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  1. Snagger

    Look what I brought home last night ..

    That'd likely be Gavin at ArtminCNC - he did my 109 badges.
  2. Snagger

    The closer you look, the worse it gets

    I saw that 110, or one closely resembling it, at one of the UK shows a few years ago. Hard to believe you can stack **** so high. It gets so much love on the internet, but it's monstrous. All those additions serve to make it not only ugly but hugely impractical.
  3. Yes, it could Mike (and I hope it does), but the taxpayer then has to spend a fortune on their benefits at the cost of the more deserving.
  4. Snagger

    90 overlander

    The front overhang will have more of an aerodynamic effect than the protruding racks because it's solid. No problem at lower speed as any reduced aerodynamic lift would be overpowered by the weight of the unit, but at high speed it may have more effect and could reduce grip on wet roads. I have no idea how much effect it could have, but it's just worth keeping in the back of your mind that front tyre grip could be a little compromised under those circumstances and to drive a little warily until you have gently explored the characteristics. Some of the security hinge instructions say to hammer a ball bearing into the hex indentation in the pivot screws or fill the Torx socket with epoxy, but given the point of fitting the hinges in this case is to have those screws removable to allow bonnet removal with the new roof in place, obviously leave the screws as they are! Good to see the project coming along.
  5. Four years. They'll be out in two, with more connections to make a bigger gang. The sentence should have included a lump hammer to their hands thoroughly enough that they'd never be able to pick up any kind of tool again and a lifetime ban on any kind of benefits, be it income, housing, NHS or pensions. This sort of scum only deserve pain and misery.
  6. Snagger

    Front axle leak advice

    Nooooo!!!!!!!!! 😬😄 It doesn't take much effort to disconnect the steering rods and brake hose, whip the complete swivel and hub off and do the job properly, but the difference in result is huge.
  7. Snagger

    Series 2a Gearbox Rattle

    Yep, that'd make some noise for certain!
  8. Snagger

    Introducing "Lil' Green"

    Damn, that's a heavy cat! Look at the dents it put in the bonnet!
  9. Snagger

    Series 2a Gearbox Rattle

    1mm of end float on the main shaft is excessive, so it sounds like the rear bearing is worn out. Whether that is the source of the noise is unsure, though - a rough clutch release bearing could make all sorts of horrible noises. Did you lock the lay shaft nut with a split pin or thread lock compound? It's unlikely to have come loose so fast even if you didn't, but it'd be worth doing next time you're in the bell housing.
  10. Snagger

    Truetrac Selection

    I was going to PM you at some point to ask if you were on course to do this yet. If I remember rightly, you were going to retain the standard shafts and CVs and see how they hold up as it's used for tracks, not competition. I'm keeping my fingers crossed as I hope to do the same on my RRC and coiler axled 109, and don't want to spend on new shafts if not required, but Nige was pretty insistent and he does know his stuff. I hate budgets!
  11. Snagger

    Front axle leak advice

    You need the seal, possibly the retainer, and you'll need the paper gasket to refit the swivel to the axle unless you use RTV sealant instead. I can't remember if the seven bolts holding the swivel have nylock nuts on the other end like Series or whether they're into tapped holes in a thicker flange, but I think it's the latter. Obviously, you'll need new nylocks or just threadlock compound respectively. I probably don't need to tell you, but a lot of people don't realise how to make refilling (especially with grease) easier - make sure to turn the steering all the way so that the swivel filler plug is not sitting over the chromed chalice but exposes the CV joint.
  12. Snagger

    side window vents

    I have type 2 from Pete's links. I can't recommend them - they seem to do nothing for my vehicle (apart from look ugly).
  13. Snagger

    Truetrac Selection

    Don, what front shafts do you have? Nige recommends uprating to 24-23 Ashcroft shafts (and the CVs if using the 32 spline type). I'll be interested to see your feed back on the ATBs. Rather envious, too.
  14. Snagger

    DEFENDER 200tdi turbo failure

    As long as the damage to the rocker shaft seat is pitting and not raised, I wouldn't worry about it, but do check the shaft for any burrs that could have caused it. As for the head face, check carefully for gas erosion where the gasket failed - if the surface isn't completely flat, then further leaks will occur and you'll be back to the same problem. LR say that the heads can't be skimmed. In practice, they can, but very little, or the pistons will contact the valves. Much more than a "deep polish" would require the seats to be reground deeper to ensure valve clearance. Not a great option, but as new heads are no longer available, it is an option if you can't get a decent replacement.
  15. Snagger

    Wheel or Swivel bearing woes

    The comments above are all good. Wheel bearing play will be in all axis. While swivel bearing play will be manifest int he 12/6 as you said, any play in the steering system would be in the 3/9 axis and could appear to be wheel bearing play. Replacing only the swivel pins or the Railko bushes is unlikely to be completely successful - you'd need to replace both as they both wear. Once set with the right preload, play is unlikely as long as the bush and the lower cone outer race were fully seated in the swivel chalice. If either was left slightly out, then they could have become seated during driving and the preload lost, allowing play in the bottom bearing when the vehicle is supported off the wheel. The same applies to wheel bearings, and you need to be very sure the race is fully seated in the hub before assembly. Even having assured that, it's important to spin the hub over repeatedly while setting the bearing preloads to ensure the bearings are running properly inside the outer races and that seal is not catching anywhere on the stub axle's seal land and holding the hub further out than ideal. But LR say there should eb a tiny amount of end float on the wheel bearings, and that would result in a small amount of wheel wobble.

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