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  1. Snagger

    Rattler and son 1971 S11a swb Restoration

    An 88 with 7.50s doesn't really need PAS unless you have arm or shoulder trouble. If you fit wider tyres, offset rims/spacers or a lot of heavy kit, then the steering loads go up. I found the standard steering on my wife's Lightweight really good and fairly light, but terribly heavy on my 109. So, if keeping the standard imperial tyres, it'd be easier and just as driveable to keep the standard steering, I think, and it has less to go wrong.
  2. Snagger

    200/300tdi into series

    Fair decision. I'll give the quietest and smoothest running - a good one is like a sewing machine and performance isn't too bad, though certainly "classic". There are things you can do to "spice" up a 2.25 without major expense or difficulty. Porting/gas flowing, compression ratio and cam shafts are all the obvious things, but electronic ignition apparently makes a big improvement on mpg as well as performance and there is a lot you can do with better carbs or EFI. I think it's a safer investment than diesel, right now.
  3. Snagger

    Adwest steering box

    I bought a recon one for my RRC and it failed in 6 months. Adwest did recon themselves for a while, but I was under the impression they're no longer doing it or have gone bust. But as per Scott's recommendation, find a really good second hand unit or buy a new one - don't waste money on recon as it's all con and no re.
  4. Snagger

    Rattler and son 1971 S11a swb Restoration

    Sorting out the plumbing is the hardest part of the conversion. If you can move the rad forward by having it and the intercooler staggered, it'd make changing timing belts much easier. Are you keeping original steering or fitting PAS? That obviously limits what you can do with the rad too.
  5. Snagger

    Rattler and son 1971 S11a swb Restoration

    Thanks. I got a Britpart alternator for my RRC about a decade ago. They're Denso, which is a good brand. Not sure if they're as good as Gen Parts, but they're one of Britpart's good product lines.
  6. Snagger

    oil thermostatic valve

    Mine had a washer, but removing it helped warm oil pressure without affecting temperature. I think they were later deleted, but not sure. I couldn't find it on the parts diagram or workshop manual.
  7. Snagger

    Rattler and son 1971 S11a swb Restoration

    How much did the alternator cost, and where did you get it? I'd like to upgrade to 100A+...
  8. Snagger

    Can I use ...

    I can't imagine why not, unless the pump has a pressure cut out that the filter would trigger.
  9. Snagger

    200/300tdi into series

    Good advice regarding the original engine - don't scrap it whatever you do! I wish I had a crystal ball to know the future regarding diesel. It has pros and cons, but if governments decide to ban private diesel vehicles or tax them into oblivion, then a Tdi would be a really bad choice, and I think that might happen. I have a 200Tdi in my 109, and it is one of many mods that were transformative. The noise is the only negative issue for me, but can be dealt with by a bit of sound proofing. If I was looking to alter from the original petrol engine now, then with the current political climate and a decent budget I'd probably go the ACR tuned engine route, ideally with a 2.5 from a 90/110. I probably wouldn't go for all the options, and would go for Megasquirt electronic ignition and perhaps EFI with LPG conversion. Not a cheap initial set up, but nor is a Tdi if you rebuild it properly first; remember that Tdis are old and high mileage now, and many were abused, so the comparative price of the tow options are not so bad, and the tuned petrol on LPG would be close enough in performance and cheaper in long term running, plus a lot quieter and smoother. Worth looking into as a potential option, even if done in phases. You can use the fuel tank; you'll just need to add a return line port, either brazed on or using a bolt-on fixing like the feed and rivnuts.
  10. Snagger

    200/300tdi into series

    Only with the Discovery 200 engine. The Defender engine and 300 need new mounts.
  11. Snagger

    6cyl SWB?

    Well, I stand corrected! I've not seen the top leafs bent that way before.
  12. Snagger

    6cyl SWB?

    Those kinked spring are buckled; that is not a designed bend in any of them. It could be that they have been overstressed or it could just be that they are poor quality, but they do need replacement.
  13. Snagger

    300 Tdi air filtration

    The Discovery intake seems to be in a particularly bad location, through the wing - dust thrown up by the wheel will find its way in. My 300Tdi RRC has essentially the same engine bay, but the square filter housing has a trumpet like intake pointing forward to just behind the left headlamp. That would probably be much cleaner than through the wing. Si/II/III all had wet filters that were fantastically effective at removing dust. They're also self cleaning and easy to service with a wash and new oil, not being subject to the vagaries of paper filter quality control and the decomposition of paper filters should they get water or oil contamination. I don't know whether LR changed over because of concerns of turbo charged vehicles sucking in oil from the filter, but the timing of the change on the introduction of the 90 and 110 well before the 19J engine suggests it was just seen as the thing to do and an industry standard. Maybe they thought that servicing would be easier and cleaner with disposable cartridges. I think a wet filter would be better, and best if it had a cyclonic prefilter.
  14. Snagger

    ibex 300 build

    Well done, Mike. Long may you enjoy the results of your labour. I'm not that familiar with the IVA requirements, but can imagine it being a real pain to navigate. How does it affect road tax? What is that costing?
  15. Snagger

    New Series - RR Heavy

    I think Dave is right. You have learned a lot n welding, but I think that gasless mig is making trouble for you. I'd wager that you'd get some really smart welds that'd make you feel much better about your skills with half the effort with a gas shielded mig. You could ask on your next episode if anyone near you has a normal mig that you could try, even make part of the episode showing some basic welding technique; I'm sure you'll be swamped with volunteers and then you'd know whether it's worth the investment in normal wire and some gas. I haven't tried mig welding yet, only the stick welder I was given decades ago by a friend. It's a jump I need to make too if I'm ever going to weld up my RRC's shell.

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