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  1. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F201454282983 solution?
  2. Evening gang, ok so the mates Wolf 110 has a dodgy wiper motor. I though he was at the wind up saying it was a Grand 😳😳😳 for a replacement. Then I searched STC 3070...... wow. so the question is, is there another solution? It’s obviously 24 volt for the wolf but is there a more wallet friendly solution?
  3. Ok ok you have got me convinced! It’s getting it!! 😂👍
  4. Dave I tried the ratchet strap approach with no joy, I think it’ll be placed on the mantelpiece just to remind me of “that battle” 🤣😂 new one due tomorrow from Mr Claus
  5. Aye Ralph roger that.... pushed grease through the nipple also, (after re=threading it) and the rust coming out was unreal. Now I know why I’ve had to do The flanges and seals on the tranny... 🙄
  6. Thanks lads, as said above a new hardy spicer one has been ordered. I was just frustrated that the wee swine wouldn't come apart. I make sure they get a good dollop of grease every other month, I guess this one just wasn’t getting through enough to disperse any water. Lol @Tanuki 😜
  7. But they should separate? The plastic coating looked ok... it’s just down in the depths there’s so much rust coming out. It’ll be used for something for sure. But I don’t like it beating me
  8. By the way it FRC8390.....
  9. Hi gang, another job to do was freeing up my front propshaft slider.... (haha I hear you larf) so I was thinking after 4 days of soaking it in penetrating oil. I’d get stuck in this weekend. A battered hand and knackered some hours later I’m wondering if this prop actually separates?? It moves but the stuff coming out of it looks very bad (rusty) it moves very slightly a bit at a time when I club it with a drift and hammer. so I’ve ordered a new one from Santa..... but I’d really like to know if it actually separates?
  10. DC_

    Best night heater?

    The Landy was nice and warm after abiut 20 minutes. 😎🔥 Personally I would try not to run too much ducting as it does lose heat the more it travels... but in the case on the Landy there’s only a relatively small space to heat anyhoo
  11. DC_

    Best night heater?

    So it’s -5 here tonight.... clicked the button on the remote..... leaving it 35 minutes to see what the outcome is....❄️❄️❄️
  12. Or they make them all on a Friday? 😂
  13. Thanks Bowie69, I’ve ordered new shoes again that “should” be non sh** part. So I know if I have any trouble I’ve got the correct ones at the ready..... only the front seized propshaft now free up and it’ll be back on the road.
  14. Everything was checked and cleaned and still no joy.... UNTIL !! The grinder took about 1-2 mm off the end of the feet that clamps into the adjuster, took a skim off the edge of the brake pad section just at one lip. Bingo !!
  15. They do appear very similar, everything is loosened off for sure. I’ve offered them up along side the old ones and they do seem to match. They are on the correct way going by the way they came off (I took pictures) and what the book says. I’ll try the fitting them in drum in a bit....
  16. With you now... job for tomorrow. 👍
  17. The drum goes on about half but it’s tight, the shoes pull away from the back plate.... I’ve rubber hammered, no joy.... but... they are very close
  18. If you look at the curvature of these shoes, you’ll see there’s a slight speed bump type shape in them... the blue part doesn’t have these. The ones I’ve ordered for a second time (I’m hoping)does
  19. Very very similar Monkie
  20. @Eightpot the cable comes in through the back plate and pulls on the expander to the right in this pic (soiled) @Maverik I was thinking the same 🙄
  21. So getting on with the repair of the leaking rear output shaft seal on the LT230. One of the UJ’S Needed replaced so that’s been done. The leak has spoiled the shoes in the trans brake. So ordered new, thinking I’m all done and time to reassemble I went to put the drum back on..... the bugger won’t go on! Yes the handbrake lever is off, yes the adjuster is as low as it will go, I’ve moved the shoes to centre them etc but still no joy..... so reading on tinternet someone has blamed the Britpart shoes..... I thought I was ordering better. New ones on the way but won’t be here until through the week. Has anyone had the same issue?
  22. DC_

    Best night heater?

    https://m.facebook.com/groups/146837062640024/ Get yourself on here and read read read.....
  23. DC_

    Best night heater?

    No problem as yet with air in the system. The feed is at the bottom of the tank. As long as you prime it and everything is tight, then all is roasty.
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