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  1. Snagger

    Smith’s gauge refurb

    A bit late now, but Holden Vintage and Classic do a lot of Smiths gauges and bezel/glass kits.
  2. Snagger

    ibex 300 build

    What's the approximate gearing difference between 33 and 35"?
  3. I had my frames blasted and read oxide primed, and etched and primed the insides of the new skins. I used a generous application of seam sealer between the two, 100% coverage for the contact areas, which was a mistake as it was too thick and make folding the lips over difficult. It resulted in marking of the skin around the window aperture which needed filling before paint. Next time, I'd apply the same primers, but use tape like you for a thinner, more even coverage of the entire contact face. Even duct tape would be enough to keep the metals apart, though the cloth weave would likely absorb moisture. A Thick plastic or rubberised tape (not foam) would be ideal.
  4. Snagger

    Help in identifying this army product?

    Two-tone camouflage stick, black and green probably. Horrible stuff - the sachets of cam-cream made by Avon, introduced in the 90s, was much better!
  5. Snagger

    300tdi Auto Disco RPM 'wobble'

    Good shout - the transmission filter in its sump is rarely serviced, and could be preventing the pump from developing proper pressure. Another cause could be the governor on the back of the box needing stripping and cleaning out before refitting with new seals, but go for the cheap servicing jobs first!
  6. Snagger

    Early Disco 1 Heater matrix replacement

    Well done. Some cases can be difficult to open without damage.
  7. Snagger

    300tdi Auto Disco RPM 'wobble'

    I had gentle oscillations at similar rpm on a 33Tdi RRC but manual transmission. It was a worn injection pump. However, it'd be worth draining and replenishing the transmission fluid twice and replacing the fuel filter before having the pump checked and refurbished.
  8. Snagger

    GKN Overdrive Strip Down

    The Roamerdrive is good, but it's no silver bullet. I don't know about later units, but early ones had cheap bearings that were not quite true in mine. They're very susceptible to low transfer box oil levels and hard to rebuild if that does happen (guess how I know). On the plus side, all I had to do was replace the failed bearings (no loss, since they were already horrible) and have the sun shaft bearing surface turned and sleeved. To withstand what it did and be so simply repaired (ignoring the physical difficulty of parts of the job) is testament to its overall ruggedness. Just watch the oil level!
  9. Make sure you have the right slave cylinders on each side. The cylinder size is not likely to directly cause the binding problem, but that botch with the nail is a potential cause. But it is critical to your safety and that of other road users that the brakes have the correct parts. Look at what happened to Nigel Gresham and his family, and the consequences down the line - steering, suspension and brakes are systems that you never take a chance with or cut a corner or costs. Given the skewed loadings that piston will have suffered from the nail, I strongly urge you to scrap that whole slave cylinder and, on the assumption the same botch was made on the other side, to replace that cylinder too. It may be unnecessary, but you couldn't know without very accurate measurement of the pistons and bores and x-rays of the cylinders looking for microfractures whether they're still safe to use. I'd err on the safe side and bin them, fitting new cylinders for the drum size, new shoes and new springs. As for knowingly using the wrong spring holes because assembly was tricky, that is as bad as using the nail! Use the correct holes and I'll wager the binding will be gone. DOn't cut corners on brakes!
  10. I think your rear brake issues may be nothing more than tire return springs. Have you tried new genuine springs?
  11. Snagger

    Steve Parker P38a Steering kit

    I don't see how just one bracket (of the many required) and a pair of steering rods can come to that price. None of it is complex to have fabricated at a local steel shop for a fraction of the price.
  12. It sounds like the adjusters are backed off too much. Pump the pedal each time you make an adjustment to reseat the shoe, and set each shoe so that it is just scuffing the drum with the brakes off - any further out results in a soft pedal, and remember that when driving, the drum will be warm and expands. I checked my plumbing and the overall configuration for Defender/Discovery 4x disc brakes is no cross-over; the port nearest the servo is for the rear brakes and the port furthest from the driver for the front brakes. I suspect the mixed system you have is the same, a fat low pressure piston near the servo that has mechanical advantage over a smaller diameter piston for the front brakes. Having it orientated the other way wouldn't work as well and would need a more powerful servo, so seems unlikely.
  13. Snagger

    Front doors - waterproof sheets/shredders?

    They look to be made for electric windows, so could foul the manual winder mechanism, but they look easy to modify with a hot glue gun or contact adheive and will certainly be better for noise reduction.
  14. I doubt it. The front brakes should always apply more braking than the rear, or you'll end up backwards in a ditch on slippery surfaces. There are various types of Defender master. Do you have one of the earlier chunky silver ones for front discs and rear drums, or the later thin black steel ones for discs on all corners?
  15. Snagger

    New product from xcess4x4

    I heard it was the HD version that was 8mm, the usual being 6, and that it was merely an option for both 110 and 130, not standard on either.

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