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  1. It’s looks the same as the one in my Defender 200 tdi 1990 so probably used on the change over
  2. Thanks for the reply’s I’ve ordered the Oxalic acid and will be on it when it turns up, I was thinking of dropping the coolant out and taking the stat out filling with clean water ready for when the oxalic comes.
  3. I would like to flush out the cooling system on the 90 it’s a 200tdi 1991 vintage, is a case of just draining and filling with clean water a couple of times until it’s clean coming out or is there a procedure I need to follow
  4. I have put the 90 200tdi back on the road after spending a few years sorting it out it’s amazing how one job leads to another. it now running ok and back using it but every now and again the clutch pedal stays down pull it back up and everything is ok, im thinking it could be the slave cylinder may need bleeding or changing ? Or could it be something else
  5. All sorted now took the top off and cleaned the contacts also cleaned the earth contact on the horn it self all good now thanks for the help
  6. Thanks will have a go tomorrow was wondering how it worked didn’t realise it popped off I will report back the result
  7. The horn as stopped working on the Defender 200 tdi I have traced the purple and black wire out and seem to have continuity from the connector at the back of the instrument panel to the horn but don’t seem to have power when I push the horn switch at the end of the stork I’ve checked the fuse all ok . Could it be a doggie switch? As anyone had this problem
  8. Been looking for some tyers for the 90 it's been off the road a couple of years and I'm now starting to get it ready for its MOT test. As all the tyers have had it henc looking for a set of 4 been looking these https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F190599873149
  9. Thank you not needed then it’s a 1990 200 tdi so never been used I’ll tape it seems to run ok without it
  10. Can any tell me where this wire should go it's a brown wire with a read stripe 200tdi bulkhead change cant remember where I took it off
  11. I’ve got a Double S stainless on my 200 tdi was on when I got it 23 years ago still ok
  12. Thank you makes sense it had the bolt to the cil type originally it’s 200 tdi 90
  13. Can anyone please tell me which way round the rivet to the bottom of the door type seal goes
  14. Well up and running as said ignition switch wired up wrong mine is the 4 terminal type took some time to find where the wires went but eventually found on here.
  15. Will be checking this out later this week it was something I didn’t expect I’ll get my head stuck the manual and trace it thanks for the help
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