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  1. RRC Rear Springs

    Even if he doesn't have the brackets, he could find some easily enough, along with strut and A-frame ball joint mount from a scrapper. Finding a working strut, well that's another matter...
  2. Standard propshaft UJ max operating angle?

    Having two ordinary UJs at one end will allow the prop shaft to sag and run off axis, causing enormous vibration and probably disintegrating. That is the whole point of the double cardan joint.
  3. RRC Rear Springs

    My 95 has a Boge strut, so I'd expect a 94 to have one. I have HD rear springs and De Carbon dampers, and I'm very happy with it.
  4. Short / Long Nose Diff Length Difference

    I read on AULRO about a great many pinion failures on the short nosed diffs.They seem to think them weak, and that a pegged long nose diff with 4-pin centre is stronger. Might be worth asking Nige.
  5. Series swb 5 Speed Conversion - Help

    Discomikey and Ed Parrot are the guys to ask, but I don't think so. At worst, you might need to notch the bell housing cross member for the front prop shaft.
  6. That is good. I might get one myself.
  7. Tyres

    BFG ATs are pretty good as an all round tyre, and last very well on road. They performed a lot better on icey and snowy UK roads than the road biased Michellins fitted to my 90XS by LR, or the road biased Hankook ATs I briefly had on my RRC. I reckon with something like them, you'd never need more than two sets, if you need something more aggressive for playing in mud.
  8. Series swb 5 Speed Conversion - Help

    As long as you use the Defender (or 90/110) short LT77 or R380, it's fine. Tight, with the standard front body panels, but it works.
  9. The air was probably already there - bubbles, then clear , then empty can only mean trapped air. That is the whole point of vacuum bleeders rather than pressure bleeders - they suck out trapped air and are far more thorough. How much did it cost?
  10. Series swb 5 Speed Conversion - Help

    Apparently, parabolic don't affect the VIN; they are regarded as an in service replacement of wearable parts. The suspension points for the VIN exclude wearing parts such as springs, dampers and bushes. That is pretty much all we have for suspension, with no rods, arms, struts and such, but those are the rules. So, you should have enough points not to be a problem. Swapping the rear axle will have cost you both points for axles, though. I contacted the DVLA a few days ago about the whole points thing, because I'd like to do something similar to your transmission mod, and wasn't sure about my interpretation of their registration guide ( https://www.gov.uk/vehicle-registration ). It would be tested for IVA under a radically altered vehicle or an amateur built vehicle scheme. The former is for professional rebuilds and includes several very costly tests. The latter is advantageous to us as there are no tests other than the basic inspection, but we have to be able to show that we built the vehicles ourselves and for our own use. This is in the response from the inspector. More of concern is the comment that the IVA is performed and then they decide on the points awarded (seems logical), but the wording in the guide and the letter I got strongly suggest IVA is mandatory for all modified vehicles, regardless of whether we have worked out we keep the 8 points required. I'm awaiting confirmation of that. It might be a rule change, or it might be a clarification of an oft misunderstood rule - I don't know. Your spec is much like mine, except I have gone PAS, so lost the steering points. You have more wiggle room with the original steering, so should still qualify for the original VIN. It's not the end of the world registering from new, but it is a shame for those with tax exemption to lose that (you would if under 8 points). I didn't get a clarification about road tax band and the registration date, but literal interpretation suggests that we'd be paying on emissions bands on a new registration, which looks like it could be very punitive with a Tdi. I hope that is not how it works. As for the LT77 and LT230, it'll be a stronger, quieter and less leaky combination than the standard transmission, and it can be fitted without major chassis alteration. Those who have fitted it are all very pleased with it. Brackets and mountings are not considered major chassis structures and the DVLA aren't concerned about them. It's wheel base length and cross member removal that loses the VIN.
  11. New Member Logos !!!!!

    That's a thread I'd be interested in, too, though as a long term wish rather than imminent purchase. But we know you are objective, Nige, and your open declaration of your business constitutes full disclosure as far as I'm concerned. People like Tweety and I would ask you if we had any reason to doubt you!
  12. I'm back.........why is it?

    Glad that things have turned for the better after such a calamitous time>
  13. Range rover classic brakes

    Change your fluid and then get back to us.
  14. Puma with cold start issues

    That sounds like fuel starvation or an ECU and associated systems problem. I'd disconnect the battery and then open each plug in the engine control system to spray the contacts with electronics cleaner and WD40 before refitting them, and replace the fuel filter and drain out the sedimenter.
  15. 69' Series IIA Build