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  1. Still being hidden from us! How about one of your uncut episodes?
  2. That is another of my peeves about touchscreens, Steve. It’s a feature I’m going to have contend with at work too, because some idiot MBA in Chicago has overruled common sense and decided we’re losing our tactile computer input devices for the navigation, comms, checklist and system synoptic screens. What could go wrong? 🙄. It’s bad enough trying to read the screens now with fingerprints from previous crews (why are they touching the screens? Are they licking the windows too?), but it’s going to be terrible with the touchscreens.
  3. I think you need to add walls on two sides at least. It’s not bending that you have to worry about but twisting. Even just some gussets would help, but two solid walls would stop any torsional movement from the torque loads in the transmission.
  4. My 109 never had one, and nor did the 110 axle I fit to it.
  5. Bustle About. Karen is pretty good, has sensible prices and is an LR enthusiast. You will find her business on Facebook.
  6. Close! Pity it wasn’t the X-Wing, if just because of the X-Eng bit! Very cool bragging rights, though.
  7. I have no idea if it’ll fit the 300 housing correctly or if there would be a spin direction problem as Sigi says. Worth looking closely. I scavenged the plastic shroud and fins from an old filter of this type and fit it to the K&N (same dimensions) in my 109 as the oil breather feeds straight into the intake of the canister. I use a K&N reluctantly because the paper type would clog too quickly and could break up, but the plastic shroud protects it from direct blasting intake air and heavy contamination in that spot, while the fins keep the rest of the filter from being c
  8. Oh, I’m not the type to suggest breaking the rules “because...”. They’re there for a reason, not always well thought out, but rarely very punitive.
  9. Hi Danish, welcome. There were two generic types of matrix for the Defender, with similar cores. The difference was the pipes on the top, which point inboard. One type has aluminium pipes that run in horizontally and then bend down through 90 degrees to points down at the chassis, while the other has plastic pipes that just run horizontally and terminate a little clear of the corner of the unit. Which you need depends on the hoses you have - if the hoses, when fitted, terminate pointing upwards, you need the matrix with the bent pipes, but if the hoses terminate pointing out sideways t
  10. Gresham’s half shafts and drive flanges did that too!
  11. It is unfortunate and even unfair that the high quality LED bulbs like your are banned in a one-size-fits-all manner. The cheaper types did have pattern problems and poor output, but the same is true of most of the cheap complete lamp LED units, yet they are not impacted by this rule. It’s poor legislation, though the intention was good.
  12. Ah, but his only had one row of blades - these are 300% better! 😏
  13. It appears a moot point, if this is real (screen shot from a friend’s post on Facebook, new UK legislation):
  14. As someone who routinely uses a complex machine with lots of electronic subsystems, I despise the concept of multi system input interfaces like the touch screen. Firstly, it means that if the screen fails, you lose access to all those systems. But assuming wonderful reliability, you have to remember all the menu and submenu configuration to get to the item you want to adjust, rather than look down at a simple control panel for that system. It is a horrible way to organise controls for important systems and seems to me to be entirely about saving manufacturing costs rather than about making
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