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  1. Thanks for all the tips. it seems like the manifold/exhaust is leeking. I can feel the air flow by it. Can you "overtighten" the clamp? is their a risk of breaking the manifold?
  2. Does iT? Ill check the bolts. I was afraid iT was the nee turbo...... no idea about the boost yet.
  3. All, its in! The engine is running again. But I think I hear a noise which was not there before. It’s sounds like a rattle. what do you make of iT? I did not drive it yet so the engine is still cols as i filmed iT.
  4. Sorry, no not all the holes line up on the gasket. im not Sure If this would be a problem. Punching the holes is not a problem but Will iT work correctly?
  5. Hi all, the New cartridge is ordered. i also got Some New gaskets but they seem wrong. I cant check iT with the old one because there wasn’t one fitted. is this normal?
  6. Thanks. I would like to buy locally (Netherlands) and I can only find the one with the different number. Are they all different? Is the number I posted the same as yours? thanks again.
  7. Hi, So I'm looking for the right cartridge. Does anybody know if this is the correct one for a 200tdi defender: GARRETT TB02 454113-0002 Cheers,
  8. ITS OUT!!!!! some extra lubrication And light tapping with the hammer did the trick. Thank God mo need for turbocharging the oven of the mrs. For the circlip I trimmed a small pliers which worked well. so what do is smart to change out besides the cartridge? is the waste gate something to check? Any other tips?
  9. The nuts are loose but no movement so far. Going to try again tonight.
  10. Hi all, So after Some fiddling I took of the whole manifold as red90 suggested. Two of the turbo bolts where stuck And broke. With a lot of penetrating oil And Some luck I got all the ends out. now I just have to “split” the turbo houding. Is this a case of more oil And Some light tappend with a wooden hammer?
  11. Thanks for all the replies. it doesn't sound very easy but I'll give it a try. Cheers,
  12. Hi Western, Thanks for the quick respons. I can't just remove te 4 bolts on the housing and remove the front of the turbo?
  13. Hi, My defender 200tdi turbo has considerable play so I'm planning to replace the cartridge. I have never worked on the turbo so I'm wondering if anybody has any tips on how to remove it easily. Is it possible to undo the 4 bolts directly after the housing, the actuator and oil lines and than remove it or do I have to remove the manifold as well? Tips and tricks would be greatly appreciated. Cheers,
  14. the crash joint is new. The complete shaft can be moved by hand for about a half turn both ways. Never thought about checking this with the engine on. is this normal or not?
  15. All, Last weekend I got the Landy running again so. Happy Days! This also ment that I was able to further investigate on the steering. What I did: - Changed the steering damper (bushings where shot and it seemed to be worn out); - Checked the all the bushings. seemed in good order; - PAS fluid reservoir is full; - belt is fairly tight and doesn't make strange noises; The steering feels vague/ lot of play in it. Could this be the adjustment on the steeringbox (6 bolt version)? How can this be adjusted? Cheers,
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