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  1. Haven't looked at this for a little while. I was getting a little disheartened if I'm honest. Then the washing machine threw a bearing and the fridge/freezer decided it didn't feel like freezing anymore - all in the same day.
  2. My Mac doesn't have a cd drive..
  3. Right. I'm starting to get really p!ssed off now. I purchased an mp3 file from Amazon as advised. However in order to see this download I had to download the Amazon music player. So I do that. While I'm able to play and hear the song, i seem to be unable to drag this file into my SD card. Why the Fck can't I just transfer the iTunes files that I have legitimately purchased onto any damned memory card I choose? I bought it ffs.... Is it going to be easier to buy some file converter in order to convert my iTunes files? Beginning to think I splashed out on this expensive head unit for fxk all. Grrrrrrrrrrr.
  4. Haven't tried an MP3 as yet. Going to do that later. For all of that though, as was mentioned before, you would think that the head unit would at least see the SD card even though it's not able to play anything. It doesn't even recognise that there is an SD card in the slot.. I will download an MP3 file onto the SD card and see what happens. Dave could you point me in the direction of one of these apps that I may need to convert file formats? Sorry, I'm a bit of a noob with these things. What happened to cassettes.........
  5. Had a quick look. My card is a 16gb Sandisk SDHC. My unit is apparently compatible with SDHC cards up to 32gb. Dont know what's going on.....
  6. Thanks al. I will check that tomorrow
  7. Tried in my head unit. Nada. It doesn't see the SD card.
  8. So I dragged the file into my SD card and it appeared like this
  9. Then I noticed that 1 of music files was already in AAC format
  10. Ok. This is beginning to hack me off. One reason I bought this expensive head unit was because it had SD slot and I stupidly assumed that meant I could play all my iTunes music.. Anyway here's some pics of what I've tried. As you can see, it appears the SD card is already in FAT32 format.
  11. The wireless mouse that came with my Mac doesn't have separate left and right buttons if that makes sense. I will have a looksee for this disk utility and try to see what format the SD card is. But will it be able to detect that seeing as the SD card isn't in the Mac directly but in an adapter?
  12. Right. Got myself armed with an SD card and an adapter in order to insert into my Mac. So inserted them into the Mac, opened up my iTunes and dragged a couple of songs from my iTunes library to the SD card. I noticed that the music files were in an m4a format. Now that in itself means nothing to me. However. When I inserted my SD card into my head unit, the head unit couldn't even "see" the 2 music files. Am I right in thinking this is because they are in m4a format? And if so, is it possible to convert theses files into a format that my head unit will be able to read?
  13. Ahh thanks buddy. I'm stuck in the dark ages.......
  14. Ummm to download files to the SD card wouldn't I need a reader/writer as opposed to just a reader? Surely if I bought a reader I would only be able to transfer files from my SD card to my Mac, rather than the other way about? Remember I'm looking to transfer music files from my iTunes account onto the SD card so I can insert the SD card into my head unit..
  15. It is indeed iTunes I use. Bugger. What's the bet it doesn't let me copy the music... wow that's a real bummer it wiping all your wife's files!