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  1. It also depends on how much preparation is required - that is where the vast bulk of the labour goes.
  2. There are two types of alternator wiring - one uses terminal posts with securing nuts and ring terminals on the wires. Those allow you to use a single, heavy wire to the starter solenoid post and thus the battery. The other type uses a rectangular plug with three blade terminals, one small terminal for the low current wire from diode pack to dash warning light, the other two larger terminals for the parallel wires to the solenoid terminal to pick up to the battery; that type will need two wires to split the load across the two terminals, as a single wire would likely overload a single termin
  3. I wonder if a quick wrap in electrical tape will make the patter snapsacs work properly. I’m not surprised the Britpart lot are useless, but it’s still disappointing - I keep hearing from a few sources that the current manager is aware of the issues and sorting out the quality, but that doesn’t match the evidence on here or the BritRest and comparable videos. I’d be interested to see how you get on with the window channels. I think I will have to replace the channels on mine as the windows have become very stiff while the vehicle has been in storage, so feed back on quality would be use
  4. I’d say you’re unlikely to have an oil temperature issue if the coolant temperature is in normal ranges, so that gauge is arguably just a distraction. But the oil pressure gauge is also fairly redundant as a warning light will come on for low pressure. Transmission gauges are completely pointless, though the temperature warning light for the ZF should be confirmed to be working as it is there for good reason. From my experience, oil gauges cause more worry and don’t tend to save much trouble. You’d be better off with a voltmeter or clock, and of those two, the clock is the far more use
  5. Pattern hub cones are notorious for splitting. They’re one of those parts that should be simple to reproduce, but the quality of the plastics used is the problem. You’re better off spending a little more and getting some that last, or buying HD drive flanges with their screw-on centre caps. Just be warned that some of those don’t come with an o-ring to seal the cap.
  6. I stumbled across a RRC restoration by “Steve’s Garage” on YouTube. He appears to be an “influencer” or whatever, and has no experience working on cars or with power tools, but he’s filming and helping out at the garage doing the work. One of the mechanics got him to cut sheet steel with a small grinder with no guard and no protective goggles, ear defenders or gloves. Liability claim right there...
  7. It has a cheap respray over what looks straight but who can tell how much filler. The lack of masking up shows a rushed job - the rear cross member tabs were mentioned, but they have also sprayed the plastic hub cones and the headlight surrounds and grille black rather than clean the black plastic, and even painted the tyre valves and caps in the white of the wheels. It looks like the rear window seals earthier side of the door were painted over on the inside. I’d be surprised if the body prep was any good (the chassis certainly wasn’t), so the paint will likely peel off within the year, an
  8. Again, significant mods, and questionable ones at that, like boring the engine out to replicate the 2.8TGV engine and lightening the flywheel amongst others. If the owner was so keen to get race car characteristics, it suggests that the car has been ragged a lot, not just modified dubiously. I can imagine it being troublesome, and that flywheel will make low engine rpm lumpy.
  9. The POR15 fuel tank coating kit has a good reputation and should deal well with pin holes and porous seams. It won’t help a structurally deficient tank, though, so whether it’s worth trying depends on the strength of what you have.
  10. It’s the LR Gen Parts or factory fitted steering guard. The plate types are all aftermarket.
  11. Yup. Often see them on old style Patrols (with the split rear door), but rarely on anything else. Almost all Jeep Wranglers have enormous knobbly things on, great for digging themselves in! In fairness, quite a few folk with the lifted and accessorised Jeeps go wadi driving, which is quite major rock driving.
  12. I can’t stand a messy work place, be it the garage, a hobby room, the inside of the car or actual “work”. Some people can thrive in mess - I wish I could!
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