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  1. Update! There may be a diagnosis of sorts! Coming home from work on Friday the light came on and stayed on. It was on when I switched off, so I thought I'd grab my multimeter straightaway and test whilst the light was present. Only it wouldn't start! So definitely the alternator as fault and not the warning light! Took alternator off and it's very oily/dirty. Seems the culprit is the front camshaft cover, so will be replacing this before I go any further. Brushes were well and truly gunked up (see photo - was worse than that but a lot of crud fell inout upon removal). Now, I'm t
  2. I had chance to have a little poke around at the weekend - battery water level was fine, no immediately obvious signs of dirty, bad connections (from what I could see without removing stuff). The alternator on the TD5 is a pig to get to, I imagine removing brushes in situ would be very difficult, if at all possible. There was however evidence of a slight coolant leak near the belt idler (previously I bodged a small length of pipe to replace the bend of that small bore plastic pipe that always breaks where it joins the rad, which no doubt was the culprit). My thinking was could coolant be
  3. I replaced the belt and tensioner less than 6 months ago, so they should be fine. There's certainly no obvious signs that the belt is slipping. Will check the battery water - thanks. Other thing I did notice is there is quite a build up of corrosion on the positive terminal and I do believe I've read that this can be a sign of over charging too? Edit: thanks for the links
  4. Hello! Monday evening coming home from work, the battery light came on in the TD5. Thing is, it would go out when I let off the gas and also, sometimes whilst idling stationary. Once home, I left it for ~24 hours before utilising my extremely limited electrical experience! Rested battery 13v idling no load 14.6v idling w/load 14.5v Dodgy regulator, and overcharging? I'm clueless with electrics!
  5. Yes, of course! Out of interest, where's the guide going to be?
  6. So after many trouble free months, out of the blue the whole thing went crazy - all needles frantically bounced all over the place, the speaker was bonging rapidly and all warning lights were blinking/flashing! After 5 seconds or so it settled down only to leave me without the odometer display, and the green M and S light illuminated. Everything else appears ok - speedo and tacho work, as does the partial odometer. The M and S lights are now out too and haven't come back on. It hasn't rained for weeks here so that rules out water ingress, I guess. Anyone have any ideas?
  7. So, I may have got to the bottom of this. Possibly... Other than the single temp gauge malfunction, the IP has been behaving and I have a theory - When the head lining was fitted and it rained, the top left hand corner would get very wet (it didn't before the windscreen was fitted and of course I didn't have this issue before the windscreen was fitted). Also when I removed head lining it was stuck to the excess windscreen sealant along the top of the screen. When I removed the headlining and checked for leaks, it was leaking in the middle of the screen. Now, what I'm thin
  8. Thanks for the info - saved me from time spent on google! The interior fuse box isnt something that I've looked at (other than checking fuse). Will be taking a good look at it once I get chance. Thanks. Just to add to the strangeness, the IP did something different today - the speedo, rev, LCD were fine however the temp gauge warning light came on and the temp needle very slowly went all the way to the max before dropping back to min and moving back to max again (probably 5 seconds from min to max). It did this many, many times before suddenly behaving again!
  9. Thank you sierrafery. Incidentally I've read a lot of stuff written by you, and not just on here - certainly know your stuff. It just seems funny that the fault is more persistent after or during rain I'm sure I have read somewhere that changing the instrument pack isn't straight forward, especially if you get a second hand unit with a lower mileage on it. Looks like I have some searching/reading to do...
  10. Hoping someone can help, give me some pointers/checks to carry out? Pretty please Since July the speedo on my 2003 Disco TD5 has started to play up. At first I noticed the speedo needle would occasionally 'shake', then it would temporally stick. The last week or so the odometer has started to blank out as well, along with the fuel/temp gauges not registering. Initially these faults would last for 10-30 seconds at a time, however recently it will play up for anything between 10 seconds and 15 minutes. I did notice today though that a hard bump in the road 'brought it back to life'. I
  11. A couple of months ago I had my windscreen replaced (big crack) on my Disco 2 for it's MOT. The guy who did it was a complete numpty mainly because he managed to break the scuttle panel, but the company did provide me with a brand new item... eventually. However today I removed the binnicle surround (for reasons I'm not going into... yet) and it came to my attention that the two mounting points (at the bottom) are broken, looks like it was removed with brute force! Now, I had this part off a while back to change a bulb and I remember these two screws - to get to them the steering column
  12. What a waste of masking tape - just write on the box! That never works for me - I still get nasty black bogeys, despite not aiming at my nose!!
  13. Also means everything in them will be covered in all that dust from the grinder etc etc! But.. if it works for you, that's what matters. I hate any storage that is open, especially those little boxes which clip on a back board. I like to keep the contents of any storage free from the dreaded angle grinder dust - it gets everywhere and I'm always surprised by the sheer quantity of it!
  14. Exactly that! The plan is to have racking down one side and a worktop with storage underneath along the other - I will just have to try and keep two sections (opposite one another) clear for increased width. As you say you can still have high level shelves/storage in these sections. Crates (not necessarily from Tesco!) are great. i've got a load of those plastic moving boxes with the flapped lids, which all being the same size and stackable is great for making the most of any space designated for storage. I was meant to say in my last post that Les nailed it when he said working indo
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