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  1. InstalLATION. Don’t follow the Yanks poor example of the language! 😉
  2. In a word, NO. Even Gen Parts are now made by cheap Chinese and Indian businesses with poor QC, thanks to the greed and corruption of Tata.
  3. There will always be exceptions to every rule, but for the majority of people, living in towns or villages, the infrastructure is going to be adequate. Not ideal, just adequate. But it’ll mature. How many petrol stations now exist in very rural areas, though? How far do you have to go to fill up (rhetorical - obviously different for everyone, but for most the answer is a considerable distance).
  4. This is what I meant - it’ll apply to the bulk of owners. As you said, a lot of houses won’t have the three phase supply for fast chargers anyway. Realistically, how many owners will need a full charge every night? They’ll be able to use a plug-in charger for a a half charge or less. Even for those who need more power, that is better than having a jerrycan of petrol at home and they’ll be able to get plenty of charge to reach a high speed charger. I think we’ll see a lot of workplace car parks fit chargers if there is a tax incentive. Time will tell. The point is that for the average driver, the existing system is already sufficient but will improve. For those without domestic charging, new battery tech will make it at worst the same as having to fill up with fuel. In the fifteen years before ICE new car sales are ended, I think we’ll see EVs become more practical for the majority than ICE, and hopefully become cheap enough to be more financially viable than ICE currently is.
  5. I’d say silver. Speak to Craig at Buzzweld and he’ll know what will stick to the Ali and last well.
  6. Given the number of recent floods, I think a safety argument can be made for portal axles! As for Gresh’s prosecution, it wasn’t the mods per se that was the problem, but the lack of care in doing them and other maintenance. Different tyre sizes, different brake callipers from side to side, rusted out suspension brackets and uneven trailing arms were items I recall listed, in addition to a neighbour saying she accepted a lift from him once and the rear half shaft kept sliding out. Even an unmodified vehicle is lethal with that sort of standard.
  7. Quite possibly. The li ion battery in my crystal ball overheated and died... 😉
  8. I’ve had no trouble with BM parts, and so no dealings with their customer services. Britpart has mostly been dire, some even dangerous in my opinion, and their customer services don’t give a toss. I’ve not had much experience of Allmakes, just a few bits 15-20 years ago, and I found them on par with Britpart.
  9. No, these new types are not in cars yet - I meant the solid state and sodium based batteries in lab development, some of which should be entering production late this year or next year (Bentley have a deal with one of the developers). As I understood the articles, they have few of the limitations li ion batteries have, especially charge percentages and temperature effects on longevity.
  10. It won’t be an issue if you can keep the vehicle speed up, but as soon as you have low speed in warm temperatures, then that is when the fan is needed, and if it isn’t shrouded, it’ll be fairly ineffective.
  11. It sounds that way, but the photos some had posted of damaged parts were definitely TTs. Do a google search for Trutrac faults and you’ll get a lot of results, but they all seem to be muscle car owners. The Trutrac nomenclature does recommend them for the application, so they should be up to it.
  12. These new battery types can be charged to 100% and run down below 10% without the damage that causes Li Ion batteries. The national grid will be enough for those with parking spaces the way it stands now - the amount of power a house consumes with the lights on, an oven cooking while the fridge, washing machine, dryer and tv are on is pretty heavy, so the housing grid isn’t going to trip because of a few million folk charging cars overnight, and on a national level, most factories, shops, recreation centres and office buildings are using a fraction of their normal energy. Only public charging stations will need any significant infrastructure because most cars will be charged at home. The infrastructure and power generation capacity argument is a false flag.
  13. Don’t, unless you fit the whole heat exchanger and multi tank system. Like I said, even with that, I’m not sure it’s done mine any good. Could also be the Slick50 I used shortly after running in, so I’m keeping an open mind, but without preheating the SVO, it damaged my other pump.
  14. That’s a good link. Like I said, I didn’t find any complaints about TTs from off-roaders, save one who didn’t understand how they work. It’s quite possible that the sports car owners, using them mostly for “launches” (drag racing, I presume) are over stressing them with them being smaller units behind more powerful engines, but there were a lot of complaints about chattering and side gear play even on new units. The bigger units LRs use may be stronger and better made.
  15. The claims on the link that Ralph posted are utter rubbish - it says that emissions are reduced by 90%. That is deliberately misleading and quite possibly a criminal act of false advertising. Bio fuels tend to be less efficient than fossil fuel, so emissions are generally higher. The mathematics used in claiming recovery of CO2 in growing the crop are also very selective - they ignore all the agricultural machinery and fuel processing energy expenditure. Like so much of this climate related hysteria, there is a good deal of misleading and fraud going on. Anyway, in response to the actual question, I haven’t used transestrified fuel like biodiesel or HVO. I did try an SVO/diesel mix (25-75) in the summer on a 300Tdi and that damaged the injection pump. I have also run SVO through heat exchangers in a 12J and 200Tdi. The 12J was happy, but the Tdi’s bore glazing May have been caused by the SVO. I found rape seed oil had similar performance to diesel, but sunflower and corn oil were markedly poorer. I have not tried palm oil as it leads to severe coking and slugging of the head and the piston rings.
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