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  1. Hi ladies/gents.looking for some help info mate bought my 0ne ten I had planned to do great things with.But then I was offered a 130 so ripped into it instead galvanised chassis etc etc now ive put an zf hp 22 from a disco 1 into it and ive got a range rover 4.0l gems auto with 4.6 torque converter fitted which my understanding is wont fit the hp 22 so got a 3.9 disco torque converter problem is when I connect the 3.9 torque converter up it gets towards engine and not right.after investigating I came up with an adapter ring that moves the flex plate in the right direction but to far imo.I think the hub aligner to crankshaft is wrong with to big a step I think I need a 3.9 one instead of the 4.0l could I get the 4.0l aligner machined down to the same as the 3.9 or is it a new one.Has anyone came across this problem?pic with the red outline is a 3.9.hub aligner the other pic is the 4.0l hub aligner thanks chris
  2. Hi Doug will have another look anyone have any pics of where the anti tamper cap is?cheers chris
  3. Hi gents just about there with my gemms to thor conversion just waiting on a fpr arriving.Can someone explain setting the base idle on the thor system i can seem to see an alan key recess?Any help will be appreciated.cheers chris.
  4. Hi fridge and elbekko.More options than I thought. cheers chris
  5. Hi Doug i hear you loud and clear.Did ask about fuel pump and fpr when talking with Nige he said i could adapt gems rail. i dont have the machining capabilities so cant happen.got it all sorted in my mind now the bananas have stopped making me go banananasssssssssss fpr ordered looking forward to finnishing this.Any you guys using a blos lpg system? cheers chris
  6. Hi fridge,thanks for your input adjustable fpr is the way to go.Going to use the Thor fuel rail and injectors.Starting to understand things a bit better now.just noticed no timing marks on the Thor crank pulley any ideas on how to get the timing right.Also thinking of getting blos log anyone using this set up.cheers again. chris
  7. Hi elbekko will the discovery fuel pump I have be able to give 3.5 bar. cheers chris
  8. Hi fridgfreezer thank you for replying.How would I go about seperating the fpr from the fuel rail I did have the gems fuel rail fitted but didn't like the way the fpr fouled the bananas.Plan B.got informed I could use the gems injectors with the Thor fuel rail but the bananas are fouling the fuel rail so can't tighten them down.would I have to change the fuel pump and fit a remote fpr to use the Thor injectors and fuel rail?is there a bendefit to using the Thor injectors and fuel rail over the gems injectors and fuel rail.Landroversforever yes the bananas are turning me bananas πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊ cheers Chris.Anyone any word on Niges new project?
  9. Hi gents.looking for some pointers.got my goody box from Nige for converting my gems system over to the thor got all the parts fitted and engine fitted problem I have is I thought I could use the gems fuel rail and injectors and original pump on trying to fit the bananas the passenger rear part fouls the fpr.so plan b, was mentioned I could use gems injectors with the thor fuel rail uhuh bananas still won't fit as the gems injectors sit the fuel rail higher can't bolt bananas down.And I'm now going bananas πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ Any of you gents came across this problem?cheers Chris I need 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺 🍺
  10. cj01

    p38 thor

    Hi gents.dropped a liner in my 3.9 auto 89 year defender.megasquirted.sourced a low mileage p38 Thor realised I need some other parts from Nige at Megasquirt v8 all ready to drop the Thor lump in.do any of you gentleman no if the flex plate ring gear is different on the Thor compared with the 3.9.my box is zf from a classic rr.all advice appreciated. cheers chris
  11. Hi Nige.my goody box arrived so now the fun begins, impressed again by the well presented packaged box and the goodies inside are TOP NOTCH!Thanks again. cheers chris
  12. Hi Nige very interesting.Im going thor. Regards chris.ps shopping list needed.
  13. Hi Nige will get it to you asap call you Monday morning need some other bits n bobs. Regards chris
  14. Thanks again Bowie.Hi Nige pulley will be with you ASAP.What sort of turn around are we talking.Still cant believe i managed to squirt my defender. Regards chris
  15. Hi bowie.Did you mean fit the 3.9 trigger wheel or new trigger wheel from nige? Will I need a new vr sensor bracket? cheers chris
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