anyone know where to start looking to see what the underlying issue could be? Thanks
  6. Blown engine management fuse

    I don't know, how do I tell?
  7. Blown engine management fuse

    So far so good but it's intermittent enough to be annoying and blow again at any time Given that it looks to be part of the wiring in the diagram above I'll keep an eye on it and see Thanks for your help
  8. Blown engine management fuse

    I managed to have a look under the bonnet this morning to see if I could see anything amiss and noticed a wire that runs from the glow plug timer relay to another box near the battery. The wire was trapped under the battery and when i managed to get it out from underneath noticed that it had been squashed and worn through I've taped up, for the time being, any exposed sections
  9. Blown engine management fuse

    It's a 1995 and the fuse is the 10a fuse 3 on the lower satellite section under the steering column.
  10. Hi, I think I have an issue with my fuel stop solenoid after the truck some to a very abrupt stop last night. I'm going to see if it is the solenoid at the weekend but would like a backup in case it is and needs replacing. Can someone, thanks Western, tell me the correct part number as I've seen a couple of numbers around? It's for a disco 1 300tdi Auto, MY1996, ES variation if that matters Thanks Steve
  11. Disco 1 300tdi fuel stop solenoid

    Thanks Western
  12. VIN number help

    Hi, I've just got my first 2nd hand defender and i need to get some spares for it. When I look at Paddocks and other websites they state that the part is for a certian range of vehicles that I assume is for the VIN. How do I decipher these numbers against my VIN? Thanks Steve
  13. Disco 1 300tdi ES radio head unit

    Hi, I'm looking to see if I can find an original head unit for a 300tdi ES from 1996. I want to put one back in so I can use the dash control buttons, if it's still possible. Does anyone know the part or model number or have a picture of one? thanks Steve
  14. Disco 1 300tdi ES radio head unit

    Thanks, That'll do the trick Farmer, if you do have one then let me know Steve
  15. discovery 1 sunroof not lifting

    Hi, I have a discovery 1 300 this es with the two sunroofs. The rear sunroof doesn't seem to lift up enough to clear the catches at the back If you push on the glass as it's going it does manage to stay up though. Has anyone had this problem before? Is there a plastic bush that typically breaks out and stops it working properly? The orange stuff in the picture is grease that's been applied to the angled runner Thanks Steve
  16. 300tdi rear door seals

    Hi, One of the seals between the glass and the metal of one of my rear doors seems to be coming away on one end. It's the seal that runs width ways across the door and is exposed on the outside Does anyone know how to get to the seal and maybe the best way to seal it back up? Thanks Steve
  17. Hi, Im after the part number for the front bumper of a D1 300tdi for just the metal section. The bumper on there at the moment has the lower valance with light washers which is all in a reasonable order but the metal section has a hole in it Thanks Steve
  18. Disco 300tdi front bumper

    Awesome, cheers Western
  19. D1 Alarm and keys...

    Hi, I've got myself a D1, a 300tdi, that came with 1 key and 1 fob. I've got myself a new key as a spare but haven't got around to a spare fob yet. Is there a way to turn off the alarm if the car has been locked with a fob and unlocked with a key? thanks Steve
  20. D1 Alarm and keys...

    ok, thanks. that sorts that one then I've got the fob in my pocket at work and the wife wants to take the disco out.... bugger
  21. Sunroof catching when opening

    I have a problem with the rear sunroof on my 300tdi es When the rear sunroof is opening it doesn't seem to clear the catches at the back and doesn't seem to angle up as much as the front. I wondered if anyone has had a similar problem or can give me some tips on what I can check to make sure everything's as it should be? I did read a thread that said about lining up the dots on the gears but it didn't detail where to check Thanks Steve
  22. Sunroof catching when opening

    Thanks teabag I'll try and get a photo but its just the catch at the back that locks the glass lid down I'll get a photo and see if I can get one when its in the way
  23. Automatic selector lights??

    Hi, Can someone tell me whether the automatic gear selection should be lit when the lights are on? Just drove my new disco in the dark for the first time but couldn't see which gear I was looking for as it was all dark If they are meant to be lit does the selection panel just lever off or is there a trick to getting underneath? Thanks Steve
  24. Automatic selector lights??

    They were only about 50p each but sorted it all out
  25. Automatic selector lights??

    All sorted, and all fairly easy Just for roundness, and some searching by dingo crofts spares man, came up with part number STC881 which was the right bulb as a replacement