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  1. Think its 300Tdi onwards front axles, part number 23. I remember the pressing the flatter face in first, and the recessed side is facing the needle rollers.
  2. I had a 300tdi 110 that I converted to v8, gearbox stayed in the same pace and my mounts are in exactly the same pace as yours. I'm thinking you need a different set of gearbox mounts/crossmember to move it backwards,
  3. The first gear is 4.5:1 off the top of my head then the ratios follow a similar spec to an R380.
  4. I have just read the write up above, that spicer box looks the same as the units fitted to the leyland roadrunner apart from yours being top loading and the road runners being front loading. If you can find a Spicer T5X it will be a straight swap looking at the pictures and comparing them to my gearbox, £250-300 and you have the .75:1 5th gear.
  5. A Dana spicer T5X has a .75:1 5th gear. Ratios very similar to the Land Rover R380. I have used this gearbox on my cummins converted 110. Its originally from the Leyland roadrunner 7.5 tonne and think the leyland t244 is a 4 tonne truck? I have just searched the web for a pic of the box and it looks identical to my Spicer T5X externally but with different ratios. Does your T244 have a remote transfer box? Any pics so I can compare with my gearbox?
  6. It had 175,000 miles, I had the turbo rebuilt but with a marginally larger compressor wheel, which boosted up fast. The diaphragm spring was standard and I removed the nylon spacer. I put an auto meter egt gauge on, when going up hill flat out the EGT's would race up to about 850'c (1560'f) and by letting off the throttle very slightly they would come down to 600-650'c I ran it for roughly 18 months like this with not a single problem. I was planning to instal a water meth injection kit but sold it to get a 110.
  7. I ran my 200Tdi at 24Psi of boost and advanced the injection pump timing too. turning the max fuel screw 1/8 to 1/4 turn really heats thing up, id fit an egt gauge as its amazing how high they get going up steep hills or when going flat out.
  8. I fit some heatwrap a few years ago on my 4 branch manifolds, I wet it in a bucket of water and as mentioned it makes fitting a lot easier, buy some stainless ties as well and it will look neat. As for mud it's not too bad, it drys up and falls off but after two years it started to disintegrate.
  9. Not too sure on a Td5 but if I remember correctly they are 7/16" unf threads.
  10. On my old 300Tdi one of the oil cooler pipes worked its way loose, I kept thinking it was the filter until I noticed the pipe was only 2 turns from blowing off. It was quite lucky I found it as when I got home after driving for about a mile I had to top it up with nearly 4L of oil and it was at max on the dipstick when I set off. Keep an eye out on the pipes too.
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