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  1. Guess its a case of ‘I used to’ or ‘I know someone’
  2. That would be awesome Simon. I’m home every Tuesday and Sunday so just whenever suits you. No big rush. I’ll PM my mobile number and you can’t ping me a text whenever suits.
  3. Thanks guys. I certainly have plenty of food for thought now.
  4. Thats an idea I hadn’t thought of. Might even be a little more aesthetically pleasing. Brings a few other questions though. What would be the best timber to use for this? And how do I attach the battens to existing concrete? Normal rawl type fixings?
  5. I was hoping to get away with digging further down. Baring in mind that this garage just sees foot traffic. No vehicles in this one.
  6. Hmmm. The more I’m learning, the more I’m thinking I should just in-fill the low area at door to eliminate the trip hazard. It never occurred to me that 50mm would be an awkward height but after having it explained it makes sense.
  7. There are no splits in the existing to make me think there is a structural problem. Just a little bit of crumbly surface damage here and there the width of a teaplate. Certainly nothing worth pulling it up for. I really don’t want to do that. Im not concerned about losing height but can’t go higher than approx 50-60mm or it would be higher than drain channel. Simon I’ve just seen your location. I’m in Southcraigs, Kilmarnock!
  8. After having the ground at front of house levelled and a new driveway done, the drive is about 2" higher than existing concrete garage floor. As some of the garage floor is damaged I thought I would just re-concrete it and bring it up level. Ive never done any concrete/cement work before. Can anyone run me through the steps of what I need to do. Floor is approx 6m x 3m.
  9. No visibility of ecu status. I won’t attempt any more until I do.
  10. I don’t have tuner studio yet. I was hoping that the basic map on Nige’s ecu would be ballpark enough to get it running.
  11. I was trying to keep it going feathering the throttle but it was having none of it?
  12. Good and bad news today. Fired up and ran. For 2/3 seconds then stopped. Waited a bit. Started and ran for another 2/3 seconds and stopped again. Fuel pressure issue? Im scared what this start/stopping is doing to my cam lobes and spark plugs...
  13. Had time for a quick looksee today. Getting spark. Very strong spark actually by the look of it. No juice going to FP for some reason so need to investigate that. Will update over weekend.
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