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  1. It’s under the passenger seat, I think, though that may be just the ABS unit and plug. The SRC ECU is under the centre console cubby box, so if you remove the centre console, you’ll be able to trace the wiring. The console is removed by lifting away the gear lever gaiters and the flat area matting and pulling off the window switch surround. Undo the two screws near the front of the console and in the cubby box, and remove the screws from the window switch panel. Once the window switch cluster is out of the way, with the car chocked or in gear (both if on a slope), release the hand
  2. Land Rover stopped using it in the 90s too. Might be because of toxic or environmentally hazardous substances involved, but more likely the bean counters making them cheaper. That’s why Defender wing tops are always full of elbow dents, softer than the 90/110 wings that coped with elbows but sagged below squaddies’ boots, and Series wing tops managed the boots without much harm.
  3. Add some shims made of flat plate to the left engine and transmission mounts, between the brackets and the rubbers. That will move them up and to the right and will give you the clearance you need. There are no differences between standard and MoD spec chassis that would cause or avoid this fouling. You could try new mounting rubbers, just in case yours have squashed as they aged. That would have allowed the whole assembly to sit low on the chassis.
  4. Lightweights use completely different hinges to the standard bodied models. You’ll need the right parts for the job. Dunsfold Land Rover and PA Blanchard are your best bet for decent (genuine) new hinges.
  5. Without having seen one up close, I wouldn’t want to make a guess as to whether that was for airflow reasons or for clearance from other engine ancillaries like the bigger VNT and any pumps or accessories that may have been moved from the 300Tdi positions. Certainly, the big step inside the manifold inlet, under the badge, is going to cause disruption to the airflow. It may be that the disruption has positive effects on the engine running by causing a sudden drop in air velocity, which would increase air pressure.
  6. In this neck of the woods, my tyre pressure can go from 32 psi when I first get into the car to 38psi during a moderate drive on the motorway in the early afternoon. That will have a big effect. Then, as you said, the atmospheric conditions make a big difference to engine performance and a measurable effect on drag on the vehicle. Add in different transmission temperatures affecting oil viscosities and bearing preloads, there is an awful lot that can affect driving tests on different dates or even just different times of the same day.
  7. It’s a fair point! Like I said, it could be a matter of how far things protrude, how deformable they are when they wallop a pedestrian, or just a load of misinformation that I took as true... 🤔
  8. No, I’m not. There are a multitude of products in all fields, not just automotive, that rely on placebo effect, contrary to claims by their manufacturer, but their users swear by them. Homeopathy and alternative medicine is a good example. A lot of people swore how well the wire pyramid of their razor kept the blade sharp for longer. The malpractice is everywhere, and I’m not having a pop at any single person over it. For what it’s worth, a few people have told me that the fuel pump spacer ring you installed works well for smother engine running at higher rpm. I can see how that work
  9. I’ve seen a few here now on the motorways. Contrary to what some said, I still think it’s as ugly in the flesh as on screen. I haven’t seen the interior first hand yet, but that’s the bit I generally don’t mind.
  10. I don’t know how it works from a regs point of view. It may be that once road users has been granted to a vehicle, it can’t be revoked (like not being retrospective about seat belts, lighting or emissions), it might be that the MoD got a further exemption from the C&U regs to be able to sell the vehicles, or it may be that the story I heard in the first place was wrong. I don’t know. I think it’d just be worth double checking before cutting any panel work. I have read on a few forums remarks about side mounted Jeryycan holders being illegal, too, so it might all be related to not havin
  11. Because proper testing produces quantifiable data that undermines placebo effect and BS sales claims!
  12. With unrestricted ports giving a continuous flow out of the manifold, yes, there would be a difference in flow rate and mass from each port; path of least resistance and all that... But on a running engine, with only one valve open at a time, there is nowhere else for the airflow to go. I don’t think there would be any measurable difference between the ports.
  13. I’m not sure about the legality. I was told the MoD are given a dispensation as a Crown entity, but I remember someone telling me years ago (when Wolfs were new) that C&U regs don’t permit it. Could be complete rubbish, but worth checking before drilling holes in the side of your hard top!
  14. I think any imbalance in airflow between cylinders would be influenced more by correct porting of the manifold and head ports and setting the tallest accurately. I can see why having the inlet manifold supply at one end could potentially affect delivery evenness, but I’d be surprised if it really did. If it does, then a single port in the middle of the manifold would suffice, or a custom branched manifold. This looks cobbled together and I just can’t see the inside of the original manifold having enough of a restriction to significantly impede airflow to the rear cylinders. If you want
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