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  1. Untill my 110 got nicked i was gonna keep it for the kids / family car once it had paid for itself. I'm consdiering the D2 donor and an ibex for the same reasons. The platform lends itself well to electrification once the diesels are banned. i'd love a d3 based F8 as they ride real nice and are great off road aswell.
  2. i fix it and sold it for a tidy return. always do that, doh. Bought an auto GS instead
  3. I've got to do mine, any links to RAVE on this subject and the ground down tool please?
  4. D2 /P£* are dirty cheap. My only issue is the dash / ac as the F8 requires a Puma dash and there more than a brace of D2's !!! Also the traction / abs is a good to have. I'd want the D2 dash and controls as well as as much parts from the donor as poss. Thinking around a king cab (larger king than currently offered with an extended wheel base 104 -110 and a pick up bed.
  5. Just read the lot, love it. Considering an Ibex using the D2 as a donor
  6. General appraisals of D2 consumption are more like 18 mpg. Mines bad but i dont go anywhere lokng enough or fast enough to lock the thing up in top. My 530e on the other hand is electric for the first 30 miles and is averaging 48mpg which is ok for a petrol turbo.
  7. well, i just bought a d2 td5 auto cheap enough to do all the bits like Ashcrofts TQ upgrade, CDL fitment ,better tyres, a remap etc and i got a lovely 5 series for doing the commute. I mused a d4 but mpg, running cocst and depreciation made my soluton a no brainer plus i can tinker!
  8. Best to talk with rally raid. I'm guessing costs and simplicity are the main drivers. Why over complicate the conversion.
  9. 1450mm approx including an om606 and the 722.6 to the drive flange.
  10. longer bump stops, axle limiters? if it all fits nicely is it worth all he extra hassle for a few mm travel?
  11. Sooo i bought a td5 disco for cheap! MOT failure, i can weld! An S model fortunately with sensible miles so a great smoker.
  12. on the divorced front, i have a TB and a 722.6 and a chassis now so there's plans afoot. Could do with a cad drawing of the connecting flange from LT230 to Gearbox (MT82) in this case, although i believe there all the same? Plans are to make a BIG multi point bracket to hold the end of the gearbox to the TB bracket and a skid plate.
  13. Is there a CAD file available that has the dimensions of the LT230 to Gearbox connecting flange? Can do it the traditional way if not but it would be handy for all in the archive.
  14. it'll sell for far more than its really worth so sell it as is. Maybe buy a disco 1 / 2 if your a masochist !
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