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  1. Snagger

    200tdi engine full Rebuilt

    That's why they have a breather! Remember, too, that the brake vacuum pump dumps its air into the block, so the breather is where that goes. As long as it's a gentle puff, not a gale, then you should be ok.
  2. I think the main difference in gearing between the 12J powered MoD fleet and Tdi powered Defenders was the transfer box. I think the MoD stuff (pre-Wolf) used a 1.6ish LT230 rather than 1.4.
  3. Ha! You don't know the MoD, and they did get lumbered with Britpart as supplier for a while, a fact that Bripart used as an advert for many years after they were stripped of the contract. Even the MoD has limits... But I saw all sorts of bad stuff in the services. A contractor destroyed 18 RAF Tornados through gross negligence at St Athan while I was there in 93.
  4. Snagger

    Converting 300tdi to TD5

    I don't think you have the road network to notice any performance benefit, which could be accomplished far more easily by tuning the Tdi anyway. The cost of parts and labour for a fairly involved job would be similar to overhauling your existing engine, if it's a bit tired. Is Malta going to bring in emissions legislation against Tdis?
  5. Snagger

    Opinions and experience of radiators

    As long as those oil cooler pipe braces are fitted, the plastic should be OK. I wouldn't use them in Artcic conditions, though, where the severe temperatures could make them very brittle.
  6. Snagger

    Caldwell rear sliding windows

    I used the Woolies trim channel and it worked well. Only use it in the top rail, though, not the front and especially not the corners, as it'll make closing the windows very difficult. Keep the felt there. The windows still rattle a little, but its from the bottom, so I intend to replace the rigid plastic channel with more from Woolies. The problem there will be recreating the drainage slots, but I'm confident it'll work.
  7. Snagger

    Auto gearbox problem

    Is this a symptom of the common sprag clutch failure, or is that just needing to select 1, 2, 3 and finally D when setting off instead of selecting D straight away?
  8. I think ebay would be wasting your money. Not many companies do recon (of anything) right - to little re and too much con. They cut corners, reuse bad parts, use cheap pattern parts and don't bother setting up tolerances correctly. Anything on ebay would likely fall into that category. Spend a little more up front to save a lot in the long run.
  9. Snagger

    Improving Defender ride quality

    I don't know about 110s, but TDCI 90s had harsh suspension. I never liked the was my wife's 09 90XS drove. Yours are notable comments on the Terrafirma dampers, too - everyone else comments on how few miles they lasted before disintegrating! But if it behaves the way you want it to, then well done. I prefer firm suspension on a road going vehicle, but not as hard as that 90.
  10. If the same workshop did both rebuilds, the problem may be with them, not the bearings. It's possible you have damaged casings or shafts that are causing misalignment.
  11. Snagger

    front brake upgrade?

    Have you checked the hoses are in good order? Internal delamination or bulging under pressure would cause pressure loss in the calipers.
  12. I agree with Mike; I don't think an electric steering column is a good idea in conjunction with a PAS box. The P38 box is much stronger than the Adwest type. Its ratio and speed are going to depend on the length of the steering arm on the swivel it's operating, and I suspect that's shorter on a Defender than a P38. I can't remember for sure, but I think I get a little over 3.5 turns lock to lock on my 109 with Defender front axle and P38 hydraulics and drop arm, but that's with the stops wound way, way in so the tyres just clear the leaf springs. You lock will be more limited by the radius arms, so the amount of input in that lock would appear to be faster. I also found that the V-belt pulley from earlier engines fits without alteration to the P38 pump, so getting higher hydraulic pressure is not an issue. As for castor, I'm not surprised the steering is a bit squirrelly at speed. Castor correction arms or even the correction bushes for standard arms should sort that out, though of those two the arms would seem a better solution. Daan's method of redrilling the swivel flange bolts would sort the castor too, but you'd need to weld up the existing holes so that the swivels couldn't, well, swivel on their flanges. You'd need to be accurate in redrilling, and they'd no longer be symmetrical if you mod the swivel housings themselves, and any future housing replacement would need the same work. To make all that simpler, it'd be best to alter the bolt holes on the axle tube rather than housings.
  13. Hi Nige,


    I'm going to be spending a few days in the UK in just over a weeks time, and will be passing through Godalming on the 29th.  I'd love to put a face to your name, if that's possible.



  14. Snagger

    Thoughts and musings on the new defender

    I can't help agree with most of what you said. It is an inescapable fact that LR has turned its back on the utility and commercial market like it did some time ago the military market. All they want to make is identi-kit Chelsea tractors. Yes, those vehicles are very capable off road considering they're dsigned to have such good road comfort and manners, but they are hobbled by their mechanical attributes and rely almost entirely on electronics to cope. That renders them unsuitable for what Land Rovers are meant to be used for - off road in remote, harsh environments. They don't seem to care that their credibility lies in their past, and by diverging completely from it, their image of tough, dependable and versatile vehicles will wane. Smaller PCD can only have a negative effect on hub and wheel strength. The Discovery II had HD steel wheels with their reduced PCD, and I haven't heard of any issues with them, but yes, it's a cost saving measure rather than one of quality engineering. What little has been revealed about the new vehicle makes it hard to form a solid opinion, but I don't expect anything as easily reparable, competent or adaptable as he old Defender. I have absolutely no interest in any of their modern vehicles, and a lot of others feel that way. We may be wrong about what we suspect will come to fruition with the new Defender, we may even come to like it, but nobody has the right to attack others for an opinion in either direction - everyone is entitled to their view, and while Defender specific information might be scarce, the company has clearly signposted its direction, and we are all entitled to a view on that, positive or negative.
  15. Snagger

    Opinions and experience of radiators

    I have heard in several places that ali rads are better at cooling and the fins are more corrosion resistant than copper, but that the oil coolers are delicate and prone to cracking if the clamp between the oil cooler pipes isn't fitted. I think I saw something to that effect on the Britannica Restorations YT videos, too.

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