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  1. It all went together perfectly. finally a leak free swivel. Thank you for all your advise.
  2. Hi, I'm currently having the same problem. The seal on the input side is leaking and I hope I don't have to take the whole box out (again). Has anybody tried to replace the seal with the box fitted in the car? (mine is a 110 rhd btw)
  3. Hi, I bought a replacement kit for my 1985 110 swivel. I just got the kit and I’m pre-assembling the bearing based on Some YouTube films. The top bearing seams different toen what I see on YouTube. this is what I have got. Two questions: 1. can I fit the Bush in the housing before fitting it to the car? 2. Am I correct that the flat side needs to be positioned towards the Wheel? cheers
  4. Thanks al, i fitter it without the shield. Hope it Will be fine.
  5. Thanks for the advice! Fitted it without the mud shield and all seems to be well. Now just replace the drop arm of the steering box and I can finally start using it again.
  6. Thanks western. Will try That. weird that is shown on all pictures the other way around.
  7. But can you then still fit the bolts? Here it is not yet fully on
  8. Working on the LR today and the front diff went without problems but the rear is not. If i tighten the pinion nut the axle.blocks and i can’t move the car. it looks like the mud shield hits the diff. the old flange did not have the shield. Do i have the wrong part or am I doing something wrong?
  9. thanks for all the help. I ordered all the parts andd hope to have everything fixed this weekend.
  10. Thanks Snagger, I just read another post of you stating the same. Great to have a forum with so much info (just need to find it before dismanteling) I'm also going to replace the flange on the front diff. Am I correct that this should be the correct one: https://www.lrdirect.com/236632-Drive-Flange-Rover-Axle/ thanks again.
  11. No did not count the turns... what to do? btw, it was veruit tight.
  12. It is a 1985 110 SW I’m Afraid I don’t have a descent picture of the diff
  13.  Dear members, I’m in the process of replacing the seals behind the drive flange on both front and rear diff. The front is going according to plan but when I took out the rear diff seal it looked different then what I was expecting . I thought It would be the same as the front one but it has a different size nut (32mm) and the seal looks different to. For the front I used seal FRC4586G and I thought the rear would be the same. Below a picture of what I took out the rear diff. Is this a salsbury axle and should I t
  14. all, Just wanted to let you know that thanks too your advise and help I fitted the new prop this week and the landy drives great. no more clunks or scary rattles. Many thanks!!!
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